Chris A. Baird | March 6, 2020
Why Do Some Self-Published Writers Say That Book Marketing Is Dead?

Today's question is, why do some self-published writers say that book marketing is dead? What am I missing here? So the problem is for people who are self-publishing for a while, they have noticed one thing. It's that things change and continually change almost every six months to a year.

Today's question is, why do some self-published writers say that book marketing is dead? What am I missing here? So the problem is for people who are self-publishing for a while, they have noticed one thing. It's that things change and continually change almost every six months to a year.

What used to work is no longer working today, maybe it is why some writers say that book marketing is dead and this can be very frustrating. When you are trying to sell your books and you see you have tried a technique or several techniques. These techniques did work in the past and suddenly they stopped working well.

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Let's get right onto the history of marketing, specifically in self-publishing when I first started. The main strategy was you would set the books on Amazon to go free for five days. Then, during that period you would have people who would just download your book, read the book, and leave reviews.

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That would help build upstream and you would get credit for those downloads of your free book. Amazon would then push it up the rankings. As a result, when it went off the free campaign, you would see a jump in your sales. So, every 90 days you could put it on a free campaign that works for a while.

After that, quit working so people would not be getting enough downloads. Their services will emerge and that would give you the ability to send the books out to a large group of people. There would be email lists and would go out to them. You could pay to even get it on those services.

Then, you would book time like Book Above and other services. You would then send out the emails. You would get a lot of downloads that way, and would also boost it.

Quality Of Books Really Matter

Amazon changed the rules on that as well that created a bit of a challenge. They quit giving you credit for all those free downloads that didn't count when it came to the paid. So, they would not move it up the page.

When somebody searched for your type of book, it would not really help it in the rankings and that was a major challenge step. Then people would move on to doing $1.00 book campaigns. Another, which still can sort of work that one can a little bit but the other big one would be moving onto ads.

Initially, it was super cheap just to get your ads and sell your books through your ads. Then, eventually, the price per bid went up on ads. Recently, they also did even a year ago had another change that made it difficult. The products would be able to sell again against your books.

People would be marketing their products for and that would also create some challenges. So a lot of the history of book marketing has been a problem maybe it is one of the reasons why some writers say that it's dead. Same with Facebook, some people found that to be profitable. That also did not work out very well since the price of bids on Facebook is $1 to $3 per book.

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The profit margin on the books was low that it went up and say, even if the books sold and it's not a different platform. I also tried this. I never had much success with that but some people did and sold courses and such. But that became completely unreasonable as well.

So let's get into the solutions to the question, how exactly do we deal with this situation? The answer is sort of along the lines of what it's always been. But this time, you have really got to do a better job.

What is the better quality of books? The covers need to be good. The keywords that you are using in your books need to be things that people are searching for. And that there aren't many keywords already out for those specific books.

You are also going to want to make sure that your descriptions are looking great. The quality of the books themselves needs to be higher so that you will get positive reviews. It will also drive additional sales for your books.

Ads And Email Lists

The next one is the ads. You can no longer just throw your book out there and hope the best. They are going to need to run a lot of ads. You are going to test out the ads. Also, you need to use tools that will help you find the best keywords to run against those ads.  

Through trial and error, you can find keywords. These keywords will give you the ability to spend little money and yet make that back on the ads. I have a lot with ads and I found them to be very successful.

Even with books that have no reviews as long as the covers are good. People are searching for similar things there. They are going to find the ads and that will drive the traffic and get the sales that you are looking for.

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The final one which is the most powerful of all is email lists in your books even when you're giving away for free. If people subscribe to your emails and then you are going to use those when you come out with new books. In order to both have an advanced team to help you get reviews on your books.

And also just in terms of notifying that when new books come out, that you release on the same thing. Whether you are fiction or nonfiction, this is a very effective way of book marketing.

So these are the three items that I would like to recommend for you to try out if you are having issues with your current marketing. But speaking about that, what marketing are you trying? Have you found other market success with book marketing or failure? Maybe you have tried other methods that I didn't mention that are failing.

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