Chris A. Baird | December 3, 2020
What Is Amazon Self Publishing Royalties Calculator?

You may have heard about it and you want to learn what exactly is an Amazon self publishing royalties calculator. Find out the answer now and explore self-publishing some more.

Today's question has three answers and you're going to want to stick around for the third answer. It's a secret as to where on the web you can find the absolute best royalties calculator for your self-publishing.

So let's get into it. Today's question was what is Amazon self publishing royalties calculator? Now, this is an excellent question and the person who asked this question is wondering the question of pricing.

What price should you place your books at to maximize the royalties? But there's also another question there which is well you obviously will make more if the pricing is at certain level versus a lower level in royalties.

But then again if the price is lower, you may sell more copies. It would mean a lower royalty rate would still result in a greater amount of money being made. And so trying to figure out this balance and maybe we can find a calculator that can solve this problem.

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Well, we're going to answer this question in today's article. But before we get into that, check out my completely free Self-Publishing Checklist. It will ensure that you are not making any of the mistakes that most self-publishers make way too often.

That is even if they get their books self-published, they're making these mistakes. So let's get into it. Too high of a price?

Let me tell you a little bit about my own story. I didn't even think about royalties when I first put my books onto the market. I put the books onto the market and I saw some of the royalties that would be based upon if I put this price I get those royalties.

But I didn't want to put the books too high of a price. Because when everybody knows that if it's too high, then people will not buy your book. So choosing a really low price even though the royalties would not be high would at least help me build a following.

Well, maybe not, because the fact is that I set the prices low to not scare away the customer. But the problem is I lost royalties on these lower sales. Because it was assumed the books were of lower quality based upon the low price that was on those specific books.

Gigantic Increase In Sales

Until somebody pointed out that the best price range for eBooks and paperback books based upon the royalties. Now here comes a secret even though I know it's not the secret answer of the day. It's something you're going to want to pay attention to.

For your eBooks, you should be making at least $2 for every eBook you sell. And if it's a bundle of two eBooks put together, you need to make sure that you're making an additional $1 for each of those ebooks.

So that would say for example if we have three eBooks together as a bundle, you would have $2 for the first one. Then that would be an additional $2 for the following two. So that's four dollars in royalties.

For paperback books, we're going to want to make sure we're making at least $5 in royalties. And for every six copies we sell in a given month, we raise the price a dollar. That's it, it's a very very simple strategy and you will see the amount of money that's coming in start to go up.

So many self-publishers make this mistake. And when you are logged into your account with your book, you can just type in the number and it will show you how much your royalties will be based on your page count and such. But we'll get into that in just a little bit.

So I ended up doing this strategy. What happened was I saw a gigantic increase in sales. In terms of using this flexible pricing model upon changing the prices, you have to keep in mind your Kindle books or your eBooks are simply driving traffic to your paperbacks.

So that's usually where many people make most of their royalties. It is on the paperbacks and we use our Kindle books as a means to get them in there. This is another one of those little points, a little secret that most people don't tell you.

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But here we're just sharing everything, I'm giving away everything. So that's another thing you're going to not want to make a mistake on with regards to the prices. The fact is there is no such thing as too high of a price.

The question is am I making as much money on the royalties as possible? And for all of this, I was just using the account login to figure out what the calculator was for those particular ones.

But let's get into today's answers as to what is amazon's self publishing royalties calculator? Well, there are different calculators online that will give you the ability to calculate what your royalties will be for eBook or paperback books on the different sites based upon a specific price.

Factors That Impact The Royalties

So you can put in your price and it will spit out exactly what your royalty will be based upon that for this exact book, based on your sales. The other thing is there can be a problem here. Though many of the royalties change from time to time where they're not flat.

Also, it can depend upon how many pictures, whether they're in color inside the books. How many pages of your paperback or your Kindle books. There's a whole series of little factors that are going to directly impact the royalties that you're going to be making on those books.

So this is something you're not going to want to not pay attention to. Because here's the thing on the royalty calculators and I've looked around at a lot of them. They simply don't take into account how many photos, how many pages, what's on those pages, what type of paper, and whether it's a hardback.

There are just too many factors, they're doing their best to make a guess. But that is not the best place to get your royalty calculations done. The best place and the secret answer of the day is that the best calculator is on the self-publishing website itself.

That is to say that when you go on to Amazon or Ingram Spark or Smashwords, when you type in the price there for your book, it will automatically tell you the royalty rate that you're going to be making. You also can click on the information and it will tell you the basis of that.

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That's one of the reasons why whenever I have my books I'm able to do it automatically. I have in Excel just where it quickly puts those in. But that could change from time to time.

So it's always important to ground yourself on the website itself. To make sure you put your book in there and then we just see what exactly comes out of that in terms of what your royalties will be. Remember, your ebooks should be earning you $2 each.

Your paperbacks, $5 each and we raise the rates in the paperbacks, not the Kindle books. Then for each manuscript, we add an additional dollar to the total price for all of them. We end them all in 99 cents.

So that's just a little bit of strategy. Then sometimes it can be confusing if you're first just getting started. But that's something you're going to want to keep in mind.

Now, have you tried Amazon self publishing royalties calculator? If you have, I want to know so write "Yes" below in the comments if you have and write "No" if you haven't. That would really help me out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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