Chris A. Baird | May 1, 2020
Can you get help from online sources to publish a book? Are there any free sites which help?

You'll be asking can you get help from online sources to publish a book? Are there any free sites that help?. Go for the ones that work best and will not cost you more.

The question that came into me today is can you get help from online sources to publish a book? Are there any free sites that can help?

We will see if we can answer this question. Well, that's an excellent question. When we're first getting started and obviously we don't have any money coming in to help pay for all the different courses that we are going to do.

This can be quite a bit of a challenge to figure out how are we going to do this. Unless we have money already saved up for it. So that is one of the issues.

The other issue is, is it worth paying thousands of dollars for a course or for people to do it for us if there is a way to get this information for free online? Can you get help from online sources to publish a book?

Check out my Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist. It's free and you can start earning right away. This is the checklist I have used to publish over 170 books.

So let's move on to my story. When I first got into publishing, I initially did put in some seed money, some initial money into the process. But it wasn't that much.

Because ultimately it was just a couple of Kindle books that I purchased that explained the process of how to quickly start publishing. I listened to some podcasts, I watched some Youtube videos and I think my total expenses maybe just $10 or so.

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Then I discovered that I would need a cover which would cost me $10/$20. I discovered that I was going to maybe need an editor and it cost me $30/$50 somewhere in there. I wrote the books myself in the beginning, and so I found that I could get a book out onto Kindle for not more than $100.

Later on, I learned how to even make covers myself. So that would be done for free as well. For editing, I use some free software.

In the end, there are tricks to do the entire process without paying any money at all. If we look around, we start to discover a little bit of that. But I can say that once the money started coming in, then I went over to some other options.

The Possibility Is There

So yes, it is possible to start publishing eBooks and even paper books for free. The best places to go would be Youtube. I also think podcasts can be very helpful. They also help motivate you.

What is important though is that you are going to be able to have the steps broken down in a very simple fashion, so it is very easy to follow. Though it is faster and more effective if you can pay to take a course.

I don't know if there are any free courses online. You can check out my free checklist that gives you sort of the steps necessary to publish. You can get that for free just so you get an idea.

There are an awful lot of moving parts. That is to say, for example, if you want to have a cover, you want to have an effective description, and you want to make sure that you are writing on a topic where people have expressed interest.

These are all things that you are going to want to make sure that you have control over. Sometimes we can get a sensation of being overwhelmed. Too many things to learn and too many different options.

We think the options sometimes are good for us but in reality, options are not a good thing at all. They make things way too complex for us. So instead of going that route, what we're going to do is to simplify this down.

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That is one of the reasons with Self-Publishing Made Easy Now, it is to try to break it down to answer the questions. You can post your questions below as well to let me know what questions I should answer.

I get so many questions every day though I have to select which ones I am going to make videos on. You are going to want to break down self-publishing into the simplest steps possible. Focus on one thing at a time.

So every single day, we are going to make a little bit of progress as we push our books through the pipeline. To get our first books out, they are not going to be perfect. They may not even be good but we want to start the process.

This is the most important thing. By moving forward, we see what we can improve on. As opposed to thinking, I need to get all thousand of these different things down in place first before I can do anything. That is a losing scenario so you do not want to do that.

Growing Your Team

Once the money starts to come in and your knowledge increases as you have been through, perhaps you have money to pay for courses and buying the tools that helped make it easier. Jutoh is one of the tools that I like to use myself with regards to formatting. It is the best in the market.

Then, you can start to increase the spend that you have. That will also give you the ability to spend on ads. It will give you the ability to hire additional people like I hire virtual assistants.

I hire people to do my cover. A number of the other functions in putting the books together. There are several things but initially, it is actually to your best interest to do it even the free or close to free route when you are first getting started.

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So that you will have a good idea of the steps that are going to be necessary to do the process. So that when you ask others to do the same steps, you will be able to just follow along with exactly what they are telling you.

I hope that makes sense to you. Well, why don't you tell me, what have you found? Have you found any free tools or courses or maybe free eBooks? 

I know I started with a free book that also got me excited about the idea of writing and the idea of understanding that you can literally just take a Word document, it goes straight to Kindle with it.

We are not saying making the best books in the universe. We are just saying, can we produce something that's going to provide value for people that are going to buy that book? Can you get help from online sources to publish a book? And they are going to be able to put it into use to get started with the journey.

As we move on our skills improve and we get better with that. Tell me in the comments below what have you found?

What courses or eBooks have you tried reading? Maybe certain websites? I would be very interested to hear what you've done.

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