Chris A. Baird | February 14, 2020
Can You Support Your Family From Self-Publishing Alone?

Can you support your family from self-publishing alone? This was a question that came up from some of my readers and the answer can be a little bit surprising. Well, it depends, there are three main things that you need to keep in mind if you are going to be making a living permanently. Nowadays, many of us are making a full-time living from self-publishing.

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3 Rules To Follow

The first thing is you need to be continually self-publishing the old books that you are coming up with. They are going to have a bit of a problem which is that the earning potential of each one drops over time so that is going to create a bit of a challenge.

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Number two, if you want to keep up a production cycle, you may need to hire other writers now. For a lot of people, this is a little strange, but if you wish to make a living completely off of self-publishing and support your family from it, you are going to need to have enough books out there to carry the load and the way that you're going to do it is specifically by hiring other people that you find on Upwork or other locations to write the content for you.

The third point is that the books need to be targeting actual markets, that is to say, you are not just writing books for yourself, you are writing books for people who are already looking for books on those topics or that style of the book.

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Choose Ideal Topics From Existing Markets

You may find that there are fad pads that come and go but in terms of books that stay permanent where people will continually want to be reading them, you look at markets that have existed for five years and where there are a lot of people already looking for those books.

But there aren't that many books on the market that answer that question or maybe that form of entertainment that you're looking for and this would be true with any type of business. So, these three main points are keys to make a living off of just self-publishing alone and support your family from it.

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