Chris A. Baird | January 14, 2022
About IngramSpark - Self-Publish Your Print or Ebook Today!

A lot of authors are planning to self-publish their print or ebooks on IngramSpark but is this the right choice or the right route to go with? Check this out, let me tell you more About IngramSpark - Self-Publish Your Print or Ebook Today!

Wide Distribution Channel

Today's topic has three points and you're going to want to stick around. Because the third point is going to tell you the secret as to exactly why IngramSpark is probably the right choice for you.

Let's get into it, what we're discussing today is about IngramSpark - Self-Publish Your Print or Ebook Today. You're going to know the positive and negative surrounding IngramSpark. You're going to have the steps necessary to go about deciding for yourself.

Whether you should do it and where you go from here regarding your ebooks and paperbacks. And you're going to feel great knowing you're not losing a lot of money that you would've to earn otherwise if you had gone with IngramSpark.

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When I first got started, I had assumed that Amazon would be plenty good for me when I was putting my books on the market. I'd put the ebook version on Amazon, I'd put the paperback, and I had even created an audiobook.

Other people would mention the power of doing hardbacks so I also did Lulu for hardbacks. But then when it came to IngramSpark, what did they have offered me that I wasn't already covered. The answer is, they had a lot bigger distribution network than I currently had.

I heard that IngramSpark with their additional distribution channels that once Amazon currently did not have people were making a decent amount of money out of it. But the downside of IngramSpark is you need to have an ISBN.

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Which could cause you $150 or probably less if you buy many of them. Also, to get your book reviewed on IngramSpark you would have to pay $50. That covers the review, your ebook version, and your paperback version which also requires their ISBN.

Now, keep in mind depending upon where you live in the world you can keep them for free. For example, in Norway the library here we'll get them for free. In Canada, you can also request if you're living in Canada to get your ISBN for free.

And IngramSpark recently changed some of its policies with regards to the people in the United States. I don't live in the United States, I'm living in Norway so in Norway, I'm able to just get them straight out for free from the library.

The thing is, I found that with these free ISBNs and also they had coupon codes for some time on IngramSpark. The problem is people abused it and they'd started putting out garbage books onto the IngramSpark.

You know it would be a book with low quality and using their promo codes and free ISBNs. Before you know it people flooding IngramSpark with garbage. To stop this, they quit doing the free promo codes.

But then on the same side, paying $50 what I discovered was that my money is getting back. My royalties from IngramSpark for my paperbacks were far exceeded when I was making on Amazon. That is still true to this very day and has a lot to do with that less competition.

Need To Have An ISBN

I'm not even going for reviews on IngramSpark I'm just simply putting my books on IngramSpark and my paperback. And my ebooks as well, using all of these free ISBNs I have and then I pay them. You'll pay $50 and you will get a review of both the paperback and your ebook versions of your book.

This is something that is a very powerful combo that is putting in there. Make sure we're not on Amazon KDP Select so that we have permission from Amazon. We're allowed to have our books going wide distribution the ebook versions, that is the paperback.

You're always free to post them in many sites as you want and if you've already paid for that ISBN. You can use the same one on all paperback versions regardless of which site you are publishing them on. Otherwise, it will be Amazon using their ISBN which isn't particulate a problem.

Since you only have to ask yourself when is the last time you look to see where's somebody ISBN was coming from when you were going to read a book or not read a book. It has very little to do with the value that people place on specific books.

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That's also something to keep in mind, but even to this very day, I'm making money more off of the books that I've put onto IngramSpark. So, about IngramSpark - Self-Publish Your Print or Ebook Today!.

The first thing you need to know is that they were getting flooded with these terrible books and so they removed the free promo codes. But if you're paying $50 to get your book reviewed and you're earning. Some of my books were earning $500-$700 a month on IngramSpark.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out, you're going to earn your money back in about 2 days. Maybe in 5 days, I earned my money back for that investment, that's why you're going to start with your best-selling books from Amazon.

First on IngramSpark since we already know you're driving traffic. And then we're going to push that traffic right through the IngramSpark. To keep those sales alive and going so, IngramSpark is a fantastic place.

I would not be putting every book you have initially until we see sales on your best-sellers from Amazon. Number two, they have very strange reporting routines on email and the website. When you're going to the website and say, "Show me the sales already".

They'll be like, "we can send you a report" and you can specify from which regions and which formats. It generates an excel file of some of the results and I find this so very frustrating it makes no sense at all. Amazon is much better when it comes to reporting.

You can also see your total sales last 30 days, which is useful to me, my ebooks, and my paperback books on IngramSpark. I check it once a day just to see how things are going. In addition, they will send you these emails and they will send you this PDF that will show you the sales you've made.

The problem is that I would like to receive PDFs when you're already paid me for sales. I don't want to give you getting tons of things that say, "we'll actually send the sales to your bank account, 90 days after the sell.

It's All Worth It

But here we're just going to keep on sending you a bunch of PDFs showing you the sales for this month or last month. I only care about the others but it just floods you with spam coming from them. Sometimes you have to look in your spam folder to see it.

The same goes with Lulu which also it's least they don't spam you with all of the sales. It's a lot easier to see how many sales you've made. This dashboard for whatever reasons they haven't managed to modernize this.

So that people can see what they want to see which it would be great to have a little graph. They do this strange reporting that's one of the downsides of  IngramSpark. The other downside is when you're making your covers with  IngramSpark.

You have to change them using their template and that can be a little confusing. I've helped many of my coaching clients with this exact thing in terms of how to figure this all out. If you're interested, just check below all of my YouTube videos.

If you wish to get one on one to personalize help to make sure that you succeed money back guaranteed on Coaching. Just let me know if you need help and below you will find a link in the description of all of my YouTube videos. But the thing is these are a couple of the disadvantages.

The positive also was that you can use the paperback version that you have used for Amazon. And pushed the manuscript version right on into IngramSpark. No problem same goes now with your ebook files since we now using epubs for both IngramSpark.

Amazon is also taking that no more Mobi files we'll just use the epub files. This is saving us all a lot of time when it comes to getting your files posted. Our third and secret answer of the day is that they are still the hottest place in sales of making more money off them.

And any other site with regards to my paperback books. Number two, when it comes to IngramSpark it's worth investing your money. Because there is a barrier people with lower quality books are going to skip IngramSpark.

Meaning fewer competitions for your books assuming your books are at least as I always tell you. At least okay too great that means the book is getting organically reviewed at three stars to five stars not two and one stars. Then it's a waste of your money putting it into IngramSpark.

It may get rejected in the review process as well but assuming we're taking a three to five-star book. Then it's worth putting it on there you're going to focus on the books that are already making sales on Amazon. To help you decide which of your books for me, I have 200 books.

I just take the best sellers in order as I put them unto IngramSpark and go from there. But my question for you today is have you published any books on IngramSpark? Because I need to know whether or not you're even using this platform.

Write "yes", below in the comments if you have, and write "no", below in the comments if you have never done that. Check out my other articles and videos for more videos to your self-publishing questions.

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