Chris A. Baird | October 8, 2020
“How I Wrote My First Book?” (+Self Publishing Tips)

Doing something the first time can be challenging especially if you don't have a background to what you are doing. Let me share with you my experience and my answer to the very question, "how I wrote my first book?" (+self publishing tips).

Today's question has three tips and the third one is a secret as to how saving money can cost you money. Now, the question that was sent in was, "how I wrote my first book?" (+self publishing tips).

After this article, I hope you will know what exactly I did to get my first book onto the market. You will have the steps necessary to copy the path that I took and modify it if necessary. And you're going to feel fantastic and ready to get started today.

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So, where exactly did it start? "How I wrote my first book?" (+self publishing tips). Here's the thing, when I first, I wanted to see if it was possible to get some of my ideas out onto the market.

In particular, I was looking at dealing with the area of goal achievement which is what we're all trying to do. That's the reason you're even reading this article right now. Little did I know I was going to completely fail, but we'll get to that in a bit.

I wanted to get a book on the market. So that was the first thing I had tried before. I saw that the process of getting a book on the market was really complicated.

There are so many steps and things like covers, finance, and money that would transfer. How much should you pay to create the book and get it formatted? How much should you pay to get the cover and to get it out there?

What's the point of investing all this money if you don't even know if you will even earn it back? I didn't want to fail as I had previously with regard to other ways of making money. Whether doing some affiliate marketing or other steps of selling services on Fiverr or things like that.

I saw that the Kindle revolution was a fantastic one and was definitely worth my time. I just didn't want to fail as I had in my previous experiences. So, there was a lot at stake here, but how exactly would I go about doing that?

I read up a lot and I knew some people who did it but also weren't necessarily getting sales. I came across a book by Steve Scott who does books on Habits and also on self-publishing. He broke it down into some simple and necessary steps.

Now, it wasn't the steps necessary for me to get my books to sell a lot but just to get something onto the market. So, by following the steps in a 30-day path to get that focus that I needed to get the book completed and the cover created.

Though that was also a pain because again, I wasn't plugged into any community of any sort. So I was just trying to figure it out based upon some of the writings that he had done. And some of the confusing stuff that was coming in from the sides.

But with his help and by following the steps, I was able to get my very first book onto the market. You see, the whole problem was I completely failed. The way that I failed was that I didn't understand that it's important which market you're going to put your book on.

Make Progress Every Day

So that left me feeling like I don't know what I'm going to do with that. But the fact is I did get the book on the market and I was making sales now and then.

That felt fantastic and it felt good enough that it left me wondering if maybe I might be able to do this again with another book. That would be my Habits book or my eMail book but I'm not going into that today because that's a long story.

That was exactly how I wrote my very first book. Let's get into some of the tips around this one. The first key issue when you're getting started with self-publishing is that you're going to want to make progress every single day.

How do we do that? It's very simple when we don't have a manuscript, we don't have the book at all. So, we're going to need to write the book.

I suggest you dedicate 30 minutes a day to writing the book or if you prefer a thousand words a day. There are lots of things like taking courses and reading books. Things that may have no impact whatsoever on what you're doing.

The key is making progress every day, putting your butt in your chair, and pumping out that book. You can fix it afterward, do not edit as you go just get the book out. It is especially important with the first book because many things are going to try to stop you.

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It will slow you down from making progress. You are going to have that internal voice telling you that you're going to need to press through it. We're not waiting for some supernatural muse or something to help us here.

So, "how I wrote my first book?" (+self publishing tips). We just simply need to keep pounding it through. Success breed success and that is a key issue here. Now, let's move on to our second tip.

Find a network of people who are also trying to get books out and get them selling and also sharing strategies. All three of those components are important.

The first is people with the same like mindset and you can find them right at the comments section on my Youtube channel. I'm always interacting with different self-publishers or people who are just getting started. Those who want to know, "can I do it in this market? I live here and how does this work?".

The comments section is a perfect place to put your questions and I will answer them. Another issue is that you want to make sure the people you're interacting with actually are self-publishing. There are huge communities of people with the desire to do stuff but never making any real progress on it.

You do not want to be around those people. They will pull you down and spend a lot of time talking and less time doing. That is not what you need.

Strategies To Avoid Mistakes

You need the motivation to do and the best thing is to be around people who are doing. So, I put out 185 books but some people put out thousands of books onto the market.

Anyone is fine but just choose somebody or a group that has people who are putting a book out and sharing strategies. That is what I try to do on my channel. Many of the strategies that cause my book not to sell when I first put it on because it wasn't optimized.

I want to share those strategies with you so you do not make the same mistakes and the overload that was coming in on me when I first got started. I'm trying to make it simple and easy for you. You simply do not have to face that.

You don't have to buy anything. Just listen to the content that I'm putting out and I can guarantee you that you are going to see your book sell. You are going to be motivated to get more books onto the market.

Now, that brings us into the third and secret answer of the day. It is buying the tools you will need to make sure you aren't wasting time and are increasing sales. Now, you might be wondering why it's important.

The answer is some people and me, myself was in this category. I have told you in some of my previous videos and blogs how to do this. But you can go completely free, you do not need any tools at all other than just a computer and an internet connection.

You can then put your books onto the market. But they won't sell, I discovered that the hard way. It was a complete failure, they were awful when I first started but after a period I began to fix them.

By now, we're seeing plenty of sales coming through from different books every single day. Just like popcorn, popping each of the different books. Selling on different platforms and then the money just comes in and I'm able to reinvest to put more books on the market.

The tools that I use are too many to mention but you can check my affiliate links in the description, below each of my videos in my channel if you're curious. Maybe you found better ones, I would be interested in hearing from your experience as well.

So, "how I wrote my first book?" (+self publishing tips). Tell me what you have found. How did you write your first book?

I would love to hear it below in the comments. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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