Chris A. Baird | March 14, 2020
Which kinds of genres are most successful for self-publishers

When writing your books, you must carefully choose which kind of books or genres are more successful. Find out how to know the perfect genres so that you can write books that would really sell.

Today's question is, which kind of books or genres are more successful when self-published? This is an outstanding question. Many people, when they are going to write or produce a book, they just randomly choose whatever they feel like writing on. Then, they get going but that can be a seriously big problem.

So, what happens if you do just start writing? Well, let's start with my own story. When I first started writing, I wrote on topics that I thought were interesting. Habits, gold achievements, or email management, there were several different topics. It was sort of spread out all over the place.

That was where I started. I didn't really know what to write about or which kind of books or genres are more successful when self-published. I just looked and thought about what is it that I know a little bit about, enough about. Then maybe some other people may also be interested in the same categories. Same things that I was interested in.

And so I wrote on some different genres and it was spread out over a lot of different areas. It was not really one area, I didn't fully understand that it was a bad idea.

So in terms of sales and such, I was able to make enough money to help me expand and to continue onward. But I could have done even better if I had made a couple of different changes.

Super Incredible Tool

The solution or answer to the question is very simple. The first thing you want to do is you want to find out where the demand is high and the supply is low. It seems pretty simple but we would use a tool to find which keywords or types of books that are selling.

I use the tool Kindle Spy. It's incredibly useful to see how many books for in keyword or maybe a genre is selling in the top hundred thousand or those top-selling books. So we're seeing a sale a day for those books. Then, you are going to be writing in those categories.

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The next thing you are going to do is to figure out what books require that you have the energy to write. As I said, when I started, I wrote a lot of books in different genres. The result was that I would get lower sales.

The way that we can avoid that particular problem is exactly by making sure that our books are all within the same genre. At the same time, some genres can be just popular for a short period like within the area of romance and other things like that.

People like to read specific books and sometimes people can't get enough of them. So putting out a lot of books in that genre can be helpful. But you wouldn't be able to guess what those genres are unless you are seeing what are the top-selling books. And also to see how many of those books even exist....

Go For Nonfiction Books

So using a tool like Kindle Spy is very very helpful in figuring this out. That is one of the reasons why when you are exactly looking at the books, which genres you should be publishing. Paying attention to this can be the difference between actually making sales and not making any sales at all.

One other note I would say is that even though fiction sells more books overall, your chances of success, especially with the keywords since you're maybe not a known author at this point, would be more. You will find more success in nonfiction and the reason is that people have a problem to solve.

You can find out the keywords that they are using to look for that solution. Then you can put books out whether you are writing yourself or paying a ghostwriter to write and to publish those books.

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So what exactly are you doing? Have you found Kindle Spy as a useful tool? Have you chosen a particular genre that was not a good one that you should have maybe chose something different? Maybe you are still looking into it and you have been searching for genres. And you have some you would care to share which genres you see as ones that are worth going into.

I would love to hear your comments on this. Maybe other tools that you found that help in figuring out what genres you should publish. Leave them in the comments below.

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