Chris A. Baird | November 3, 2021
The One Thing Stopping You From Self-Publishing!

Are you having doubts about your capabilities to self-publish and thinking "maybe I don't have what it takes to do self-publishing"? Check out below to learn about something that will help you with that one thing stopping you from self-publishing!

Today's topic has three points and you're going to want to stick around. Because the third point is a secret as to the one thing you're going to want to do in order to overcome the thing that's stopping you from self-publishing. So let's get into it.

The topic today is the one thing stopping you from self-publishing. When you're getting started and you're considering maybe you don't have what it takes for self-publishing. But you're thinking I might be able to self-publish a book.

You'd like to but because of this barrier that you have that you don't think you can self-publish you're never going to get your book on the market. Therefore you're going to want to stick around because I'm going to tell you how to overcome this barrier when it comes to self-publishing.

Grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist. To make sure you're winning at self-publishing. So from my own story, I had seen many friends and even some family members self-publish on Amazon.

I was completely blown away by the idea of "wow look! they have their books on amazon actually even selling copies of these books but I didn't have any idea where to start". And I didn't even maybe a deep level feel like an author and you know that feeling, right?

The thing is I started reading a lot of Kindle books and saw people just giving away free kindle books for one dollar. And one of the patterns on some of these free books was that they were even telling you how to self-publish.

So I thought well that is kind of interesting. It doesn't harm me so I just grabbed a couple of these books and started skimming them. And what I discovered was that as I was going through some of the steps.

Now, most of these books were very confusing and gave way too many steps at a time. But I discovered that by breaking it down into simple steps I could not only write a book but I could also self-publish the book and eventually lead it into making enough money for a full-time income.

Which is today where I have a couple of employees as well that are working regularly helping me with the self-publishing business. And so the whole point though it's the idea that it all started with me initially.

Trust The Process

Thinking that I didn't have what it takes to do self-publishing and overcoming this psychological barrier that was making it difficult for me to move and make progress. Well, the one thing stopping you from self-publishing.

So the first point I want to hit today is you don't think you can write or you're  waiting for a traditional publisher. Now let's hit the first one in your mind. You  think "I'm not really a writer", I have these amazing stories.

I've met many people like this but they never get the book on the market. Or you have ideas you want to share upon how to do stuff but that also never makes the market. Because you're thinking "but I don't know if I'm not a good writer, right?".

So there's one barrier that's maybe stopping you from self-publishing. The other is you've written a book but now you're saying "oh I'm just going to wait for a traditional publisher to pick it up". But you don't have an agent and you don't understand a lot of these things.

And maybe you don't have the budget to go about going it route around this route. And so you're thinking "oh I don't really think self-publishing is for me", "I don't think I could possibly do this".

And both of these things will prevent you from ever getting your book onto the market. The second point is you don't think you have the technical ability to format and create the book. That's one of the reasons I created the Formatting Made Easy Course below in the description of all of my YouTube videos.

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Specifically to overcome this barrier to help you do it. One of the things with this money-back guaranteed course that I have here it's that I hold your hand to pull you through the steps necessary.

We slowly move through it one video at a time as we move through the different 17 videos. To get through everything you need to know to get your book properly formatted and everything in place that you're able to do it yourself.

So you can make the changes you need and if you've never even used a computer before we talk through the steps. What exactly do you need to click here, you need a click there. I understand it's going to be a little bit confusing when we first get started.

I even had a coaching student client recently comment that "look this is just too complex". But in reality, if we take the time that's necessary when we're using a tool for example I use Jutoh you can see my affiliate link below in the description of all of my YouTube videos to do the formatting.

You Can Learn The Skills

I respond back and forth with my students so it's not just here's a video course taken and disappeared. No, I work with people close to making sure that you understand the steps. And regularly will create new videos if anything is unclear or if I'm moving too quickly so that we can slow it down.

You learn the steps and then from there on you don't need anybody to do the  formatting you do it yourself. So this is an amazing thing that you can do and get going on right away. So I'm telling you even my children have put books on the  market.

It's easy, children can do it, it's so simple. It's just that we have to move slowly  through the steps and that's how we keep things easy here. We don't keep things simple in the sense that "we don't".

There's nothing to learn, it's just so easy, we don't even have to. It's just like  watching a movie or something no you do have to learn but we learn over a  period of time. And through that process, we build up the skills that are necessary to win at each of the different parts of self-publishing.

Then you look back at the journey you've taken like getting up a mountain. We did step at a time and when we're at the top we can look down and see the distance we've moved. So I don't say that getting to the top of the mountain is easy in that sense.

But I can say that taking the next step is easy and that's where the difference  comes. And our secret answer sort of ties into this is that you can learn all of the  skills. The key is breaking it down and dedicating 30 minutes of time each day.

As you learn the skills necessary I go back and forth here on YouTube and in comments with people regularly who are going through these steps and learning what's necessary. So that you should not feel a sense of overwhelming.

We're focused on only one step at a time and helping you learn the skills  necessary to make progress. So that you can get your book onto the market  because you do in fact have what it takes to become a best-selling self-published author.

That is something that you have, you may not feel it but you definitely do indeed have that ability. So my question for you today is what is the one thing stopping you from self-publishing?

Please let me know below in the comments because it will help me better create videos that are geared right towards you and where you're coming from. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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