Chris A. Baird | January 27, 2023
Increase Sales by Changing Your Mindset in Self-Publishing

Are your books not selling that much? You could increase sales by changing your mindset in self-publishing.

When I was first getting started with self-publishing, I figured that my number one problem was that the quality was not high enough. Things needed to be perfect before I'd be ready to put my book out on the market. I needed to have all the marketing and all these other things in place.

The problem though was that my mindset was wrong. Because when the first book hit the market, it wasn't selling. That was a huge issue for which a mindset shift would have been completely fixed. 

So, the thing is when you are getting started with self-publishing, several mindset issues will directly impact the number of sales you're going to make in the long run. Sometimes, in the short run too but usually in the long run. 

That's where we see the sales coming out. The first thing is that you need to know that you're going to make a lot of mistakes. That is a mindset, you need to get embedded quickly. 

You're going to use money that will be wasted. You're going to use your time in ways which it isn't going to profit you at all. It's not even going to increase your sales but you're going to need to make these mistakes. 

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You're going to make a lot of mistakes. You're going to be learning from these mistakes and that's the key. A lot of people do not learn so they just keep repeating the same mistakes. The other thing is that some people just give up. 

As opposed to saying how can I do better the next time we go around with the next book? What changes can I make that will increase the sales of this book? Also, maybe you can change the first book a little bit if it doesn't demotivate you. 

But that's the first mindset issue we need to get in place. It's the idea that you're going to make a lot of mistakes. Your second mindset is the idea that self-publishing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

It's not something you're going to just dabble in and then be a best seller pulling in millions and millions of dollars. It doesn't work this way. It's a slow game, it's a game where we're putting books out regularly and building up a brand in the non-fiction area. 

Building Up A Following

We're building a value ladder where we start with a freebie. Then we have our first book on whatever topic or niche that we're specializing in. We're pushing, then we're going to have courses, coaching, affiliate products, and such that's on the nonfiction side.

As we're building up all this content to get that trajectory. So, we help as many people as possible with whatever it is that we happen to be teaching on the fiction side. It's a longer path but more profitable for the books. 

You're going to need to build up a series of books not just one standalone book and think you're going to make a killing with it. You are not. Rather, when you put your first book on the market, it's about learning the process. 

Then, when we move on to the next book. Things are getting smoother and easier to follow. Then the third book and then the fourth book, you're building up a following. You're at the same time going to be getting emails from people who are going to get your free short story. 

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For example, when they get the free short story, they start to like you. They're on your email list and you're able to tell them about your new books. You're able to get the reviews that you're going to need for your books as they're coming onto the market. 

So, this idea that you're going to need to stay in the game for like a three to five-year period as you're putting out book after book after book, this is something that a lot of the fake gurus do not tell you. 

When I got started, I didn't know what to expect. I knew that it was going to be a little bit of work or a lot of hard work. But I wasn't completely prepared for just how huge this game is, how huge it is in the self-publishing world. 

That most of your time in many ways is spent marketing your books. To ensure you're going to get the sale that you need. Learning that strategy plays a massive role and that kind of ties it into the final point. 

Having The Right Mindset

The third point is that you should not do it alone. From a mindset standpoint, your brain may tell you I have already got enough to figure it out. I can look at a few YouTube videos or maybe just read a book or something.

That should help solve all of your self-publishing woes. Teach you everything you need to know about marketing, producing your books, all of the multi-dimensional, and about a thousand different tactics and strategies that you can use with your books. But you should not do it alone. 

There are a couple of reasons the mindset that I can do it alone is a terrible one that will sink your sales. When you find someone that you know, like, and trust, somebody who's been there, who understands what it is about self-publishing and the nature of how it plays out, that person is going to be able to help you daily. 

Ideally checking in daily to see how things are going. One of the ways that I do it is with my Group Coaching area where we’re able to check in or the 1-On-1 Program. if you need privacy. 

But for Group Coaching, going back and forth and seeing where we have done and what is the next step. Focusing on making the most important steps that we can take in 3 to 5 years. So, we see this revenue building up as a result of the royalties for the book sales that we're making. 

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Even if something like that is like, okay this is too much, I really wouldn't even be able to do that. That's one of the reasons I've created and severely discounted only a one-time deal which is my $7 Power Session. You're going to get 15 minutes where we go back and forth. 

Do you specifically look at your book? Look at your idea, look at your marketing and figure out what you need to do to get your book not just self-published but also selling. You would be amazed at the things that can be done. 

If that works out great, then maybe someone from the other programs will work great for you as well. If you're not quite ready and that's one of the reasons it's $7. It's a no-brainer to just jump right in there. 

But one of the things is when you do put books on the market if you do not market them and just let them hang out there, what exactly happens to them? What happens to your books when you do nothing? Well, I've got the answer here, What Happens To Your Books When You Do Nothing? 

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