Chris A. Baird | July 5, 2020
Should You Self Publish On Kindle Amazon?

Amazon is a major platform we all know but let's see if it's a perfect place in terms of ebook publishing. Should you self publish Kindle Amazon or are there other better platforms out there?

Today's question has three answers and you are going to want to stick around. Because the third answer is a secret to how Amazon Publishing can lead you into other areas. It opens doors for you but we'll hit that a little bit later.

The question that was sent in is should you self publish Kindle Amazon? This is a very good question. There are so many different places that it becomes very overwhelming.

Whether its Amazon Kindle, Ingram Spark, Lulu, or maybe want audiobooks with ACX or hardback cover books. Or maybe Kobo and you want to get it out to Barnes & Noble. There are just so many places you can go and it can be very confusing.

So we want to get to the heart of exactly whether this is a good idea or not. But before that, check out my free Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist. It will help you get started on your self-publishing journey right away.

When I first started, I went through a series of books that showed exactly how to get started easily on Amazon Kindle. That is the reason I started there. Also, after years of publishing and trying many different platforms, I realize this is the best place for me.

When I started to get things going I realized that I made the correct choice and that advice was a good one. Later on, I moved on to the other platforms. I tried Smashwords and I pushed my books onto the other side which is ACX.

Very Complex Route

I was using CreateSpace, Lulu, and Ingram Spark as well. A whole series of different options and different ways to put your book out there through self-publishing. But the question still brought it back, what should you self publish on Kindle Amazon?

Here are the answers that I found. First is that yes, it's the easiest place to publish. So, if you want to compare to other places, they have the lowest burden. There are lots of materials on how to go and get your book published on Kindle Amazon.

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Second, most people don't ever finish a project or a book because they choose a route that's too complex. There are many options and many of them can earn you plenty of money when you're starting your self-publishing journey.

But it causes you to never finish because it's so complex to get it going and it's not worth your time. The third which is the secret answer for today is best because it will open the doors to all of the other publishing locations.

The hardest thing is there are so many options. There are thousands of different options available. And when we're first getting started, we don't know which one is going to be right for us.

You Can Start For Free

We see the complexity and so many people telling us all of the things that are available that we just never fully get started. We start this a little bit and we start that a little bit. Whereas if you start with the Amazon Kindle, it will teach you all of the basics you can do the entire process for free.

If you want to do it for free and then upgrade your Kindle book with new better covers and better description and even better content, so we are going to increase the sales over time.

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But just starting with a free is also another key issue. It doesn't cost a lot of time or money to get started. Then, we improve as we go and we make it more advanced. As we became more advanced, we learn how to deal with cover templates and things like that.

We are going to be able to get those books out ourselves onto the market through the other platforms. So, if you are first getting started, there is absolutely nothing better than Kindle Amazon.

What have you found? Should you self publish Kindle Amazon? Has that been helpful to you? Go ahead and let me know below in the comments. Check out my other blogs and videos for other answers to your self-publishing questions.

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