Chris A. Baird | April 12, 2018
Self-Publishing’s 4 Top Secrets For 2018

You're wondering about the self-publishing's 4 top secrets for 2018? While many people claim that the time for self-publishing is over, they couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is that things are just picking up. More and more people own digital devices that not only allow them to read kindle books, but also they can download audiobooks.

Though, just because self-publishing is alive and well in 2018, doesn't mean you are going to make any money at it. In fact, without knowing the right strategies, you will find yourself among the ranks for the 95% of self-publishers not making any money at all. To get help find out this self-publishing's 4 top secrets for 2018.

Secret #1 - Audiobooks

I am amazed every day to see just how few audiobooks produced there are. I read 2-3 books a week and am always looking for the latest business books to read. Many times I am disappointed to find that the books aren't available. The fact is that there are very few audiobooks produced compared to the number of paper or kindle books available.

Self-publishing's 4 top secrets for 2018, the secret here is that audiobooks are insanely easy to produce. You don't have to even invest money if you don't want to with profit spitting. Though, I would never ever split profits. It is always best to own the book fully yourself.

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Of all self-publishing income sources, audiobooks are the most passive of all and you can even earn $50-$75 bounties by referring people.

Secret #2 - Pricing

Choosing the wrong prices will cost you. There is no way around this. I see some of the most amazing books being sold at the wrong prices on a regular basis.

The second of the 4 top secrets here is that you are probably selling your ebooks for too low of a price. The key to winning at self-publishing income is all about getting the highest profit margins possible. If you set a price that is too low on all of your books, you are going to lose.

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Another secret here is that your prices should be changed. If your books aren't selling at all there may be a need to adjust your prices. In addition, if you books are selling in mass, you also should adjust your price.

The correct prices is something I won't discuss here since my customers pay for this knowledge.

Secret #3 - Keywords

Unless you are famous and people already know and love you, they are going to find you through your keywords. In fact, it is the single most important thing to consider when writing a book.

The third among the 4 top secrets is that your ebook should use keywords that are hot and selling books already and then make sure they are in niches that have few books for sale.

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Most people just ignore this and go on their marry way publishing ebooks with crazy titles no one is looking for. Then, there is a huge surprise when no-one is buying.

Secret #4 - Easier With Time

The final secret among the 4 top secrets is true for just about everything. As you practice the different skills involved in self-publishing it all gets much easier. I remember struggling in the beginning with each and every skill. I saw that there are 1000s of ways to do any given task and then can tempt you to give up.

However, by taking the right courses or coaching/mentoring you can speed up this process and it quickly becomes second nature when producing new books. So, those were Self-Publishing's 4 Top Secrets for 2018.

I have recently been reading "Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum" which points out that just staying in the ring and trying over and over again is the key to "getting lucky." That is something I need reminding of perhaps you do to.

~ Chris Baird

P.S. See what happens when you try these secrets and let me know! 

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