Chris A. Baird | March 2, 2023
Can Publisher Rocket Help Your Amazon Ads Take Off?

Looking for a tool that could help you with your Amazon ads? Let me tell you how Publisher Rocket can help your Amazon ads take off.

If you've been following me for any time, you know that discoverability is probably the most important thing. As a new author, how are people going to find your book? And when I say find your book, I mean they're going to search and we want your book to show up in the results that they're going to see.

Based on your cover, title, and subtitle, they're going to click on it. The book can sell itself. If it never comes up when they search on certain keywords, your book will never be found.

That is unless of course you already have a massive following and you’re driving traffic or using paid ads. But other than that, what we want to do is we want to set your book up right from the start to be in a winning position. 

Where it's going to sell when you put it on the market. Because people are already searching for that area. There are two tools I use, one is KDSpy and the other is Publisher Rocket. 

You're going to want to stick around because I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about Publisher Rocket. So, let's get straight into it. Publisher Rocket is my second favorite tool when choosing keywords.

I'm going to tell you what it's really like. We're going to use Publisher Rocket in addition to KDSpy to ramp up the effect of both of these tools. The reason why Publisher Rocket particularly is so powerful of a tool is that it can show us how many searches are happening per month. 

Then, in terms of how many are being made on those books and using a color scale to simplify the entire process. Now, I still take the results from Publisher Rocket and put them into KDSpy to find out the magic ratio of books.

To figure out whether or not a certain keyword that we're going to be using in our title and subtitle is going to be a profitable one that people are searching for. So, let us take a look, we're going to jump straight into the tool itself.

I've already opened it up, I own a copy of Publisher Rocket. It's a tool we use regularly when putting books on the market. You have all sorts of amazing little areas here.

So, the first one would be a keyword search. This is what I suggest you start with. Use this one to give you an idea. Now, you can choose which format and I suggest you target all formats.

Hit Audible only, all formats Kindle only. So, we'll say all formats just in case, because ultimately, we're trying to make our money off those paperback sales. So, if we type in puppy training, which is what I normally like to target, and we say, Go Get Them Rocket.

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What happens is it goes in there and it pulls them through. So, if I click Search, first of all, it gives me a whole load of keywords that people are already searching on. You'll notice the thing I care most about is not any of those concepts where the number of competitors ideally would be not over a thousand.

We would like to have it under 1000. But in the grand scheme of things, if you simply are looking at the two categories on the far right, that gives us an excellent start. I do not want to choose any that are in the red because it's too competitive.

The other problem is that the number of searches per month is too small. Remember, when people are searching for this, they're looking to buy. That is why people are on Amazon at all and why you need to get your books on Amazon first before anywhere else.

So, if I see a green and a red, that is not good. I don't care how many searches are being done a month. If there are too many books in the category, your book's not going to show up on the first page. Does that make sense?

Having A Competition Analyzer

Yellow may be the best we can do. We go look at a yellow and a green, Puppy Training Activities, which could be the main title or could be included in your subtitle. We're going to want to take that and use some of the tricks I've shown you before when using KDspy.

To figure out if this is a profitable keyword. But I can tell you that just based on Publisher Rocket, we can already see that this is probably going to be a keyword that you should consider. Here comes another one, 220 searches but not that many results, just 40.

So, it's not that competitive, Puppy Training ebook. Now, they sometimes have a problem if you use the word ebook. But “book” itself is a very powerful keyword. Ideally, if we continue down, we may find a green category.

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For some of these, I don't know what Millan Puppy Training book is. Puppy Training Book for Dummies, this would be dangerous to use because that is a trademark name. It can get your account banned, so do not use For Dummies on your title.

They will come after you. So, don't think you can get away with that. That's one of the things you have to be careful about. But here we go, this is our very first green one, Puppy Training Book for Teens.

If I were going to be doing a Puppy Training Book based upon the results that I'm seeing in Publisher Rocket, Puppy Training for Teens may be the book. It’s the target market, I should be using the exact keywords.

You're going to have that as the primary title of your book for Puppy Training. As you can see that it is both, have a lot of searches going on and the competition is low, and the average monthly earnings of $1591. This is a perfect category, this is the first thing I wanted to show you in Publisher Rocket.

The second thing is you have a competition analyzer which I think is fantastic. We're going to go in again Puppy Training, we're going to take a look then we're going to pull through the results, and here comes our competition. Just to give you an idea, if we click it, that will take us directly to the book itself.

So, we can get a closer look at exactly what those books look like. But otherwise, we're able to see the categories these books are using. We're able to get an idea of how old the book is.

We want old books. This is fantastic information for us. The number of pages and the average number of pages for the best-sellers are going to give us an idea of how many pages our book also should be. If we want to have something similar to that. 

Then we can also sort of look at the pricing. We can see, sort of like the monthly sales, how much money is being made. So this book, Zach George's Dog Training Revolution is a fantastic book because you can see this guy is making $20,000 a month.

We can also look at some of this other stuff. Now, I would have to be careful with the word Dog Training Revolution because he pretty much owns that word, Revolution. So I would not include that in my keywords.

But the cover he's using has a lot to teach us. If you see from the cover, we've got dogs in every cover and he's got him in the cover as well. If we look at some of the other books, for example, this guy making $7,000 a year, you notice a pattern here.

Both of these books involve a guy and a dog on either side. If I were doing and competing for this particular niche, I would want to make sure that I'm going to have myself or somebody in the middle. Maybe a guy, based upon the results here so far, and a dog on either side.

It's this sort of information that is pivotal to figuring out what exactly our book needs to look like. What it needs to feel like, how long it needs to be, and a lot of these other things that are necessary to figure it out.

Because we first started with this keyword and it gave us the idea of Puppy Training for Kids or Puppy Training for teens. Then you could equally plug that in. And you come on to the category search which is a fantastic area. 

Owning An Incredibly Cheap Tool

Remember, you can have up to 10 categories for your books. You just have to ask them on Amazon. So then, we type in “puppy” and go to “puppy training”, hit enter, and see what comes up. The answer is absolutely nothing, right?

So let's try and see if we type instead of “puppies”, we type in “dog” and let's just see if something comes up. We've got books, children's books, animals, and dogs. So, it gives us all of the books that we can find on that particular subject like Animal Care and Pets.

It’s perfect, these categories are excellent. You can see if you try this on Amazon, it is not going to give you these categories. So, this is another reason why Publisher Rocket is just so powerful.

I do like to make my book compatible with all of the different formats. So, I'm not going to limit what exactly I'm doing here when it comes to category search. This is a very powerful one, Amazon itself when you first put in your book.

It's going to give you two categories, you can manually ask them to add eight categories for your book. Just make sure it's relevant. That'll get your account banned if you're putting your books in non-relevant categories.

Finally, Keyword Search is by far the most important of them all. This is the reason I bought Publisher Rocket, it was for this exact tool. We're going to type in Puppy Training and I'm going to go Get Them Rocket. Let's take a look, let's find out, and see what happens.

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It's pulling them through and it's going to say Amazon suggestions. It sort of gives you the ability to export every one of these to your Excel. Then, you can import them directly, you can just copy the list and paste it right into your Amazon ads.

Based upon these, it's telling you these are all the related keywords. Then we see what happens with those ads following the strategies that I teach in my Group Coaching and 1-On-1 Program. As you're taking a look at these ads, we're able to adjust using negative ads to remove the ones that are losing US money. 

We're able to boost and use the rules function built within Amazon ads. To make sure that we're maximizing the amount of money that we're willing to pay to get these books in front of people's eyes. Using these exact keywords, very very powerful, a thousand keywords. If I tell you to come up with a thousand keywords, you're going to have a little bit of difficulty doing that.

Now, if you look at this list, you can also take words from this list and pull them back into KDSpy to figure out if these are profitable. Or you can plug them into the Keyword Search. Again, we're looking for green areas, if you can find them.

If you can't find green or yellow, do not do anything with the color red. Otherwise, you're going to lose. Now, if you feel that this wasn't clear enough with this amazing tool Publisher Rocket, then you can just click on the tutorials and look at what it does.

It's just going to pull us right over to this Introduction To Publisher Rocket. How To Find Keywords With Publisher Rocket, How To Analyze Your very important Competition, or How To Choose Your Categories, Keywords, or Amazon Ads.

Then, they have some additional ones, How To Add Your Books To More Categories. Where he's telling you exactly how to contact them. Make sure that you can add additional categories to your existing books which is an incredibly important one.

They've even got a printable PDF tutorial just in case it wasn't clear how to do this. Now, this tool is incredibly cheap because it is no recurring fee that you have to pay to get this tool. You simply pay one time and then at that point, you can use this tool forever.

So, you're going to want to check it out. I have it, I am an affiliate of them so I make a small fee, a commission for every sale. But it does not change the price of what you're paying for this amazing tool.

If you do not own this tool, you should buy this tool. Just check that out and grab a copy of Publisher Rocket before they raise the price. 

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