Chris A. Baird | November 24, 2022
72-HOUR BOOK PUBLISHING - Is it even possible?

Let me share with you my secret tools that can help you speed up your formatting phase. Let’s see if a 72-hour book publishing is even possible.

By the end of this article, you're going to know why rapid publishing matters so much. You're going to have the steps necessary to give it a try for yourself. You're going to feel great knowing that you can make it through a publishing sprint just like the one I'm describing here.

After publishing 200-plus books and putting them on Amazon and IngramSpark and all of these other sites, I've learned a few things about the rapid publishing thing. I've put them together into a Checklist that makes it very easy to follow these secret steps. Grab a copy of that if you have not already done it. 

If you haven't already done it, why haven't you done it? It's free, all right? Well, let's get into it. The thing is that I was working with Gary in a 1-On-1 Session and we were going back and forth on Zoom. He was part of the program and we were going through the different phases and steps to this. 

Now, Gary had been through the self-publishing process before. But he decided he wanted to give it a go on this whole rapid publishing. This ability to get a book out quickly to see if it’s possible to do it fast or does it take years and years to get a book on the market.

So, as he was going through the steps, he hit a couple of snags that made it impossible for him to succeed at the 72-hour thing. Because there were a few things that he wasn't completely up to speed on. Even if he had done the other books previously.

Because he was outsourcing everything previously. Having other people do all of the work. So, it would take much more than 72 hours to do the sprint on his book. But there were a few things that he was missing here.

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Here's the thing, is it possible within 72 hours? Of course, it's possible. I'm going to tell you right now the steps that Gary was missing that make it fast. The first thing is your Fiverr cover, My favorite designer on Fiverr, you pay for a premium picture and you get a cover for your book.

The only thing I would suggest is you go to her and say, here are covers that are just like the one that I'm looking for. When you go to her, you can have it on speed to get it within 24 hours. Otherwise, it will take 3 days.

So, if we're going for a sprint, we will have to pay an additional fee. Check out the Fiverr designer that I like. I've used her for tons and tons of covers that have sold tens of thousands of books.

It's amazing just how cheap you can get an outstanding-looking cover for your book that's going to sell a lot of copies. So that's your very first step. You're going to need to figure out what that title is for your book. Now, we are assuming you've already written the book.

Some people can pound a book out very very quickly and if so, then that might even be part of your 72-hour sprint. But I would suggest at least starting with a manuscript on the process of this sprint that we're doing here. To rapidly get our book onto the market. 

Checking Any Manuscript Issues

The second thing is for the manuscript, you're going to want to run it through Grammarly and Word. Grammarly is probably the best way to check to see if you have issues with your manuscript. Many times, I would even hire editors to go through the book and find problems.

They would find several things but even after fixing everything that they had found, I would run it through Grammarly and it would find additional mistakes that they had missed. It's that powerful of a tool. I've never seen a tool more powerful than Grammarly.

I would always suggest for 100% of you who are considering the rapid approach and even if not non-rampant approach to getting a book onto the market if you're in this publishing sprint that you should run it through Grammarly.

I can't tell you how many clients I've had who would show me the manuscript of their book. I'd say, have you run it through Grammarly? And they'd say, no and I would put it into Grammarly and show them all of the errors that were showing up.

We want to make sure that this book we're getting onto the market isn't going to have any sort of mistakes. People quickly react to spelling and basic grammar issues are huge. When it comes to if you have them all over the place.

When people are reading your book, they're not going to get the best experience they could out of your book if you have them in there. So, why not just fix it and fix it for free? You can test out Grammarly, it’s free.

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You don't even have to upgrade to their thing and so it’s something you're going to want to check out. So that's the second thing. What do we have now? Let's think about this. We've got your cover, it's a fantastic cover.

It looks like the best-selling covers we have. We made sure that your title was good, that's why I use KDSpy. You can check that out, that's the tool I use to figure out what keywords you should be using in your title. But even if you don't want to do that, then just look at the best sellers in your specific genre and see what keywords they're using.

Based on your cover and your keywords, they should know quickly who this book is for and what it offers. Those are two things that if they can't identify quickly when looking at your cover in your title, your book isn't going to sell. And even if we're doing a sprint, we're not trying to put garbage on the market.

We're trying to put something that's going to sell and people are going to like and give five-star reviews or at least a four-star review for it. They're giving you under four, then we're starting to cross some problems here. We're going to need to fix something on it.

But that's okay, even when you do a sprint because sometimes, just sitting down and doing this like nano ram, where you're writing 50,000 words in November, this is also something that is often done. To just get the juices flowing, getting the creativity flowing.

And you sometimes could sit around waiting for inspiration. But the best thing to do is sometimes put this limited amount of time on yourself. And say, I'm going to get the book done in this short period. This is a fantastic exercise even if you've published 100 books or are just on your very first book to try to work through this process. 

Formatting Your Book As Fast As You Could

Though I can say that if you're on your very first book, this isn't going to be easy. But sometimes it's worth giving it the effort. The final and this is the secret of the day, it's formatting the book yourself. Because if you're going to hire somebody to format it, you're going to have a lot of changes on this thing.

The speed at which you can format, I can tell you I could probably take your manuscript in about 10 minutes. I can get it already formatted in a format that will work great on Amazon for your paperback and Kindle versions of your book. I'm going to be using my secret tool, Jutoh, which is by far the best tool for formatting your books.

You can check that out if you would like to learn more about this amazing tool Jutoh that I use for 100% of all of my books. I even created videos to show my team members how they could go about helping me put books together at a faster speed. And since that point, I even sell those very same videos as part of my content, my Formatting Course Made Easy for Self-Publishers.

It makes it and breaks down those steps. So, we go on a 1-On-1 Program making sure you get 100% of your books formatted exactly the way that you're going to need it to be done. But when we're working through this sprint, the thing is that you're going to already need to get some familiarity with these different tools.

That's one of the reasons why this may not be your very first book. But after we have a couple of books, you'll begin to discover that 72 hours is more time than you may even need to work through this entire process, to get the book on the market. A lot of people ask, what's the point?

You know, once you have this book on the market so fast, what are you supposed to do? Well, the answer is that once it starts making sales, we're going to drive that money back around for training and tools and getting more books on the market quickly. The more books we put on the market, the faster you're going to get at this entire process.

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This is something that so many self-publishers underestimate. They think that it was so difficult to get that first book on the market. Therefore, it's going to be difficult for the next one. I am telling you; we go about 10 times faster on the next book until you get to a point where you're working through like a checklist kind of like the one, I was telling you about.

As you're working through it, it's just automatic. You almost don't even need to look at it. Now, we still look at it, and we go through it, item by item. But the fact is it isn't completely necessary as you're just pounding your way through these books and getting book after book.

You're seeing the sales multiply on Amazon as a result of the experience that you're getting from these different books. Just stick to a single niche and make sure it's profitable. And if you're not sure about that, book a Discovery Session with me. We'll take a look and we'll see what exactly is the right strategy for you.

So the thing is that it doesn't have to be so difficult. That was the thing that Gary was having a little bit of difficulty with. Because he had done the formatting phase of it. But once you've done it a couple of times, it is so easy.

Now you're not paying anybody else for that additional service to continually produce your books for you. You can do them yourself without any problem at all. But the one thing you are going to need is to focus when you're coming into this.

That's one of the reasons you may be asking Where Does The Focused Writing Come From?? And lucky for you, it is the content of my previous blog and video. So, you might want to check that out as well.

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