Chris A. Baird | May 4, 2021
I Used Ghostwriters On Fiverr This Happened

You may already have heard about these ghostwriters on Fiverr and you might be wondering if it's a good choice. Let me share with you my own experience when I used ghostwriters on Fiverr… This happened

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around. Because the third point is a secret as to exactly why I do not use Fiverr anymore when it comes to ghostwriting. So the topic we're exploring today is, I used ghostwriters on Fiverr… This happened.

Now, I know what you're thinking, many of you have heard about the idea of using ghostwriters. Maybe the thought crosses your mind and says, why would I do that? I'm going to write all of my books.

But there are some reasons you should possibly consider using ghostwriters. One of them would be, you would like additional income and you don't have the time to write as many books on these powerful keywords as you would like. You figured out for yourself the types of books you like to personally write.

You've also learned a little bit about the process of getting your book self-published which is a very powerful skill. As we learn this skill, we also learn that there are certain keywords when it comes to writing books. They are also going to sell.

But maybe the topics are not of interest to you but they are of interest to a lot of other people. You don't have the time or the desire to write books on those topics. So why not hire somebody else to write those books not putting them in your own name?

Putting them under a pen name and then pulling these books together to create value out on the market. So that they can be earning while you're sleeping. These books will continue to sell, creating more money to come in so that you can have even more time devoted to writing your own books.

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You may have heard of the site Fiverr, this is the one that I do use for covers. But I also had some experiments that I did in ghostwriting, having ghostwriters on Fiverr do some writing for me. I am going to tell you exactly what I learned so that you do not make the same mistakes that I made.

You should grab my Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist. Also, getting your book to sell with marketing, I've used this exact checklist over 200 times to get 200 books onto the market, onto Amazon, and other sites as well. You should check it out.

A little bit from my own story, when I first got started, I had heard about the idea of powerful keywords. That was before I first put out books onto the market. Only later to discover that you need to pay attention closely to the titles and the words that you're using.

Because this is the number one way people are going to find your books. But in the process, I began to find incredibly profitable keywords. Maybe on topics that I was not able to write on or maybe I didn't have particular interests in those areas.

I figured what is the best way to test out this theory of profitable keywords than using a ghostwriter? Paying somebody else to produce the content. Since I already knew the process of producing books and self-publishing them, I could just as easily use that same skill set to publish other people's books.

And in particular, ghost-written books for which you pay somebody else to write. They write the book for you and you own all of the rights to the books. Then you put them on and you can use the standard marketing techniques that you've learned.

Go With Fiverr

Some of the ones that I've also learned with content marketing, running ads, and stuff also on the content marketing side of things. You can grab a copy and try out my Course on Content Marketing if that's of interest. But moving right along, the thing is that I was looking at trending keywords.

One in particular that came up was "gratitude". Now on the power ratio which I've discussed in other articles using KDSpy, that is where we look at the total number of books with a basic sales rank under 100,000 in the top 100 books that show up for the search.

We're then dividing the total number of books by the total number that comes in. That top hundred thousand gives us a ratio. I like the ratio of 30 or less and "gratitude" did show up in there.

I paid a ghostwriter on Fiverr $30 to write 3,000 words on this exact topic. I had no idea what to expect, what exactly was going to happen. The answer is with the front and ending pages, it ended up being about 28 pages written in the paper format for this particular book.

That was something I was just testing out. I wanted to know if all the hype that I'd heard about this whole keyword concept was worth paying attention to. And what exactly did I discover? Well, this book went on to outperform my books that were 15,000 words long. I could not believe it. After that, I learned the power of a good cover, you can find here the Fiverr cover artist that I use for my books.

She does an amazing job of producing high-quality covers. I went back and had all of my covers redone and she was able to fix a lot of the broken covers that I had done before. Either I had done them myself using Canva or Photoshop the covers together.

By paying a professional graphic artist, I was able to get a much better result out of it. I discovered that these ghost-written books with highly optimized covers were outperforming the books that I had written personally myself.

Not because they were of higher quality but because in a sense the keywords they were targeting were much more specific. There's an audience out there that was looking and hungry for those books. But it's just that there weren't many of them.

I gave it a test. But let's get back to it, I used ghostwriters on Fiverr. I told you what exactly happened but there are a couple of lessons, three points that I want to hit on this.

The first one was that I found that the Fiverr writers were either writing so poorly grammatically that it took an insane amount of time to do the editing. Fixing the books afterward or even worse they were copying the content from the web.

I discovered that by using Copyscape which someone had recommended, I am not an affiliate of them but that's a tool that I use. Any time I pay anybody else to put a book and to write a book for me on a topic that I choose. I always run it through Copyscape.

I need to know a hundred percent that this is original content. I complained to Fiverr and they did return the money so I have to say that Fiverr does a great job on a whole series of things. But for writing, I would recommend not using them.

That brings us to the final point and that's the secret of the day. It is that I later chose to go with Epicwrite. I did also try Upwork but it's a lot of work to find a writer there.

Epicwrite was the one that I went with to do the ghostwriting. They ended up creating books for me that were incredibly high quality. The editing, I did not require additional editing too much on those books, though I did have a bit done.

We'd find a few issues with it. I always go for their top packages, the professional native English speakers for the writing. And the books ended up being high quality up to this very day as I'm looking at the curves daily of the sales.

Produce An Engaging Topic

As you all know, when you put the books out there on Amazon and these other sites, I'm still seeing spikes in the curves based upon books that were put on the market years ago. Those were written by ghostwriters on Epicwrite. Some of these books account for a large chunk of the money that I make daily.

Even outperforming my books which I guess you have to be humble at some level. To understand that if you're going to write books that you just find the topic interesting, you're not going to make as many sales.

If you engineer those books to target markets where the people are already hungry, then we push paid advertising which is something that is an absolute must. And then do content marketing against those books and see exactly the results you can achieve by going this route.

Now, this route is not for everyone. Only people who have the money to go about investing in this particular route as an investment. This is an asset, you're going to own these books so these books are going to be selling daily.

You're going to see your profits going up and that gives you more time to spend writing your books. And paying for the tools that are necessary to make even better sales on your own books. In addition to more ads and pay-per-click, all sorts of things that you can do to leverage your own books.

But isn't it unethical to pay somebody else to write a book for you for which you own the rights? Well, the fact is that many traditional publishers even magazines pay people all the time to write for them. There is nothing wrong with that.

The only thing I would suggest is to not put these books under your own name. I only put books out under my name that I personally have written. The other final thing is when you have ghost-written books like "gratitude" for example, you're going to want to group these books.

So all the gratitude books are grouped, they have to be logical. And you're going to want to use a pen name where they all match on the same niche that it comes out there. With each book that we put out, we get just that much better in the process of producing content.

That is something that you're going to want to remember. It is that for every iteration, you get that much better at the whole process. These are just a few of my thoughts.

The secret is that this isn't for everyone. But if you are looking at actually investing, not just investing in yourself and your books. But investing in an asset that will bring passive income to help further your own books forward.

This is an outstanding way of doing it especially once you've learned the skills of easy self-publishing which is what I teach on my Blog and Youtube channel. That's something to consider there. So that was my experience when I used ghostwriters on Fiverr… This happened.

The final question I have for you is have you ever considered having a ghostwriter write books for you, not in your own name but under a pen name? Have you ever considered that as a way to bring additional income coming into your self-publishing business? If you have, I want to hear from you. Because it will help me know that this is a topic that is of interest to you.

So write "Yes" below in the comments if you have considered using a ghostwriter. And write "No" if you've never considered it until now. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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