Chris A. Baird | July 2, 2021
You Deserve To Be Read

You have now finished writing your book but then you are having second thoughts on putting it out on the market. You deserve to be read! Find out why you should be publishing your book now.

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it is a secret as to exactly the number one reason why you deserve to be read! So you're going to want to stick around for that.

You just have finished writing your book or you're considering writing a book. You're not completely sure whether or not the world wants to read your book or deserves to read your book. It makes a bit confusing for you because you're thinking at one level you have a story.

Or you have some ideas and expertise in a particular area or multiple areas. But when it comes down to it, you're not sure exactly if you should even bother to write the book. Maybe you've even written the book and now at this point in the game, you're thinking "do I put it on the market?".

"Won't it be embarrassing?". "Haven't the ideas already been put out there?". So you're having this Imposter Syndrome. You're feeling like, "well people are going to think I'm like this, but in reality, maybe I don't know so much about this exact topic that the book is on".

And so who wants to even hear your story? This is a lot of the ideas that are going through the minds of many authors when you're getting ready to put a book onto the market. Or consider writing a book in the first place and that is what we're going to discuss in today's article.

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When I first got started self-publishing, I realized that my ideas were adjustments on piles of books that I had read. The thing is that I've read an awful lot of books on "goal achievement" and on "habit formation". Keeping the right habits and breaking bad habits in terms of efficiency and productivity.

When I started implementing these ideas in my own life, I came up with variants and ways of doing it. But then the idea would be, is it worth telling anybody else? Because after all, aren't these ideas already out in the world at this point?

So I'm just rehashing and putting it together and synthesizing old information in new ways. Well, the answer is although the ideas weren't told exactly like I'm doing it, indeed, those ideas are out there. But the way that I was putting them out there, is unique.

It reaches people in a way that other people giving the exact same ideas or even the same story haven't done it in that way. Because it is my voice and my voice reaches some people and it turns off other people. And that's the same truth when it comes to your voice as well.

So I started to get a little of the Imposter Syndrome but began to realize and internalize what I had read in many of these books. Telling you that you have amazing ideas that the world wants to hear. You have stories that the world wants to hear so we shouldn't be depriving them of that.

Be Motivated

The third thing in here is that readers who may have attended courses or even the top teachers just don't connect with them. There's a chemistry that occurs whenever we listen or read any other person. Sometimes when I read something I'm just like "this is so boring".

Then somebody else says the exact same things. And it is the most exciting thing in the universe. One of the reasons why this is also really important when it comes to self-publishing. Because it helps to motivate you and that's one of the reasons you're perhaps reading this article right now.

I'm trying to be as motivational as possible to make it clear to you that self-publishing can be easy. Now some so many people try to make it so complicated that authors who go through their programs and listen to them speak, it's confusing. They just get confused immediately.

One of my goals here is to keep it as simple as possible. For the 316 articles/videos, this is number 316 that I've produced specifically to help you overcome the barrier of feeling that it is difficult to self-publish because it isn't. It's easy it will take effort and work but it can be done easily.

And this article here is to motivate you to realize that you deserve to be read! Which is something that many authors haven't internalized. They don't honestly believe that their book is something that people out there in the world deserve to read.

They think of it "well I'll just put another book out or I'll put a book on the market". But they don't realize that there's more than just putting the book onto the market. The thing is that after I put my books onto the market, I started finding readers.

I started getting emails from them telling me how helpful these books were at achieving their goals or building habits or getting better sleep. Or whatever the case would be or even self-publishing. As a result, I started to understand that I was changing people's lives.

Just the same as you would change people's lives with your books, whether it's fiction and you have your stories you want to get out. Or whether it is non-fiction and you have some method or technology, maybe with puppy training or maybe how to do lawn care. Or maybe it's dealing with all sorts of alternative medicine.

Or whatever else it might be that you wish to get out into the world to help people better live their lives. That's something that you deserve to get out to them. They deserve to get that exact content.

You deserve to be read! That is exactly what we're discussing here. The first point is that you are an expert and creative, you have that expertise. The world deserves to hear from you as an expert on just being you.

The perspectives that you have, these ideas are very very powerful and there's something that the world itself deserves to get to know and to understand. It makes their lives much more fulfilled and maybe you help alleviate suffering in the world.

Connect With Your Readers

If you're into fiction, your creative side coming out in that fiction. The stories that you have also can make a huge difference in many people's lives when it comes to getting stories into their minds. Taking the tediousness of their lives and giving them something to escape to.

Something that's bigger and better ideas that they've never considered. These are all things that are in your head. You see, the goal is to take the ideas and they even can look and see in the brain, the neural synapses in the brain. And they can see the patterns in the brain when you tell a story.

The other person's patterns start to match it. So your stories are getting into the minds of your readers and changing them as people. This is something that you really ought to be doing.

The other thing is your stories and knowledge is something that people want to read. There are piles of people who want to read your thoughts. Even if you can't express them perfectly and you have a grammar mistake here or there like I just had in the previous point.

It's something that they deserve to read, so why would you deprive them of that ability to read it? They're out there, those readers are out there no matter who you are and what ideas you have. Whatever stories you have, some people will be excited to read those stories and learn from you.

And now the secret point of the day is that it's almost unethical to sit on these ideas of yours and these stories. You owe it to yourself and your future readers. To make it not only by getting them onto the market but make it easy for them to find your books and to consume your books.

That's one of the reasons I've created a Course in terms of Book Formatting. Make sure your book is formatted properly so that you're able to get it out there. Or my Content Marketing Course to make sure that your readers are going to be able to find you, connecting with you.

As a reader, I buy your book. As a result, I buy your other books. I tell my friends and family and share it on social media and I give you positive reviews.

In exchange, you begin to get paid for that, your royalties start going up. You're encouraged to write more books because you see, you are in fact an author. No matter what anybody tells you, that is in fact what you are if you put a book out onto the market.

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So you really need to remember that you deserve to be read! Your audience deserves to be reading your material. So my question for you today is do you think your books deserve to be read?

If you feel they don't deserve to be read, then write "No" below in the comments. And if you do believe they deserve to be read, write "Yes" below in the comments.

Because that will help me understand just how big of a problem this is. And check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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