Chris A. Baird | July 6, 2021
Self Publishing Can Be Easy If You Do This

If you are just starting with self-publishing, then you might be wondering how to go about doing your books in a simple way. Check this out and I will tell you how self-publishing can be easy if you do this particular set of tricks now.

I Attempted Variety Of Tactics

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it is a secret as to the one thing that you should be doing if you want to keep self-publishing easy and winning at it.

The topic of today's article is, self-publishing can be easy if you do this. You're a new self-publisher or you've been self-publishing for a while. One thing that I hear often from writers is that when you first get into self-publishing, it is extremely difficult.

You began to see all of the things you're going to need to do to get your book successfully on the market and selling. Wherever you go, everyone's coming with hundreds and thousands of pieces of advice. And things you're not doing that you should be doing.

The problem is you don't know how to do any of these things and the learning curve for each of these is so big. That you're wondering where exactly should you start to overcome this exact burden? That is what we're going to discuss today.

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When I first got started, I started by reading a Kindle book on how to write Kindle books. It seems pretty straight forward the book promised that this was going to be very easy to put the book onto the market. But that was not what I found, I quickly became very frustrated with the total number of options.

Both in the tools and things I could be doing for both producing my book and marketing it. This particular one was like you're going to need an email list. You need a website and you need half of the book to be exactly formatted.

The cover needs to be like that and you need to be running ads. So many confusing things that I didn't know exactly where to start all of this and it left me very frustrated. I attempted to do a hundred of the different tactics that were available that were mentioned in this particular book.

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A lot of the podcasts and other books I was reading at that time. All of this resulted in me burning out. Now tell me, is that something that you have experienced?

Have you hit that burnout point where you see so many things that need to be done and you begin to wonder "Am I ever going to get my book which we know the readers are going to want to read if they can get the whole of it onto the market?". So that they can purchase your book and get the enjoyment out of it.

I slowed things down and I discovered the easy way to do self-publishing as supposed to do it the very difficult way. Since then, I have been much more productive. I have experienced that same burnt-out sensation even with 200 plus books that I've put on the market since that point.

So, self-publishing can be easy if you do this. The first point is to break everything down one step at a time. Quit wasting time focusing on future steps, this is the one tip that in some ways maybe is the most important.

I haven't hit the secret tip of the day but this particular one is so powerful. It is the fact that why are people asking me about how to do marketing for their books? And how to run ads on books that are not even on the market yet?

Can you see the problem here? Don't learn stuff, this is known as Just In Case Learning. I'm going to learn all of these kinds of stuff just in case I need to lay it down the line. As opposed to Just In Time Learning which is learning the skills necessary to do the step you're on, not the step in the future.

Keeping It Simple

My first thing is to get your Kindle book onto the market. We're going to need the manuscript edited or going to need a description. You'll be going to need a cover, we're going to be working out one of those at a time until it's complete then move to the next task.

Once your Kindle book is on the market and everything looks fine, then move on to the paperback version. Then to your audiobook, expand the distribution and run ads. As you can see, there are some things that we do but we do not do them all at once.

Because the fact is, that is the difficult way to do self-publishing. The easy way is looking at one step at a time, breaking it down, and keeping it super simple and easy. That is exactly what I suggest on my first tip.

Tip number two quit trying out thousands of new tools. If you want to see a set of tools that works great for me, you can find my affiliate links below in the description of all of my Youtube videos. Those are the tools that I use, services that I use to get my book on the market and sell.

Maybe you have other tools that you found that work even better and that's great or somebody else you've run across. But so many of the fake gurus of self-publishing, want to tell you thousands of tools they're using and that you need to try this, you need to try that.

They just keep on going which ultimately stops you from producing books. Because you're so busy taking courses, going to these tools, and video tutorials. Only to discover that no, this tool wasn't good.

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Now they are selling you something else, they are pushing another tool. That's one of the reasons like my favorite tool is Jutoh. I don't tell you 50 pieces of software for your books together, this is the one I used.

This is the one I recommend, I've been recommending it for a very long time. So this is something you should consider when getting started with self-publishing. But if you have some of these fake gurus telling you that you need to buy 20 tools to do it, that's a complete lie.

You should learn one tool or a good one like Jutoh. Then you can move forward with that when you're putting out your next book and the book after that because it just works. You find a tool that works and you stick with it.

If you like some other tool like Scrivener which I did in particular and get much out when I tried it. Or you like to use Word which you shouldn't use because the formatting is going to be completely off. But whatever works for you, as long as you're getting your book onto the market.

Do not get stuck on the formatting phase, I just got tired of Amazon rejecting the books that I was sending them. So I move toward Jutoh and they don't reject my books. Maybe you found something that works even better for you.

If so, then go for it but do not try lots of tools to accomplish things. Don't let the fake gurus get you on this, trying to chase every new tool that's beating the market. That is a terrible idea and it will ultimately cause a lot of money and time.

Don't Do It Alone

The third and the secret tip of the day is that don't do it alone. You should not try to do it if you can afford to hire a coach. I do Coaching and my coaching students get a lot out of that.

I both hold them accountable and take them through these easy steps as we go step by step. We just talked through the process and it makes it super simple to get your book onto the market. If I don't resonate with you, then find somebody else who you do resonate with, who's able to take you through it.

Just make sure it's somebody who's telling you we're going to do it the easy way. Because there's a lot of people out there who just burn you down in so many things you need to do. That you ever get your book on the market and that is what I care more about.

You're getting the book on the market, whether you do everything perfectly or whether you use 10 years to do it. I want you to get onto the market as quickly as possible. As long as the quality is good, we define good as a book that's going to get you four and five-star reviews.

If it's going three or two-star reviews, we have a problem with the quality of the book, this isn't okay. Otherwise, if you're getting four to five-star reviews on your book, then this is something that's going to be good. You're also going to listen to your readers, they are going to tell you if there's an issue.

Both on the grammatical side and maybe on the formatting. If it's hard to read, to understand, or something that's going on to the structure of the book. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, you're missing something and then you're going to get that into a pack.

Then you're going to fix it on your book and fix it also on your future books. The most important thing is that you're going to need this accountability and somebody to help motivate you and keep you moving forward. If you're interested, I offer that service.

If you find somebody else who can do it for you, I would not recommend using friends and family. But if you find somebody else to do it for you, then go for that. I don't even care if you hire me, I just want to see you get your books onto the market that's the key issue here on this particular point.

This is probably the most powerful point. Because if you have somebody easy to work with who you resonate with, who understands and gets what you're trying to accomplish, this whole process both steps one and two become simple. Because this person will take you through these steps.

There are lots of people who are telling other people these fake gurus how to do it. But they have never actually done it, getting their books onto the market. For me, after 200 books, it's just make as easy.

The whole thing is so unbelievably simple and easy that it's almost painful to hear how difficult people have it. Because I'm able to break it down and tell you how to do it easily. Find somebody who can help you do it, whether me or somebody else it doesn't matter.

Just do not try to do it alone because you will fail like most writers do when it comes to getting their book onto the market. My question for you today is, what have you found to make self-publishing easier? Is there some trick, tip, or tool that you have found?

If you have, it would help my other readers better understand that. I would appreciate it if you write it down below in the comments. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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