Chris A. Baird | February 9, 2023
Self Publishing Course

Have you tried a self publishing course yet? Here are some of the best self publishing courses of today. 

If you've been listening to me at all over the years, you know that I tell you, you need to spend a third of your time on learning. That's right! Not all of your time on writing and not all of your time on marketing. But a third of your time should be dedicated to learning. 

The reason is that learning when it comes to self-publishing is the absolute most effective way to ensure you're applying the best strategies to get your book sold. One of my clients who's four times the amount of sales this year as compared to last year by just putting in some key strategies. 

It really can make such a difference if you're learning the right skills. But how exactly are you supposed to learn these skills? The answer is it's going to be through courses specifically self-publishing courses. That's what we're going to be talking about today, I think six or seven of them to be exact. 

1. Self Publishing Made Easy Now

best self publishing courses - self publishing made easy now

So, let's get into it. The first one I want to discuss is Self-Publishing Made Easy Now. I know what you're thinking, these are exactly my courses. 

I have one that deals with how to format your book. Formatting Made Easy Course for self-publishers. Then, we also have a Content Marketing Course for self-publishers. 

Who Is this Course for?

And who exactly are these courses for? It's for people who haven't found a way to properly format your book. Get it into the right format that you're going to need to have it. To get it onto Amazon, Lulu, IngramSpark, and Draft2Digital. 

Any of the self publishing sites that you're looking at putting your book on. You're going to want to get it formatted correctly. There's no better way of doing this than going through a course on that. 

That's why I offer my Book Formatting Made Easy Course. The other is the Content Marketing Made Easy Course specifically focused on how to market a self published book

You can use paid ads as one direction and content marketing is how we leverage the internet. The algorithms that are on the internet to help us reach as many people as possible with our books. 

2. IngramSpark Academy Courses

best self publishing courses - ingramspark academy

But let's move on to my second pick for best self publishing courses and that would be IngramSpark Academy Courses. Now, there's a reason why I would recommend this. The first thing is I love IngramSpark. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I do like Amazon and I recommend going first with Amazon when you're going to be publishing your books. It is one of the Cheapest Self Publishing Option.

However, my number two pick and location where I recommend you to publish your books it's going to be IngramSpark. I make more money off of my paperback sales on IngramSpark than I do on Amazon. So, I'm going to recommend you're going to go with IngramSpark. 

But they have free courses, Amazon IngramSpark Academy Courses are offered for free. You can find them right on YouTube under the IngramSpark channel. They cover all sorts of issues like just looking at some of the more recent ones. 

How to Increase Book Sales, Potential Metadata for Books, or How to Build an Author Platform. They go through a lot of the key aspects. Now, this is a free course you're going to get. What can you expect from that? 

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But at the same time, there’s a lot of useful information that you're going to want to consider when you're getting into self-publishing. There's a lot to be learned through IngramSpark Academy Courses. 

3. Self-Publishing School

best self publishing courses - self publishing-school

Number three on the list of best self publishing courses is Self-Publishing School. Now, the thing with Self-Publishing School is that I find it kind of interesting. I listen to podcasts. I listen in many ways, I listen to all of the major top self-publishers as well as the self-publishing coaches and guides. 

Because I also stay on top of my strategies when it comes to self-publishing. I both publish books regularly. Sometimes, none of the gurus don't even publish books at all. I am always publishing books at any given time to stay in the flow and understand the latest changes. 

At the same time, I'm paying attention to the movers and shakers in the self-publishing world. Self-Publishing School happens to be one of these. Now, this is a high-end premium service based on the cost of the courses and coaching that they offer. 

So, for people who want to do one-and-done, people who can do all of the services that you're going to need, self-publishing school is worth considering to run your book through them. Their courses will also teach you all of the basic steps that you're going to need with self-publishing.

Is it a premium price? So, that is one thing you definitely should consider. But I respect the work that's done over there. I do listen to a lot of the strategies that they suggest and I pass these things on but with my spending. 

That's what you should be doing as well. Listening to different voices, figuring out what works best for you, and what's causing your sales to double and triple. Then, make sure you apply those to your books and see what exactly the magic can be for you as well. 

4. Authority Pub Academy

best self publishing courses - authority pub

Number four and this is one of my favorite self publishing course, it's Authority Pub Academy. Now, the thing with Authority Pub Academy is that I sort of go back to my early days of self-publishing. I learned some of my very first aspects of self-publishing through the writings of Steve Scott.

The reason I remember him was when he was making $60,000 in a month off of his self-published books. Now, he has two particular areas, one is on Habits which I am a huge fan of. The other is on Self-Publishing. 

He broke it down into simple steps that I was able to follow in the early days. So, I appreciate the work of Steve Scott and he's even helped me out with backlinks to my website. All sorts of stuff over the years, we've corresponded a little bit when I was first getting started. 

I appreciated the work that he has done and the academy that he has also on Teaching and Self-Publishing. I can't say I heard too much from him lately because I think they no longer do podcasts and things that they used to previously have. 

I'm not sure which project he's on now but I can say this is one of those areas. I appreciate the work of Steve Scott. So, this is something I would say he knows what he's talking about on the self-publishing front. 

And what does he do? He gives you the exact steps that they use to create a full-time income from their books. That Steve Scott is the big one. Another one is Barry, I can't remember her name exactly but she was the other one who was also with that particular project when they were doing it. 

5. Mark Dawson's Course

best self publishing courses - mark dawson's self publishing course

Then, we're moving on to number five and that is Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Course. Now, when he first came out, what was funny was that I was very excited. Because I also went through his free course back in 2016. Which showed me about Self Publishing and Benefits of Self Publishing.

I think it was when he was coming out with a Facebook course because he was raking it in from Facebook ads for his books. But there were a couple of things to keep in mind. He was a lawyer, I think he had written his books on trains every day. 

I even corresponded with him in an email that I was pretty impressed with. When I was able to get in touch and talk with him directly on a couple of issues right about the time. He was coming out with his Facebook course. 

Now, Facebook has become a lot less effective for authors. But he also has a general course. One of them was from the Flagship Advertising for Authors to the Foundational Self-Publishing 101. 

These are some of the courses that Mark Dawson currently is offering. I don't see so much of the Facebook book but at the time he was doing well. One of the reasons also was that he would come out with bundles at a time. 

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He would give away a free box, and lots of free books and then you get addicted to his writing style. As an excellent writer, he was able to then pull you in and go. So, the strategy being used did not necessarily work for many other authors unless you were also equally as good of a writer. 

And we're giving away these big bundles of books, very impressive strategies. I've nothing negative to say about Mark Dawson and everything that he does. So, I definitely can recommend checking out Mark Dawson's Course. 

It’s worth something to consider if you're somebody who's trying to figure this whole thing out. It also is at a little bit more of a premium price just to keep that in mind. 

6. Your First 10K Readers

best self publishing courses - yourfirst10kreaders

The next one is Your First 10K Readers. This is one of the best self publishing courses because it's broken down simply. One of the things that Nick Stevenson's trying is commenting and he was also one of the ones I listened to in the early days of self-publishing. 

His point is that he's trying to help you get to 10,000 readers. Where you have enough readers who are loving your stuff that you're able to sort of get into a full-time income off of it. That's one of the reasons he has this promise which is zero to one thousand dollars per month. 

It is a little bit funny. After you've got so many books out, you're starting to think a thousand dollars is not that much anymore. But the fact is that you have to start from somewhere. 

Many authors make nothing every month because they're just not following the right strategies. That's one of the reasons he has his author marketing training. So, this is the reason why you definitely should consider Your First 10K Readers. 

That's a fantastic goal, trying to get these people in. I can tell you, it goes slowly in the beginning. But if you're doing the right strategies that I teach as well, then you're going to be learning as you go to build up and find these readers of your books.

Why I Chose These Self-Publishing Courses

So, the thing is why exactly did I choose these self-publishing courses? There are a couple of reasons, one is I trust the people who are behind these courses. I've listened to them over the years. 

I continue to listen to many of them still after all of this time. Listening and going through many of their courses. I have not been through some of the courses but some of the courses I have been through, they're continually coming out with new courses. 

These are all well-respected authors within the self-publishing area. I think these are things that you should consider when you're getting into it. 


In conclusion, you have to figure out which course in this list of best Self Publishing courses works best for you and who you resonate with. So, when you're listening to different people's voices and the different influencers within the self-publishing area, you should find somebody that you know, like, and trust. 

Somebody, who, when you're watching the videos, you think, I can understand this person is breaking this down and making it easy. And when you make that connection, the next natural step is to go get the course. 

That's one of the reasons with the Self-Publishing Made Easy Now courses that I offer, I make sure I go back and forth with you. To ensure you understand 100% every step of the way. You get it all completely done. 

I don't care how many hours it takes. We want to make sure that there's not a single step in the process that you will not fully accomplish. Now, some courses that you take and I'm not mentioning the ones here but other fake gurus will tell you in their courses to sign up.

But they're teaching old strategies, they're no longer even publishing books anymore. So, they don't even know what they're talking about. If you try to contact them, they're too busy. They're doing something else like cryptocurrency or drop shipping. 

Or they've just moved away from self-publishing yet they tend to still teach these outdated methods. And that's one of the reasons why you need to consider the courses that I've listed above when you're trying to get started with self-publishing. 

Or even if you're more advanced and you would like to learn some of the more advanced skills, these are things that you're going to want to consider. 

My question for you today though is what courses have you found work best for you when it comes to self-publishing? Let me know below in the comments and check out my other self publishing blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a self-publishing course?

A self-publishing course is an educational program created by experienced self publishers to teach authors how to self-publish their books. It covers the entire process of self-publishing, from writing and editing to formatting and distribution.

Who can benefit from a self-publishing course?

Anyone who is interested in self-publishing their book can benefit from a self-publishing course. It is particularly helpful for first-time authors who are not familiar with the publishing industry and the self-publishing process.

What topics are covered in a self-publishing course?

A self-publishing course typically covers a wide range of topics, including book editing and formatting, cover design, marketing, distribution, and legal issues related to self-publishing.

How long does a self-publishing course take to complete?

The duration of a self-publishing course can vary depending on the course provider and the course content. Some courses can be completed in a few weeks, while others may take several months to complete.

Do I need any prior experience or knowledge to take a self-publishing course?

No, you do not need any prior experience or knowledge to take a self-publishing course. These courses are designed for beginners and cover everything you need to know about self-publishing.

How much does a self-publishing course cost?

The cost of a self-publishing course can vary depending on the course provider and the course content. Some courses are free, while others can cost several hundred dollars.

Can I self-publish my book without taking a self-publishing course?

Yes, you can self-publish your book without taking a self-publishing course. However, taking a self-publishing course can help you avoid common mistakes and learn best practices that can save you time and money in the long run.

Will a self-publishing course guarantee my book's success?

No, a self-publishing course cannot guarantee your book's success. However, it can help you produce a high-quality book and give you the tools you need to market and promote your book effectively.

Where can I find a self-publishing course?

You can find self-publishing courses online through various providers, including online learning platforms, publishing companies, and independent course providers.

Can I take a self-publishing course if I live outside of the United States?

Yes, you can take a self-publishing course from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet. However, some courses may be specific to the United States market, so you should check the course content before enrolling.

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