My History

Self Publishing Made Easy Now was started by me, Chris Baird, to help people get started self publishing right away.

 I started my journey in 2015 with Kindle eBooks. I discovered after a year of going it alone that I wasn't making progress. That was when I took several courses and started reading as much as I could. Within only a few months I had a spike in sales after testing out a few strategies. 

My Big Discovery

Going it alone is a losing strategy! I have written hundreds of blogs to help you out with the most common questions in addition I have created 400+ YouTube videos helping authors just you like get their books published and selling.

Since then, I have published over 200+ books resulting in over 30,000 sales using the very strategies I teach to my students and clients. 

I discovered that books don't sell themselves. You need to use content marketing and paid ads to get your books to sell. As a result, my ads have been seen on Amazon globally over 120 million times as I have honed the art of getting ads to sell my books for me while I sleep.

I have learned many strategies in creating and selling eBooks, paperbacks, and also audio books. In addition, I have expanded beyond this in helping hundreds of authors through affiliate marketing, course creation and coaching.

I want to help you to avoid my mistakes and accelerate your self-publishing journey! Here is a FREE Checklist with the secrets I use to do just that!

Helping You Learn

This site explores three different aspects of self publishing:

  • How to get started with self publishing
  • The mindset needed to win with self-publishing
  • Getting and Staying Motivated on the self-publishing journey

3 Key Takeaways

There are three main areas that must be mastered to be successful:

  • Finding the right market of readers for your books
  • Creating and putting together your books
  • Advertising and Marketing your books

Get In Touch

Please get in touch with me at chris@selfpublishingmadeeasynow.com or on YouTube

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