Chris A. Baird | October 27, 2020
What Are The Best Self Publishing Houses In India?

If you want to publish your books in India and you're looking for publishing houses where you can put your books on. Find out more about self-publishing and what are the best self publishing houses in India.

Today's question has three answers and you are going to want to stick around for the third answer. It is a secret as to how much money you can make if you make the correct decision when finding a self-publishing house in India.

Now let's get into it. The question that was sent in today was what are the best self publishing houses in India? I work with some people who are in India and self-publishers or authors who wish to self-publish and are wondering about a lot of questions.

One is maybe you can find a company that can publish your books for you in India. Or help you publish your books to ensure that they would be making sales at a global level. This is one of the key interests that many of my students in the Indian market are looking at.

The problem is that often when we are trying to get started, we are wondering which method is going to make us the most money. There is a fear that if we choose the wrong method, we may find ourselves spending a lot of money unnecessarily.

Or getting conned in the process of trying to get our book self-published. When we never get the money back that we have invested in the first place. So, it a very important issue of making sure that we are choosing the right self-publishing company if we choose to go that route.

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But before we get into the answers, grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist that will give you the secrets you need to start earning more money on your self-published books. Even if you are just getting started with self-publishing that you are following the right steps and not skipping anything.

So, which self-publishing companies in India? Well, let me tell you a little bit about my own story when I first got started. I also wanted to get started with maybe a company that could take my books and could work with me to get them self-published.

I mean what could be better? I have written a book if I could find a company that could take that book and put it out there. Then it would avoid the embarrassment of putting a book onto the market.

Then not seeing any sales or maybe the quality of the book would be so low that it could be embarrassing. The worst part of me would just simply be not making any money at all if that book hits the market.

Then you feel you've wasted all of that time and energy in getting the book onto the market only to not see anything happen. So, what better option than to find a company? The problem is there's a lot of huge risks with self-publishing companies.

There are many scams out there and I want to hit a few of them right here. One of them is where they will own the rights to the book. They publish the book under their own imprint which means it's under their account.

Milking Money Out Of You

Now, they can say that we'll give you royalties on the sales. But at the end of the day, they own the book so they own the rights to the book. They own everything in the book.

So your book is out there but you don't even own it. And eventually, some people try to buy back the book from these companies to gain control.

So that they can do the marketing and other things themselves since they didn't see the sales they wanted. They spent a lot of money going through that company.

The second issue and this is another big one, is that these companies will start with an initial price. But after you get going, they suddenly will come up with all sorts of things. Like you're going to need to upgrade your cover or you need to change the formatting.

There are a lot of different things that these companies can do towards you. If you're not considering it, you might find yourself very quickly spending thousands and thousands of dollars. When your book isn't selling, they will tell you it's because the quality is too low.

Or they would tell you it is because you are not running marketing which is, of course, they can help you with each of those things. And they hit you for, even more, it just keeps milking money out of you until you quit.

They get bad reviews but then they pull in new customers and continue the game all over. So you need to be very very careful with that option as I found out. But for me, I ran across Steve Scott who is a successful self-publisher who pointed out that doing the steps yourself can help you earn a lot more money.

The reason being is because if you are getting started, you are going to want to be able to know what the steps are. Figure it out yourself so that you don't make any mistakes and nobody else owns the rights. You maintain control over your assets.

It means the positive side is that you can decide what's going to happen. You can decide if you wish to do additional spaces and steps. You can decide if you want to pull the book off the market.

You have all of the decisions that are up to you. The downside of self publishing course is that you have to learn everything yourself. That was what I discovered and it can be a bit daunting when you are first getting started.

Trying to figure out how am I going to get these books published? It just seems so confusing. The thing is that I followed the steps, it took an awful lot of pain going through lots of videos and failed attempts.

But by following through the easy steps that I show in the self-publishing checklist, I came to the understanding that it doesn't have to be so difficult to get my book onto the market as I opted not to go with one of these major companies.

Do It Yourself And Earn More

The key issue is that I realize that anything can be learned with patience and daily effort. So, if you are simply learning a little bit of the theory and your putting it into practice, this combination is very effective daily.

Not too much of one or the other but this slowly getting things onto the market is very powerful. So, what are the answers for today, what are the best self publishing houses in India? Let me just give a couple of companies that are the top companies in self-publishing.

If you're wishing to put your book onto the market and getting help at doing that and one of them would be Notion Press, so there is one within India. Another one that you might consider if you are trying to get your book onto the Indian market is Blue Rose Publishers.

The second answer for today is you should ask yourself why are you going to sell through a self-publishing company? Why are you not doing it yourself? In reality, the process like most things becomes simple if you just simply get started yourself.

You follow through one step at a time and slowly we get our book out onto the market over time. We are not looking to do it in a day or two. We are also not looking to get a perfect product out.

It can be a little bit feeling like, maybe we are not going to make any money if we do it ourselves. But in reality, you actually will make more money because nobody else will own the rights to the book. And you will be free to do the marketing.

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The secret answer for today is that doing it yourself will not only increase the money you can earn but also help you understand the underlying strategies. Also, you will not get conned out of your money but rather earn it back.

That will result in you feeling fantastic about the process, causing you t write your next book and put it onto the market. This is really what it's all about, that's what I'm trying to help you do here.

I'm trying to help you break through the fog and the confusion of the whole process. Help you figure out how you can do it yourself to maximize the money that you can make for your book. That feeling is something that simply can't be replaced.

So, what have you found? Have you tried one of these self-publishing companies? Go and write "yes" below in the comments if you have and "no" if you haven't. I would be very interested to hear what percentage of my audience has gone through one of these companies.

Maybe you have been burnt or may be found that it was very helpful in getting your book onto the market? Go ahead and let me know. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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