Chris A. Baird | December 13, 2021
3 Things Self Publishers Should Do

In marketing your self-publish books you need to consider some steps for you to get selling. Check this out, let me tell you about these 3 Things Self Publishers Should Do.

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around. Because the third point is a secret as to the absolute top thing self-publishers should start doing right away. Let's get into it.

The topic we're discussing today is three things self-publishers should do. You're going to know exactly what the top things that self-publishers should do. And why you're going to have the steps necessary to implement those so that you're able to get started right away.

You're going to feel great knowing that you're on the right track with your self-published books. Let's get into it, grab a copy of my free Self-Publishing Checklist. To make sure that you are not skipping any of the important steps when it comes to getting your books self-published and also selling.

From my own story when I first got started I came out with my very first books but I had a huge problem. The problem is, I was hitting so many different topics, I was hitting a topic here a topic on goal achievement, habits, and sleep.

Several other topics that I found interesting things for which I did some research and I put it all together into a very easy-to-read book. But the problem was it was all over the place I was hitting just too many topics. I tried sending emails out to the email list that I was building.

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At least, I followed that guy issue which is that strategy which you all should be doing which is setting up email lists. You can gather in and contact your audiences but the problem is my audiences were spread out. They were hitting way too many different topics so many different books.

Trying to build an email list well what email would you send if one person is interested in puppy training? You're sending them an email on yoga or something and then the next person is interested in maybe a harry potter type of fantasy novel.

The next person is interested in a comic strip when you send an email out to this, who's your audience? Is everyone your audience? If so you're going to lose these people as you're sending emails to them? Because it makes no sense same will be true even for a YouTube channel.

That's the reason why we stick to one theme all day every day which is self-publishing. And how to make it easier so moving right along the thing is that I was able to take these books. I continue to make sales on the books that I came out with five or six years ago easily.

The key is running ads against them and then also people find them they're based on high power keywords. Then we're running ads against them and that results in the sales that are necessary to keep my business going. The strategy still works.

But I'm not building an audience in terms of each time I get a new reader and somebody who likes the book. Maybe they leave a positive review or maybe not but I don't really. I may even get them on the email list but what are you going to email them if you've got so many different topics?

Start Building An Audience

The thing is I regret not considering deeply one topic that I could write many books on and build an audience. You might be thinking I already have a reputation and I'd say when somebody says your name what do they think about it? What is that one thing that people bring?

People are like "oh yeah you're the guy who does survivalism or you're the person who does interior decorating" but this is a big central aspect of this. It's this idea that you have one thing and we're trying to associate you with that one thing for me.

It might be making self-publishing easier you see whereas for you it would be something different. But if you plan to write books on all sorts of different subjects. You're going to have a problem when it comes to building an audience.

This is a little bit of a violation of one of the key strategies that we're going to be discussing today. The three things self-publishers should do number one is you need to start building your audience right away. You do not want to wait for half a year or whatever.

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Maybe until you've got your 10th book out onto the market now we can start building the audience. We want to start building the audience from day one so this is a huge mistake. Many self-published authors make and I'm trying to help you prevent you from making this mistake.

Start building the audience and we're talking about building an audience using for example email marketing which is the most powerful. You're going to want to get these people on your email list so when you're coming out with a new book. You can inform these people and they will be eager to go out and purchase your book.

If they like your original book do you see but if your new book is on a different topic well then they're going to unsubscribe. When you're advertising or telling them about your latest book.

When they're like, "Well, I like your horror book but now you're coming out with the children's book." "I don't know why you're emailing me on this. I'm gonna mark this as spam or I'm going to just simply unsubscribe from your email list."

These are a couple of the things that are necessary to do when it comes to your marketing process here, you should start doing that immediately. Number two, you should be running ads and generating traffic. We're going to want to continually be pushing ads against as I commented.

Even if you don't have an audience we can still push the ads and we can generate natural traffic. If we're doing SEO that is Search Engine Optimization so you're going to come out with articles. You're going to come out with reports were on your blogs and website where people can come there.

And they can look exactly at what you have been writing. The type of writing you have on different topics and the thing is you can maybe short stories. Something along these lines or parts of your existing stories.

Stick On Your Audiences

Then, when they search on google it comes up you see that you're using some of the keywords like similar books. Might even use some of those names inside of your thing. If somebody looks up JK Rowling they might find your fantasy books and your young adult fantasy books.

They would show up in the search results and you're paying absolutely nothing for those books as well. This is another thing that you're going to want to not ignore as we're doing as a self-publisher. But the third point is by far the most important and is our secret answer of the day.

It is you should stick in there as your audience grows the thing is that so many authors assume that if you build it if you write it they will come right. But if the idea was, you built a baseball stadium then these ghosts from these famous baseball players would come and visit afterward.

Does that make sense? so the idea is if you just build it they will come. If you write it they will not come, you will give yourself the opportunity that your readers will come. And if we write a second book that's a fantastic way to help push our first book sales.

Our third book will even amplify this, we just keep adding books onto every copy of our sequence here. We're going to slowly be building out our email list, slowly building organic traffic. We're pulling these people in, we're informing them and we're getting reviews from these readers.

But we need to stay in the game long enough to win. There are so many people if I based upon my own experiences. We're talking 95% of the people who jump in the game, give up and quit before they're able to see the money start coming in from the sales of their books.

As their audience size grows and this is something that is overlooked your expectations are way too high upon what you think. What you can accomplish in the next several months and way too low upon what you can accomplish. Give yourself five to ten years and see what you can do.

That's the reason I said it's a long game to win. For you to win, you're going to have to stick in the game so if you give up you might be doing everything correctly. But if you give up too early you're never going to give yourself that chance that you deserve.

To make it with your writing and as well as you're giving up on your readers. All of these potential readers would love to read your books but they can't read them. Because you've never put them on the market and you didn't market it properly.

To give them even an opportunity to know your books were even out there. This is a tough point that so many authors simply do not understand. It is that your books, when you first come out with a book they don't know who you are.

You need to work with that and slowly build up your audience. But my question for you today is what should you start doing? Let me know below in the comments so I know exactly what the most important thing is.

Because that will help me produce better videos geared towards some of the strategies you're sharing. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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