Chris A. Baird | February 16, 2022
Promote Your Book With Video

You might be wondering what are the most effective ways you could do to increase your book sales. Let me tell you how to promote your book with video as well as some other tips to make self-publishing easy for you.

 Today's topic has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it is a secret as to the best way to get over your fear of getting yourself on video.

The subject we're discussing today is Promote Your Book With Video. By the end of this Blog, you're going to know exactly why video is such an important thing that you can use for marketing your books.

You're going to have the steps necessary to get started with marketing your book using video. You're going to feel great knowing that you're building a personal brand that's going to pay off big time. As you continue to build video after video promoting your books.

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From my own story, when I first got started, I was very concerned about being on video. The problem is that everyone in marketing and within books as well pushes the issue of just how important videos can be. Connect with your readers when it comes to putting your books into the market.

Now so many authors think the idea is that you did your part, you wrote the book, now somebody else put it out there and it will just sell millions of copies. The problem with this mindset is the fact that people need to know, like, and trust you.

If they're going to perhaps read your book to even give you a chance. And the way that we can do this is by writing a blog or maybe a podcast. But video is by far the absolute most effective way of connecting with your readers at a personal level.

So when they're reading the book, they'll feel they know who you are as the author. It builds a trust factor in there but then continues you onwards and say "Yes, I really would like to read more of this person's books. Because not only that I like their books but I connect with them as a person so I definitely will give them a chance."

The second thing for me personally was that I heard the powerful strategy of using videos when it comes to marketing your books. But there was one little problem, I felt that putting my face on camera was not something I wanted to do. There are a lot of other things and people who know might show up and make contact with you and say negative things.

There are lots of reasons not to put a video of yourself out there to build your personal brand around your face but rather around a name instead. That was exactly what I did originally which was just doing audio. I would say that if the video aspect of it is a challenge for you, then do it with just a voice.

There's no problem with that. The other thing that's nice about this aspect of using this for marketing is that you're simply talking about your books. You're talking about the characters, about yourself, and your journey as an author.

You're talking about what the readers are going to experience when they're reading your book. Is it going to be exciting? Is it going to pull you into a different world? Think of it like a trailer you can do for your book.

This is also popular and it doesn't even require you to put your face into the book. You can hire a narrator and come up with a general script of what they're going to say. As you bring the person into the world that you've created in your book or if it's how you can show them some of the things in the real world.

Best Way To Connect With Your Audience

 Let's say it's a Cooking Book or Puppy Training, bring your puppy into the video and you can build your personal brand around this. So it's not just the book, it's building this multimedia experience around.

What exactly it is that you're offering, you can do it without even using your face. There is a good reason to use your face. Well for me, I started seeing my traffic jump. The number of people who are clicking and checking out my books.

The number of people who are buying my books through the website as a result of the video started to go up. I was completely blown away and surprised that it was already that effective. But I heard that if you have your face in the video, it amplifies it.

It makes it even that much more real. And this is something that you have to get adjusted to and we're going to hit that on our secret point of the day. But the fact is if your face is in there, there's something about a face that you connect to.

Regardless of the face and the voice, there's a connection point that doesn't happen. The thing was that I started my journey and I realized there's no better way to connect with your audience. And that's one of the reasons I started using my face in the videos as well and building a brand around that.

This can work as it worked for me in selling my books and continuing to sell them. It will work for you, I would just say as I've mentioned before to only use your face and an association with one of your book niches and the genre that you're in.

If you're having multiple books and different ones, then you should not connect yourself to all of those different things. Better to go with a pen name for those other genres and hold yourself nice, clean, and pure to just that one niche that you're most excited about.

A niche that you're going to be able to stick with for 10 years. I know that sounds like a long time. It's going to take 3-5 years to build up traction and 10 years is where things explode.

But I've never known anybody who's been in a market continually improving with a coach, moving through the process and stuck with it for 10 years and didn't succeed. It just doesn't happen. So this is another reason you're going to want to stick with your face.

Associated with a brand of your books that is within one niche. If you want to write different books or hire ghostwriters to write other books, then simply use pen names to get around this problem. We just don't want to water down our brand with something else.

That's one of the reasons with Self-Publishing Made Easy Now, I specifically only focus on self-publishing. Even though I have an interest in Survival, History, Philosophy, and Politics. There are all sorts of things and I have books on many of these subjects.

I just don't associate them with myself as the centerpiece of it. We simply divide those that are associated with pen names. Then we're able to focus on our core single topic, one niche/one genre that we're focused on and that's something that you can make a mistake with.

But this is something you don't want to do. Make sure what you're writing about is something you're excited about. Of course, you are probably already excited. Otherwise, you wouldn't have already done it.

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So, promote your book with video. The first thing is that video is the best way to connect with your audience. You can do it both as an author talking about your experiences of writing the book to the world.

You can also do it with illustrations, a promo, or a trailer for your book. This is also an effective way of getting people into the world of your book. Or if you're doing non-fiction, you can show them exactly what you're going to be teaching in the book itself.

The Power Of Video

 You might even have links to other videos of yours inside the book. It's such a powerful tool that you're going to want to consider. The second thing is your readers just want to feel you are a real person.

So when people are going through your book and seeing exactly what it is you're promoting with the book and such, they're going to be able to see your videos. They'll see your face and hear your voice. So when they're reading your book, it's like taking it to another level.

I've also found a lot of my viewers who take me up on my free discovery coaching session, the one-on-one session you're able to jump right into your books. We take away completely the risks associated with "what if I do a Coaching session? I don't get anything out of it".

We're able to go right on into it and you can just have the value right off the bat. We're going to get results for your books. We're going to get you going in the correct direction and you go from there.

Video is very powerful because the step from this point is that I can speak with you one-on-one. You can do this with your readers as well. They view you as a person who goes back and forth, you can ask me anything.

Live sessions and all sorts of options like Zoom or Skype to talk with your actual readers. So many big authors don't even bother to connect with their readers unless it's an in-person signing. But why not take answers and questions from them?

Why not do sessions where we can go back and forth? It's so much more exciting. I can tell you the brands that I regularly associate with involving people who will answer my questions. As opposed to trying to contact them but they don't do it.

Many of the fake gurus even within the self-publishing niche itself don't answer questions. They don't have experience. They haven't put out the 200 plus books that I have put out.

They haven't run 120 million ads on Amazon. They don't have the experience and the excitement about it. And that's something that I think is very important, it's putting your face behind your brand and going from there.

That brings us to our third and our secret point of the day. It's that you will get over how you look and sound once you get started. If you hate how you look, first of all, nobody cares.

Let's say if I had three eyes or a third ear, for example, you'd come and immediately connect with it. You begin to say "Wow" and that's self-published within three years for example. So it doesn't even matter, people connect with you no matter who you are.

Sometimes, it's because of who you are, the aspects that make us unique. In terms of people want to read your books because no matter which type of writing you're doing, as long as it's of a certain quality standard, there are readers out there who will be very excited to read what you have to offer to the world.

That's a key aspect and the same goes with the videos you produce. There are people out there who will connect with you no matter who you are. I wish I started 10 years ago with creating videos regularly every 3 days.

I started initially every day and we move now to every third day. But I wish I had started earlier and moved forward in this process and you should get started today. Don't worry about how you look or sound, just start creating videos and see what they can do.

When it comes to selling more of your books in terms of promoting them. So, do you also promote your book with video? Or have you created a video to market your book? If you have, write "Yes" below in the comments.

If you've never done it, write "No" below in the comments. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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