Contemplating Whether Or Not You Should Settle For A Publisher’s Commissions And Give Up On A Profitable Writing Career? You NEED To Hear Me Out First.

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When writing a book, the first thing that comes to mind is what will you write, how to make that exciting, and how to leave an impact on everyone that reads even a page or a chapter of your book.

You’re wondering how to place all your ideas on paper, how to create the perfect cover, and how to format everything to look, read, and feel amazing, and when it comes to publishing, you brush it off by saying:
“We’ll think about that when the book is done”.

Who can blame you? 

You have so much to worry about when starting to write, that you can’t actually think of the last few steps of getting it to the world, even though they’re as important as the book itself.

What most authors realize months too late is that none of their work matters if they can’t get it out to the world.

Once you get to that stage, and you see the trade-offs you have to make just to get your book out to the world, you start to regret not learning about your options for publishing sooner.

The last option seems the most profitable, but it’s definitely the most difficult. You have to write your own descriptions, design your own covers, market your own book, and dabble in fields that you’ve never worked with before.

You can hand a publisher your book and settle for taking a tiny cut of royalties, or use publishing platforms and settle for ridiculous commissions. You can also go full-on DIY mode, and try to publish your book by yourself.

And the biggest problem is that a tiny mistake in your self-publishing process can destroy your book’s engagement and reputation, and turn the most exciting launch day into a flop.

Before I show you the way out, let me tell you why you should trust me, and how I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

My name is Chris, and a few years ago, I was months deep into writing my own book. I put my passion, my experience, and everything I knew between the two covers, hoping that my knowledge would pay me back someday.

After trying out every self-publishing method and failing, I realized that if so many people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of this, then why can’t I?...

How exactly can I help?

To rid you of all the overwhelming, tedious moving parts of self-publishing, I’m inviting you to a 1-on-1 coaching journey where I give you my years of experience and trial and error on a silver platter.

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In this journey, you’ll have complete access to all the tools, resources, and techniques I and all my students have used for years to guarantee the success of your book, and an actionable blueprint that takes your engagement and attention up to 100%.

By knowing what mistakes to avoid, which right calls to make, and having all the tools you need to make them, you’ll become a self-publishing powerhouse that knows no boundaries.

No more guesswork, no more spending days on Youtube videos and tutorials, only real, tried-and-tested self-publishing strategies that get your book accepted, noticed, and flying off the shelves.

Everything you need to self-publish covered from A-Z!

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An actionable blueprint

No guesswork, no ambiguous instructions, and no hidden fees or upsells, you’ll have a step-by-step plan that gets you from confused and overwhelmed to successfully selling. 
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Become confident in your book

I’ll help eliminate any insecurities, doubts, and second-guesses regarding your book and your prized creation, helping you describe it and sell it with power and authority.
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Learn the entire process 

Understand the simple, effective set of self-publishing practices that guarantee your success. These are the same strategies that worked for me and hundreds of authors, only tailored to your own creation.
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On-demand expert support 

Whenever you have any problems, technical or non-technical, you’ll have me there to answer your questions, help you proceed to the next step, and guarantee your self-publishing success.
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Monthly progress update

To keep you accountable and aware of your own progress, we will have a monthly zoom call to discuss what you’ve done, how much of your checklist have you checked off, and where you’re going next.
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Join the team 

Meet like-minded authors on their way to self-publishing success and share experience and information to help everyone achieve their desired results.

And if you think that’s exciting, wait until you learn about the bonuses…

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Daily support messages - Whenever you’re losing motivation, feeling confused by the process, or losing faith in your journey to getting your book out to the world, you’ll find me right with you Monday to Friday, answering every question and helping you get back on track.

A tailor-made strategy - With me, there aren’t any cookie-cutter solutions. Every client and student receives a coaching experience that is designed to serve their own goals, their needs, and their books, to help them achieve their desired results, not someone else's.

A supportive community - Join a community of driven, self-motivated, and passionate self-publishers that are pursuing the same goal as you are, and share inspiration, new findings and discoveries, and tips and tricks that you and others have learned from your journey in self-publishing.

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All this with a 30-day money-back guarantee that grants you a refund if you’re not happy with the results. And to top it all off, I’m giving you a 50% discount for a limited time only, so you’re the winner here no matter how you look at it!

Join me today in my Self-Publisher 1-On-1 Program, and let me help you take your book to the light.

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Help with self publishing my first book

The questions I had were related to the self publication process as it was my first time publishing a book. The answers to my questions were very relevant and useful and they helped me in understanding and making sense of various aspects of the self publication process. Other author's and writers should watch the content made by you and ask questions as it will help them understand how the books market works and what it would take for them to get properly discovered and sell their books.

Siddharth Nahal

Reduces the learning curve

How to publish a book. Complete newbie. Directed me to the right resources, and acted as a therapist when I’d question of wisdom of my undertaking. It’s short and sweet. He doesn’t go on and on. Also if you want to talk to him about something specific, you can meet on Volley and discuss things. I recommend afternoon calls. I use it with my coffee first thing in the morning, and well, it’s not a good look.

Cynthia A. King

Live session with Chris baird

I am an author and I have published a couple of tech books on Amazon. Writing book is one thing I love but getting them to rank and sell on Amazon was one of my biggest problem. Then I met Chris. To myself I knew that I wasn't doing something right but figuring it out was a big issue for me. The live session with Chris is a stepping stone for me. It is the best live session I have ever had. Step by step, he helped me figure out those problems and gave me tips on how to make things better. One of the way he assisted me was with my author biography and also getting my books to rank better. He said " the goal is not to get millions of sales but to get reasonable amount of sales. Thanks alot Chris. All I can say to viewers watching Chris contents is to keep on watching. He is really here to assist and not for just the money.

festus ombe

ONE Hour session Review

I had just launched my first book on Amazon Kindle (eBook), and needed some clarity on what strategies to implement to get my first sales. There was suggestions to change the title in order to rank higher and target more popular keywords, so the book could get more exposure. There were also other ideas for the author bio, and ways to improve the book description again for an increased chance of the customer purchasing the book. So Chris was of immense help in pointing me in the right direction and providing clarity on what to do next - to progress faster. Organise questions beforehand, so you have clarity on what you need to receive further clarity on.

Harman Sunner


The problems I should say. I don’t think I did anything right the first go around. I had it in my mind I was gonna sell a ton of these and I had no sales. So it’s heartbreaking at first. From the keywords to the title of my book it was just all wrong. Even writing the description was not right. So many things to say the least. Well having so many issues with just the low content journals I was putting out. I was able to get on YouTube and I happen to stumble upon your videos and I have to say “ They have really helped me with many things”. To wording my Titles. Then adding those Titles to great covers. Then figuring out that I needed to get them in front of the right audience. So then how much the difference can be made through promotional ads, and promoting them myself through different social media platforms that are totally free. I definitely give A BIG THUMBS UP to all your videos, because I learned so many things through all of them. By telling your story, truly does help other authors realize it’s okay to make mistakes, and realize a lot of those mistakes can be easily fixed. It’s definitely worth trying again, to publish another book just to see how much you can take from these videos, apply these techniques and extra tips that’s given and see how it can change things making it profitable. Seeing the many different ways of publishing, advertising, and the different platforms that can be used gives many ideas and possibilities, that it would be a shame to think how many authors would give up after publishing their first book, such an unimaginable loss of what could have been???? For that, Thank You So Much……

Kim White

What have I taken from your advice?

How to sell my ebook on platforms like Amazon and other. You gave me advice in points, I could see your point of view on the subject of selling my ebook; you gave me steps I can follow; I can think of your points and then I can agree or not, and then I can do what you said and check the outcome of my actions. You give advice that is easy to understand; you use good language; your explanations are clear

Dariusz Łukasik

Good Self-Publishing Info

Getting more sales for my book. More efficient use of my book marketing time and money. Many to persevere during the ups and downs of a book project. Yes, because it is 'no-hype', straight-talk advice from the heart.

Paul Kyriazi

Cost-effective, highly professional service

I highly recommend Chris Baird, my problem is that I am not computer literate. Chris guided me through every step. His response was quick. Nothing was too much trouble for him. He has excellent knowledge regarding self-publishing. Chris offers a cost-effective, highly professional service. I would recommend Chris's services to anyone who wants to self publish and needs help.

Daniel Michael Mullane - Author