Chris A. Baird | April 19, 2020
Is Coronavirus Killing Book Sales?

Is coronavirus killing book sales? It's affecting everyone in all parts of the world. Let us find out what this quarantine season has done to our book sales.

Positive Or Negative

The question I received recently is with self-publishing, how are the book sales going? Is the coronavirus killing your book sales with your ebook? Well, the first thing is where to start?

Right now, all major industries are getting hit very hard by the situation that's going on. Times are incredibly difficult. Employees are being laid off or furloughed.

So, this is not a particularly good time. What about book sales with self-publishing? The first question is, how are my sales going?

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I have been watching very closely at the different platforms like Lulu, Ingram Spark, Kindle, and Amazon across the board. This is to see how exactly everything is going in ACX audiobooks.

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Just to see how this particular crisis is heading. Because at this time, there is a serious question. This question is, will am I able to actually make money in selling self-published books during this period?

Sales Are All Positive Now

The answer is yes. Sales are going up, up, up, and up. The first thing is that a lot of people are at home now and they are in isolation or a quarantine.

They are looking for a way to deal with the time they have or find hope. Meaning, they may be looking at new hobbies. There is a whole series of things.

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So, one of the big ones is by creating value and contributing to people's lives during this period. Self-publishing has a special way of actually helping people around the world. Those who are looking for something to read or listen to as the case may be.

By self-publishing, you are in fact doing your part to help during this period of crisis. In terms of which books you are writing and such, you can simply look and see what people are interested in. The hobbies that people are exploring.

Coronavirus Is Not A Threat

Try to understand what value you can contribute to the overall situation. The other thing to remember is unlike some industries, the self-publishing industry is not affected in the same way by a virus like this.

Obviously, people would have less money to spend. But in terms of building an audience or people watching/listening to your audiobooks, the sales have drastically increased. Here in Norway, we have a 50% increase in people listening to audiobooks produced on ACX.

So this is not something you are going to want to ignore. That's the reason why by taking advantage of self-publishing during this period, there are an awful lot of positives that you can have.

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How are your sales going? Do you find that your sales are going up in self-publishing? Or are you just looking to get started? Well, leave your comments below.

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