Chris A. Baird | March 17, 2022
How To Get Motivated As A Self-Publisher

Do you feel frustrated and demotivated to continue doing self-publishing? Let me tell you how to get motivated as a self-publisher.

So listen here! You're either motivated or not. If you're not motivated, there's not much you can do about it. If you are motivated, well then you're motivated.

So you're going to keep on working. Well, at least that's what I thought, going into it. We're going to look at how to get motivated as a self-publisher.

In 2016, here in Norway, I had already put out about 3 books onto Amazon. I was trying to make some progress with this. I was moving through it as a brand new self-publisher.

I was excited, the whole process was so exciting. I was seeing a trickle of sales. Maybe a sale here or a sale there.

But the problem is that I wasn't seeing a massive increase in the number of sales I was making. My motivation started to drastically decrease. As my motivation began to go downwards, I discovered a few things.

The time that I was using with regards to self-publishing began to decrease. With less time, well then that meant I could produce fewer books. I could learn fewer things about how to get the books that I have on the market to sell.

Learn less about optimizing my books. Less time for formatting those books and finding better covers. Figuring out how to do descriptions right, all of the necessary things.

But my motivation was decreasing. Even my motivation to write itself was decreasing. This was a huge problem and this was creating a gigantic barrier.

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That was preventing me from succeeding with self-publishing. I started listening to some podcasts that were discussing the power of Coaching. I wasn't completely convinced about it.

I had never actually used a coach in the past. So what was a coach going to deal with? Help me with regards to my specific situation.

That was something I wasn't completely sure about. After all, isn't there a lot of life coaches? Where you really make no progress, they just ask you how you feel.

You don't seem to be really moving any closer. Rather, you're just spending money. And you don't have anything to show for it.

The stakes here would be if I allowed my motivation to get all the way down to zero. My self-publishing would stop at that point. And then I would have to look for something else.

How do I know my motivation there would not end up in the same situation? The thing is I started to doubt whether or not this whole coaching thing could work for me. My business is in terms of turning around the tide of my motivation problem. 

One-On-One Discovery Session

You see, trying to get the motivation back up. One major obstacle that I was facing was that I looked at my specific problems. I thought these problems are unique.

Again, one of the false ideas I had was that motivation is something that just happens. You see, it's not something you can generate or cultivate. It was just something that comes along.

That was a huge problem that caused me to consider whether this was actually a possibility. Therefore what I ended up doing instead was I thought maybe I will look into this coaching thing a little bit.

Does that make sense? I thought this is very expensive to go about if you're doing a business coach. Listening to a few more podcasts and hearing the theme over and over. That the absolute top business leaders have multiple coaches like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Previously, they would have coaches that would help them with their eating, exercise, and mindset. All sorts of coaches that they would be hiring. By bringing these experts in, we're not talking about your friends and family.

We're talking about people who actually have experience with this. The one who can sit with you one-on-one and go through your exact issues. To help you make progress and move forward.

That you can make progress and the motivation goes up. Then, you start seeing the results. One of the things that I completely discounted was the idea of dealing with accountability.

It was through reading a couple of books on the subject of coaching. I suddenly realized and the light hit me. Coaching, accountability, and helping you align your goals play a major role in building motivation.

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Your long-term success to such an extent that we can almost get a 10 times increase. In the results that we're getting by simply going through coaching or group coaching. To look at our situation and improve it.

That was one of the reasons that I started offering free one-on-one Discovery Sessions. Which I go through every week. Multiple clients who will come through and book sessions where we're able to sit down and map out exactly where you're coming from.

You can check out and book a session right away at a time that works for you. We do just a zoom call and we go through exactly where your book is at. How far you've come regardless of where you are in the phase of self-publishing.

If your book isn't selling, what marketing we can use to change and turn the tide. Booking a single session for free is a very powerful way to show yourself that yes you're really dedicated. You need and want that motivation that's necessary.

This is the key issue, aligning what you're doing with the best practices for your book. We're going to be able to increase the sales. We're getting and taking away the fog that many of the fake gurus put in there.

Where they tell you this is complicated, you need to hire us to do it. A lot of these hybrid self-publishing companies, I would say that maybe 50% of all of my discovery sessions discuss even that.

An Accountability Coach

You feel completely demotivated because you went with this company. That would say they would do everything and help you realize your dreams. But in reality, all they did was charge you an awful lot of money.

You aren't seeing the sales. You don't even get access to your dashboard. You feel that frustration kicking in. That's the reason why you're going to want to check out my free discovery session.

You can even get one month free on the group coaching. If you would like to go that route instead. Whatever works best for you.

But the thing is, for me, I finally pulled the trigger on this one. I decided I wanted to start slowly, kind of like you do with a free discovery session. But in this case, I hired an accountability coach.

Somebody who maybe doesn't even know anything about my business. They may not even know much about business. But daily, they're checking in to make sure that I'm dedicating the number of hours that I've decided that day.

Or the number of words you say. So you check in daily. You go back and forth with this person regarding the progress that you're making.

I use this same sort of thing with other coaching clients as well. That's why when a person books coaching with me, we also then use Volley. We go back and forth to make sure that we're able to hold things on track.

What does that do? The answer is it builds motivation. I reached a point where I hired somebody to hold me accountable for working 5 minutes a day. It was unbelievable.

That’s how to get motivated as a self-publisher. What happened was suddenly I found myself working 30 minutes. Or an hour a day inside of my self-publishing business.

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The problem before was that I had lost focus on this. After a while, things started to pick up. At that point, I moved over to a one-on-one business coach.

To help me ensure that I was using my time and money. On the most effective ways of getting the biggest results. The result for me was a lot more sales.

A lot more traffic that was coming in. Also not feeling of the thousands of things you can do. As a self-publisher, I'm not exaggerating.

There are thousands of things you can do that will impact the sales of your books. But you should not be doing all a thousand. That's the reason why at Self-Publishing Made Easy Now, we keep things easy.

Not because the whole thing is easy. But because we're looking at one step at a time. Many of you focus on so many things. We need to hold that focus.

That was where coaching comes in and plays a very powerful role. So that's why I'm asking you that if you're struggling with your thing, if you feel your motivation going down, then we may be a good match.

Even if not, just do a discovery session. We'll take a look at your situation and we'll go from there. Just check that out for the details.

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