Chris A. Baird | November 12, 2020
Self Publishing Children’s Books Canada?

You now have written children's books and you want to make it available in Canada. Let me tell you exactly how to go about self publishing children's books Canada.

Today's question has three answers and you are going to want to stick around because the third answer is a secret as to why if you are in Canada you have some special advantages that many other countries do not have when it comes to self-publishing.

So, let's get into it. The question that was sent to me today was, self publishing children's books Canada? This is a question that many people are wondering about.

Let's say you are an author and you are trying to get your children's books that you have been writing. Let's say you are on your first children's book but you want to ensure that you can get it into the Canadian market. Or maybe you just want to publish it from Canada.

That is the goal that we are trying to achieve. The problem is it can be confusing upon knowing what is the best way to get it on to the Canadian market. That is something challenging that many self-publishers who are within Canada have.

Maybe if you are outside Canada like the United States, you want to ensure your children's books are getting into Canada. But you are not sure how exactly to go about doing that. Now you have looked on the internet and you have seen a lot of people talking a little bit about this.

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It is just so confusing and very frustrating trying to figure out what exactly is the best way to get your children's books out into the Canadian market. That is exactly what we are going to discuss today.

But before we get into the answers, grab a copy of my completely free Self-Publishing Checklist. It has tools and answers to help you get started right away on your self-publishing journey.

So let's get into it. Let me tell you a little bit about my story. When I was first getting started with self-publishing, I wanted to ensure that my books were going to be in all different markets.

I do have some children's books in my collection. In my very first books, I was writing on goal achievement. I am still working on that very issue today which is how do you achieve your goals.

But getting it out and making sure that it was reaching into the Canadian market as well as many other markets around the world, how exactly should we go about doing that?

Expand Your Book Distribution In Canada

I read a book regarding Kindle Publishing and it was commenting that this is great and it is the best starting point. I have watched a lot of videos and taken a lot of books. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is the best place to start when we want to get it into that market.

The other thing is that as I started putting them out into the Kindle market and expanding in different stores, what happened is that I could see that you can choose which markets it hits. The answer is you want it to go on to all the markets and then we continue expanding through other distributors.

Ingram Spark, Lulu, Smashwords, ACX, Audible, and all of these other distributors. We are pushing our books into multiple markets across multiple countries all over the planet so that the books would be available.

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The result is I now have over 185 books in all countries in the world. Where people can get those books or even go to their libraries to check the books out and read them. I feel amazing with regards to knowing that I'm able to reach so many people.

I can help them with the issues that they are challenged. At the same time, I am being paid and compensated for that exact work. And that transformation that flows out of this is just amazing.

So, self publishing children's books Canada? How exactly can we do that? Let's get into the answers for today. Here are just a few of the tactics that you are going to want to know.

The first is that Canada is no different in any way than anywhere else in the world. If you are publishing in Canada or you want to get your books into Canada, we are still following the same steps.

This is the good news so you don't have to worry when you're dealing with your children's books or any other types of books. You just simply put the books out and you tell Amazon you want him to be in that market.

The same goes if it's Lulu for hardbacks or Ingram Spark for your paperbacks or Smashwords when you are getting your EPUB books across multiple networks all over the world. So you just don't have to worry about it.

Number two, you must go with Amazon when getting started to ensure your books are in Canada and everywhere else. That is because Amazon has a ton of customers who already have their cards out. They have one-click-to-buy enabled onto their Amazon accounts.

When they are searching for your books and see your books showing up. Whether it's because of the keywords that you are using or you are running Amazon ads, they are going to show up. They are going to be able to very quickly click and buy your book in Canada or anywhere else in the world.

Get Your ISBN When Self Publishing Canada

But let's get to today's secret answer of the day regarding today's question in this whole subject of Canada. The answer is if you are a self-publisher and author in Canada itself, you can get free ISBNs. These are the codes that go with your book to establish your specific book in the international library.

All the books that are published in the world have a code. Amazon supplies these codes for most things but when it comes to putting your books onto Ingram Spark, you are going to need your ISBN codes. They cost starting price dollars per code.

You need an individual code for every type of book you have through each of these distributors. So if you want to put your EPUB out through Ingram Spark and you want to put your paperback book out through Ingram Spark, you are going to need this ISBN code.

If you are in Canada, you can get the code for free. This is something that many Canadian publishers simply are unaware of. Now, I published from Norway, and within Norway, I'm also able to get free codes.

This is not very common for many countries in the world. Like the US in particular, it costs $150 for a single code. The price goes down drastically if you buy a thousand codes. I mean it starts to go down but you don't generally start with having a thousand books unless you are a publishing company.

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So you are going to need to see if you can find a cheaper way of doing this. If you are a Canadian publisher and you are looking to get your children's books out onto the market like these paperback or EPUB for example, then this is the way to go.

You can get it for free which is absolutely fantastic. That feeling of knowing you are going to be able to make such a great deal.

Are your books available in Canada? If they are available, I need to know because it will help me create better content. write the word "Yes" below in the comments if your books are available in Canada.

If you have decided no they are not available in Canada or you have turned that off or you simply haven't got it out yet, write the word "No" below in the comments. That will greatly help me.

So just do me a favor and do that. Also, check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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