Chris A. Baird | February 25, 2023
Self Publishing Podcasts

Are you looking for some self-publishing tips and strategies? Here are the self publishing podcasts that are worthy to be listened to.

One of the absolute best places to learn about self-publishing or most anything it's going to be on podcasts. That's why we're going to talk about self-publishing podcasts today. So, let's get into the best Self Publishing Podcasts.

One of the things you have to keep in mind when it comes to podcasts is that you don't have to be seated in one location. So, unlike videos where you're going to be watching the videos, with the podcast, we can just skip that together.

You also can put them on double speed. If you need to, you can download all of the episodes and have them already queued up. It gives you a lot of advantages especially when you're trying to learn. 

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Self Publishing Made Easy Now

Self publishing podcasts are a fantastic way and a resource to get into it. But which ones should you listen to? So, let's go through the list. I've got quite a bit of a list. The first one of course I'm going to tell you is the Self-Publishing Made Easy Now podcast.

The reason is that I cover a lot of different issues when it comes to self-publishing. We're hitting anything from the mindset you choose to. For practical self-publishing issues, we go through marketing all the different techniques of marketing hit the latest news. 

We even hit secret strategies for self-publishing. So, it is worth subscribing if you're not already subscribed to the Self-Publishing Made Easy Now podcast with me. 

The Self Publishing Show

But let's move on to the next one. I'm most interested in getting to other podcasts we have not discussed here before. The first one I'm going to hit is going to be The Self Publishing Show.

Now, this one is with Mark Dawson. He's a best seller and self-published author on multiple platforms including Amazon and Kobo. I corresponded with him in 2015.

I remember back in the early days; he had come out with a course on how to do Facebook ads. We were going back and forth; I was discussing some of the basic strategies regarding how to use the ads. Now, I never figured that out.

The key was that he just had a bunch of bundles and books that were already somewhat popular. He would be giving these books out and then people would be getting on his email list. Then he was able to sell further which propelled the sales for his specific books. 

At the time, he was teaching a course on that. But now he also has a podcast, the self-publishing podcast which is worth checking out. The other thing is that he's the author of the John Milton Thriller series.

That's probably what he's best known for. Today, I'm not sure if he's still doing the Facebook ads any longer. 

Book Marketing Show

The next one is the Book Marketing Show. The Book Marketing Show is not one that I have listened to. I can't say, I've listened to it too much but it's with Dave Chesson.

I can tell you one thing I do have in common with Dave Chesson. It is fact that he is the inventor of Publisher Rocket. It is a phenomenal tool when it comes to running ads and getting keyword ideas that you can test with KDSpy which is my favorite tool in self-publishing. 

So, it's a really powerful tool there and it also helps with the categories that you're going to be putting your books in. The thing is that you're going to be able to hear him interview a lot of the experts in self-publishing. That makes Dave an absolute expert when it comes to self-publishing. 

You're going to want to listen to many of the ideas that he has. There are especially things like Amazon ads in particular was one of the areas I feel he excels quite a bit. 

Self-Publishing School

The next one Self-Publishing School and that's with Chandler Bolt. Chandler in the Self-Publishing School offers a lot of premium-level courses and coaching within his area there. But on his podcast, it's mostly interviewing.

I do listen to him and he's interviewed people like Hal Elrod, Susie Moore, and Robert Kiyosaki. I can tell you; Robert Kiyosaki was maybe where I first got my very start in the whole self-publishing game.

Even the thought process of self-publishing came from the Rich Dad Poor Dad concept. So, he's interviewed a lot of the absolute top players in their game who have also been through the whole publishing process.

He discusses with them what strategies and takeaways they have that also can help you with your self-publishing. So, this is something you're going to check out. That's with Chandler Bolt, I subscribe to this podcast. 

AskAlli: Self-Publishing Advice Podcast

The next one is AskAlli: Self-Publishing Advice Podcast. There are a lot of different aspects of advice. I also listen to this one because I also am a member of The Alliance for Independent Authors.

I originally joined mostly because I wanted to get free promo codes for IngramSpark. However, I realized that they have a lot of additional services that are worth checking out. You can check that out for more information on Alli and all of the services including lawyers and all sorts of stuff. 

It's fighting and advocating for independent authors just like yourself or if you're an aspiring independent author. It is definitively the way to go especially after their latest podcast. They were discussing some of the challenges you have as your books are going through sensitivity checks and things like that.

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When you're going with traditional publishers and having to change things. I think was one recently with the Vietnam vet who had written a book. Was being forced to change the content of the book even though he was just saying things happen.

So, these are sorts of things where you get the reasons why you should go with self-publishing as a huge as the correct way to go. If you've got a book and you don't have a deal. And even if you do have a deal, you may still consider going with self-publishing. 

Begin Self-Publishing Podcast

The next one is Begin Self-Publishing Podcast. Now, this is one I have not listened to too much and it's by Tim Lewis. The Begin Self-Publishing Podcast was launched to promote self-publishing. To try and ensure that people can see how the fundamentals of self-publishing.

It is the important part which is understanding the basics of self-publishing. Safely navigate through services available for self-published authors and not be ripped off by this sadly large number of sharks in the area. 

He's exactly right, Tim Lewis is exactly right. There are a lot of people who will completely rip you off if you aren't careful with what you're doing. So, one of the ways you can see is people have been around for a long time.

It's a fantastic way to figure out who you can trust, that people have been around. The people who are not telling you strategies that are going to get you banned on Amazon. And also, people who aren't going to tell you you're going to be an overnight millionaire.

But rather, this idea if you can simplify self-publishing and slowly make it through the steps, you're going to get your book out. Then you're going to learn the marketing phases.

These are skills you can use in lots of areas that move far beyond self-publishing. So, it's worth a listen to Tim Lewis's Begin Self-Publishing Podcast. 

SPA Girls Podcast

The next one is the SPA Girls Podcast. This is another one I have not listened to much. But in the SPA Girls Podcast, you get a weekly show with information tips, and advice on how to get started with self-publishing for your books.

It's girls who are sitting around self-publishing. Girls who are discussing a lot of the strategies there. So, this is something that you might want to check out if you're interested in learning more about self-publishing.

I sometimes like the round table effect as well. It helps you as opposed to just a single person talking. Sometimes, you get a little bit more variety. 

Sell More Books Show

Now, moving on to one of my favorite ones on the whole list which is the Sell More Books Show and that is with Brian Cohen. I've listened to this one probably as long as I've listened to almost any self-publishing podcast of any of the ones that I have mentioned or I'm going to mention.

The thing is that they help with all sorts of stuff. I would tell you; they do strategies and a lot of the things that these other podcasts do. But the thing that I have appreciated most is the fact that they share the struggles they have with self-publishing their books.

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Seeing sales is not exactly the way they'd like to see it. They share the experiments that they're doing. I know Dave Brian Cohen also has a course on Amazon ads, that's one of the things he's known for. 

I even had him do one of my descriptions if we go backward in time, several years back to 2016 when he was doing descriptions for books. Now, I can say I didn't necessarily keep that description but like everything, we're experimenting.

The other thing I appreciate about this show is that they go through the news related to self-publishing. To make sure that you're informed of the latest changes. And I tell you, self-publishing has a lot of changes that are being made regularly.

Things you're going to want to stay informed about. Sell More Books Show is a great way to do that. 

Self-Publish -N- 30 Days

The next one is Self-Publish -N- 30 Days and this particular one is done by the 10x Author in Chief Book Officer, Darren M. Palmer. Where he does interviews with different people helping you navigate through the jungle that is self-publishing.

He goes through lots and lots of different strategies. This is also one that I have not listened to so much. But it is worth a listen when you're doing self-publishing. 

Self-Publishing with Dale

Now, another one is Self-Publishing With Dale. This is one I do listen to quite a bit. I enjoy Dale's style and a lot of the content information that he has and a lot of tips and strategies.

So, his biggest thing is just trying to help you learn how to self-publish and build an unstoppable author brand. Because he understands building around a brand is a fantastic way to get more sales on your book. He goes through all sorts of relevant information, up-to-date information in the world of self-publishing

Also, what I appreciate is that he shares all of the tips that he has. He shares the tricks that he uses to get the books to sell. He's very transparent. I'm on his Discord server as well where his community is incredibly active in sharing all sorts of things.

How to do covers, how to do ads, what you do if this happens to your account, and all sorts of useful information. It is worth checking out, Self-Publishing With Dale. 

Bestseller: A Self-Publishing Podcast by Reedsy

The next one is Bestseller: A Self-Publishing Podcast by Reedsy. So, what their whole thing is about? It's taking a book The Whole Nine Yards as they say, it's easier said than done but it's also easier than you'd think. And their whole thing is taken from ready.

This is a bestseller podcast for aspiring authors demystifying the process of self-publishing a book, one chapter at a time. This is along the same lines as a lot of the other podcasts where we're looking at the steps involved in self-publishing.

Then, also the strategies and some of the news that comes into it. This is not one that I have listened to too much. 


So, in conclusion, we can see that self-publishing has a lot of really powerful things to offer. These podcasts are a fantastic resource that you definitely should check out if you're not checking out one or another.

I would recommend you check out my podcast. So that you don't miss any of the tactics and strategies. It's a great way to quickly move through all of the podcasts and I have hundreds of podcasts that are available that you can listen to.

I would recommend subscribing to these others. Because you have different voices that say different things. And have different perspectives when it comes to self-publishing.

My question for you today though is which of these podcasts do you like listening to? Or maybe you have another podcast that you especially like listening to? I won't be offended if it isn't mine, all right? Also, check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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