Chris A. Baird | January 24, 2022
Amazon is Shutting Down My Ads!

Have you lost the traffic that is coming to your book just because of the issues that Amazon was doing to your ads? Amazon is shutting down my ads! Go and check out this article to learn about the best strategies that will help you when it comes to your ads.

Today's topic has three points and you're going to want to stick around. Because the third point is a secret as to the absolute most important thing you need to do if Amazon is targeting your ads for your books.

So the topic we're discussing today is Amazon is shutting down my ads! By the end of this article, you're going to know exactly why Amazon is stopping your ads and removing them functionally by being displayed any longer.

You're going to have the steps necessary to get around with this issue with Amazon and what step you need to take if you want to keep on running ads. You're going to feel great knowing that the major source of the traffic to your book is no longer going to be lost just because Amazon has issues.

Grab a copy of my absolutely free self-publishing Checklist. It has the secrets you're missing when it comes to self-publishing your book and winning this whole game at both producing it and getting your books to sell. So let's get into it.

From my own story about a year ago, Amazon started targeting my ads. Now keep in mind I've been playing these ad games since 2016. And since 2016
when I started my very first ads on Amazon they have been shared to now 120 000 000 people.

That's how many times the ads have been shown. Many of these ads go years and years, just keep breaking in money for me. I can exactly see on the
dashboard which ads are winning, which are losing and I adjust using strategies I've discussed before.

Some of my ads will have additional text and some of them could just have the title of the book itself which would be sufficient. For one simple reason many of my titles in terms of the self-help area they're actually making a promise.

And that's one of the things but the problem is is that Amazon started targeting my ads. Especially the ones that make a promise even if your books deliver on the promise they didn't care. So if the book says to achieve your goals now or get better sleep.

Or like we don't know if you're a medical expert or if you're somebody who knows this goal things which is going to kill the ads completely. And so
initially this started the ad copy itself where I would type my own text like "do you have a problem with this? well then click here to find out more".

And the thing is is that suddenly they initially target that then they're targeting the books themselves. Not taking the books down but ads that we go against it because the books will also be a promise. You know, learning how to do puppy
training in 50 days or whatever might be.

There are many in the nonfiction area and this is where things will bite you hard here with regards to your Amazon ads. And this nonfiction book suddenly was not going to be able to drive traffic to. Because Amazon is finding some problem with the ads and say "sorry we're not going to help you at all".

Or something like working these ads because most likely they feel there's a risk if you're promising something. And if it isn't delivering well then it leads to a bad or poor customer experience. Amazon is trying to help you help the average reader.

But the problem is what about us who are trying to sell books? We're making promises that we are going to deliver on but then we have a serious issue when it comes to Amazon. So the thing was is, now this is a key little trick, by resubmitting the ads they started to get accepted.

Amazon Is Targeting A Certain Ad

And we have the same thing happen about 3 to 4 years ago. Some of the promises we made in the ad copy will be approved by Amazon and they'll just reasoning and reasoning. Because in reality, they would say "this is a problem and we will take it down" and the next person reviews it.

We just let it go through and that still works today as well. The thing now is I have ads that have been running for 4 to 5 years successfully and then suddenly amazon wants to kill those ads. Because now they validate a policy that they have which is a little frustrating.

Because somebody's ads were highly successful and they made quite a bit of money just a single ad here, a single ad there. At one time I was shooting to I think it was 10 ads for each book. Now I understand most of you want to break ads between your kindle books and your paperback.

So Amazon will randomly target certain ads and will kill let's say the kindle version but not the paperback version. So it's very inconsistent over a period of time and I want to get into that specific issue on my secret one of today.

Amazon is shutting down my ads, so the first thing you need to keep in mind is that they own the farm. We share a craft and this is a huge risk when it comes to self-publishing if all your books are only on one platform. That's the reason I teach my student in the Course formatting made easy.

I teach them how to format their books for the different platforms so it works. And through coaching, I'd be able to guide you through the different steps necessary to get your books out and going on to the market. That combination can be very powerful.

So the thing is is that they own the farm so you have to be flexible no matter what they chose to do. So the strategies are continually changing that's point number 2 and you need to stay in the know. That's one of the reasons why the Coaching that I offer can help you with that process.

Because there are just so many new sources when it comes to Amazon to stay up to date. To make sure that, one is, you're aware of what other self-publishers are doing. And two, strategies that are working now but only work for a window of time.

And this is a very important thing that I give with the additional top secrets to my coaching client. To make sure that they do not miss these important points when it comes to getting your books to sell on the market. But let's get to the secret point of the day.

And the secret issue of the day is that we overcome these barriers by listening to what others have found. So that's number one, we need to stay listening with our ears open on what is going on with regards to these platforms.

So on the audiobooks, people are getting their books banned because their audiobooks were linking them to other services. And that creates a little bit of a challenge. So if you are not aware of what other people are doing then you might fall into a trap.

Doing and getting your entire ACX audible account shut down for not doing anything bad. Because other people are doing some bad things and your books hinted might be doing something similar. And that was enough to get you to fly but you could avoid this completely.

Threats That Amazon Makes

If you stay to know and you were listening to youtube channels just like this one where we're going through. We're breaking it down to keep it easy and safe when it regards to publishing and making money off of our book with the marketing.

The other thing is taking it too seriously, not taking it seriously enough but threats that Amazon makes. So in this particular case, they're just removing your ad. They'll say "these ads didn't qualify" so you just resubmit it.

This is the same with Facebook and the others. And this is another key strategy which is running ads on multiple platforms. Now I would say with your books it's probably only going to be profitable running your ads on Amazon until you have a large following.

Then at that point, Facebook and Google can be very helpful but Amazon is by far the best place because people are already looking for their books. And one of the other things is the rules changes all the time. So for example they are used only as people run like book ads when you're in a kindle store or any book store.

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But then they discover like puppy training, they might be selling dog balls and other things. And so these people started to cause the prices of these ads to romp up. I'm still making quite a little bit of money but no nearer as much as I made when I first started running amazon ads.

It was almost as if you couldn't lose you're throwing ads out and then you started making money immediately. Compared to what you pay versus what you get. It is the same as true with google when they first came out then the google ads millionaires.

Where people initially just simply send that traffic to affiliate links for huge expensive courses and things like that. And then what happen is those people were making a lot of money. Google charges you 5 cents and you make $500 this sort of thing, it's crazy.

So I would say that we do need to stand at the top of the latest top-secret tricks. And secrets with regards to marketing techniques that are working and will continue to work and some things that stopped working. So we need to quite use our time doing this particular one.

But if Amazon is warning you like you've got a problem you need to take that very serious thing. But in the case of these ads, we do not have to concern ourselves with that. Simply because of the Amazon ads they're just looking at the ads.

Then they'll say "not this one" and you can just put another one. You can sometimes put them on multiple copies of the previous one until it gets accepted and another one for a few months before they fly it again and take it down. So it's a little whac a mole game thing going on.

But they're not warning you and saying we're going to take your whole account down. The worse thing is it might take your advertising account down. But at the same time if you can't run ads against your books you really don't lose much by having your account taken down when it comes to the ads account.

But I haven't really seen any warnings, that's one of the reasons why I listen closely to the other top self-publishers. To make sure that we are not in violation of what's going on when it comes to our Amazon ads. So has Amazon taken down any of your ads?

Let me know below in the comments because I need to know where you're coming from. And if you've also experienced these threats from Amazon when it comes to your ads. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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