Chris A. Baird | February 19, 2020
Am I allowed to use an alias when using Amazon’s KDP service?

You're wondering, am I allowed to use an alias when using Amazon's KDP service? Check out below I am going to give you the answer to these questions today.

Today's question I received is, am I allowed to use an alias when using Amazon's KDP service? Now, this is a common question that I hear often from people who think I don't really want to use my own name.

But, isn't it fake if I don't use my own name? Also, don't they expect you that you would use your own name? Well, I am going to give you the answer to these questions today.

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Don't Make The Same Mistake That I Did

So the answer to this one is very simple and the simple answer is just yes, it is completely acceptable to use an alias when you're writing a book on Amazon's KDP. In fact, it may be the preferred option and there's a couple of reasons for this. The first one is if you're publishing in multiple niches, you don't want to be known for publishing things.

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I definitely made this mistake when I first started self-publishing, I published on a whole series of sleep or habits or other areas that weren't particularly related and so it waters down to your expertise. So, by using different names for your books that are being published, it establishes expertise. In just those specific names that are associated with the niche so people don't get confused and also you don't water down what your expertise is in.

Protect Your Reputation And Give It A Try

The second point is that you're writing something controversial that you don't want to be connected with. So, I could think of a number of subjects that you would be maybe writing on if certain types of literature or maybe something political or religious or something along those lines that maybe would be so controversial.

You want to get your message out but you don't necessarily do wish to be connected or judged for that exact statement and the final reason it would have come back to the judgement one. It's a question of maybe you haven't published anything, you just want to test to see if self-publishing is for you. One of the barriers is the thought that "no I'm not going to be very good at writing and so I'm just simply going to not bother to publish at all and that's easier solution".

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But if you just use a different name, maybe that would reduce the barrier and then when you feel more comfortable, you can either switch the names, many people who are quite famous use names like Mark Twain for example that are not actually their real names. Check out my Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist. It will help you get started with your self-publishing journey and it's free.

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