Chris A. Baird | March 15, 2023
How Can Help Your Self-Publishing Business?

Are you struggling to finish all of the tasks by yourself? Here’s how can help your self-publishing business.

If you haven't already figured it out, self-publishing involves implementing a whole bunch of different strategies. At the same time, there are a lot of different tasks necessary to do the entire process. Both from figuring out the keywords that are right for your book, and writing the book itself.

Editing the book, getting the book formatted, getting a cover for your book, posting the book, running ads, and doing content marketing. Perhaps producing videos, podcasts, blogs, and email lists. Getting this all together.

There are so many tasks. But how exactly can you do all of this by yourself to get these things done? The answer is you shouldn't be doing it alone.

So, in today's topic, we're going to discuss how one of my absolute favorite companies, which is, can help you find a virtual assistant. To take that load, the items and the tasks that you are doing that you do not wish to be doing. Hand them over to other employees who absolutely would love to do them.

I am an affiliate of all the things that I promote. I've used them for years and years. The thing is they're probably one of my absolute favorite companies to work with. I like the way they set everything up. I like the people who created the company.

There are so many fantastic aspects. But do you as an author, as a self-publisher, or an inspiring self-publisher, do you need help? Well as an author, with all of these different tasks that you're trying to juggle, I do suggest the first time you're going through it just learn the steps yourself.

So that you're familiar with the different roles. Here are the different things that you're going to need to get the book together. It's kind of like if you're building a house, you're going to have less electricity, you're going to have the plumbing, the foundation, and the main structures.

There are so many different things you're going to need in your house. I suggest that you learn most of these steps the very first time you're going through it. Because if you did hire a virtual assistant, what would you tell them?

You would have to already know what it is you're going to ask them for help on. But one of the questions that come up so often when dealing with virtual assistants it's “I don't even understand, do I even really need a virtual assistant at all?”

The answer is your motivation is the most important resource that you have as an author or self-publisher. The only way you're going to progress through this thing year after year is what it takes, I do not promise you to put a book out there and you're just going to see millions of sales.

Maybe some other gurus tend to say that. Because in reality, it's going to take a while to build a brand around what you're writing on. Assuming you also are following the keywords and all of these things.

During this period, we want to be able to take our time and focus on the things that matter most to us. That's one of the reasons why virtual assistants in the Philippines are a fantastic option to help alleviate this problem of keeping your motivation high.

Handing over these tasks to others who would just as well be willing to do them that you don't wish to do any longer. Then you're able to continue the rate of production and keep your motivation incredibly high.

So, there are a couple of things which tasks should we get? Well, any of the tests that are not your primary task. So, for example, as a writer that would be a task that you alone should be doing.

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You will be writing your books yourself but do you need to be doing editing and format these? These are options, these are things you can hand over to your virtual assistants.

The best part of it is there are so many different types of virtual assistants with many different backgrounds to choose from. So that you can find the right virtual assistant that will work great in your business. 

Hand Over Your Workload To VAs

Then the next step when you're hiring one is that you're going to build out some instructions. You're going to say, here is how I work. I like to use Google slides for this. So, we build out a work instruction and then we hand it over.

Then the virtual assistant will take a look at the work instructions and then see if they can help improve. If we go back and forth, we're able to make the instructions even better.

The other thing I like about is that the prices are incredibly reasonable. So, you're only going to pay about $70 to simply create the initial applications, the area of the job posting. Then up to 200 people can directly apply for that job posting.

You can do up to three a month, so this is a fantastic deal. The best part is when you cancel, you still maintain all of the services and those virtual assistants. Because at that point, it's between you and them to do the paying.

The thing is this expands your business. I would suggest the ability to leverage and get that we start waiting until we have some basic money coming in. Then at that point, we're able to reinvest it in hiring additional employees and help to do those tasks in your business.

I personally on a regular daily basis ask what tasks am I doing that I can hand to somebody else, to have them do instead. Because if they're doing those now, initially it takes more work to explain it all but over a period that isn't that long. They get the hang of it very quickly.

They're very bright people who can move through these steps. They can figure it out and even tell you how to improve your processor. The first thing is for the $70 a month because you can also pay for free and you can put a poster job.

But they just can't hire. They had some issues with people scamming both directions, the VA's camping employers scamming VA. So, they decided at least have a paid tier. But for $70 a month, it’s reasonable.

I'm not even going to discuss the $100 and $150 a month tiers. Because they have a whole bunch of other services. But just at the $70 a month, I consider it the best option.

You can use the services and then cancel. That's actually what I do myself. I do not go month after month on

So, the first thing is you can go back and forth and communicate with the workers. You can even communicate off the platform, there are no rules. In Upwork, they do not want you to move off but in, they have no problem at all with that.

The next thing is you can hire them part-time or full-time. So, you just click this single button and you hired them after they've agreed to the terms of the employment. You can create three job posts per month as I was mentioning before with a maximum of 200 applicants per job.

The best part of the $70? One is there's no approval process, it is immediately approved when you post the job. Because they know if you're going to scam your VAs which is a terrible idea, then obviously they're just going to shut your account down.

So at least they get $70 before you do something like that. But I am very clear. Here's exactly what you'll be paid, here's how you will receive the payments, all of these sorts of things are very helpful way of doing it.

Because it ensures you're going to get them the best work out of the employees if they know for 100%, they're always going to get paid. Even if they do a terrible job and it's not a good match, they still get paid 100% of the time. So, we keep that positive relationship going and it makes it easier to bring in new VAs as well

So, the next thing is you're going to be able to view the job applications. You'll be able to see the job, you'll be able to see who's applying for the job, and see if their credentials match. They measure all sorts of things like IQ and their backgrounds and education.

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There are plenty of things to figure out to make sure that this is exactly a good match. These VAs may be doing all your social media. They may be helping you with formatting, with your videos, creating apps, or whatever it might be that you wish for them to do.

There are some people with skill sets that are crazy high. The ability to find virtual assistants who can do almost any task that you want as long as you clearly explain what exactly you want. But how do we know what work they're even doing?

Well, that's a beautiful aspect, they have a program called TimeProof that gives you the ability to track and see what's going on with your VAs daily. So, I find that to be very helpful and at the end of the month, you simply pay based on the hours that this app shows you that they've worked. 

Get Amazing Deal

The best part of this one it's that at the end of the month, if you cancel your subscription, TimeProof continues to work. This is a free service that is completely amazing. It gives you complete control compared to I was previously using another service but it was costing $250 a year for 4 VAs.

So, I decided no, we're just going to move over to TimeProof. There's just no reason not to, it's such a good piece of software that does everything you need to do. For the $ 70-a-month plan, you're going to be able to bookmark your workers.

You can book a mark and so maybe you want to come back later to hire them if you change your mind. This is something you can do, you decide the terms of the agreements. You can say, look I'm going to hire a lot of people and then we'll just test out.

Everybody gets paid but you tell them in advance this is a trial period just to see if this is a good match for you and me. So, it just makes a fantastic way of doing that. Then, when it comes time for payment, you can use EasyPay assuming you have a Payoneer account.

But if you don't do that, then I recommend you use Wise. It is what I like to use when paying my VAs. It's a simple way of doing it and I have a whole process involved with how to do this. If you want to know more, just please contact me now.

The next thing is you can contact up to 75 workers per month. When you search, it'll pull up a whole list of workers and you can contact them which is also a nice thing. But I generally like to just post the job and see if it's of interest to who is of interest to and then we go from there.

Because they're already able to see it so it sort of filters it. As opposed to if they have high expectations, they're able to right from the start see that it is or it is not going to work.

The next thing is you're able to read worker reviews. So, you can see exactly how these workers have done for other employers. I do not use this service at all. I hire people in I have them move the process and we see whether they can do the process.

If we're having issues and difficulties, then it's not a good match. Does that usually make sense? Or if they disappear, and suddenly aren't doing any work at all, it's also probably not a good match. There's nothing personal, I still pay everybody.

But then we see if we can find some additional people, and pay another $70. We go another month, put out the ads, and bring in even more virtual assistants into the loop. Then I have them do all sorts of stuff related to the books.

They do the formatting, and the cover, they put together the descriptions and the metadata, the editing, and all sorts of tasks I have. It's just amazing, the work that they're able to do if you give them clear instructions and they even create the instructions themselves.

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Some of my VAs will just create the instructions and then I will use that in the main thing. So when new VAs come, they can simply use the previous VA's instructions to show them how to do the different tasks. We have so many different types of tasks that I'm able to rotate VAs around.

Doing things from setting up ads to uploading books to assigning ISBNs. All sorts of stuff, it's just unlimited. It's almost up to you to sort of figure out what tasks you need to be done. But I can say one thing, motivation is the thing that's going to kill your ability as a self-publisher, and as an author to continue keeping on.

Because you're going to lose your motivation. But if you can bring on a team and I suggest bringing on one VA, pay $70, bring a poster job and hire one VA. Just start getting used to working with somebody and giving them tasks.

The idea is to get these tasks off your plate. It's not micromanaging people but just saying, okay so here's how we do this task. Hand it over to them and then let them do it if you.

Want to learn more about this? I can guarantee you this is a good match for you. You can check out as I mentioned I am an affiliate so I get a small fee commission but you do not pay anything extra. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions. 

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