Chris A. Baird | May 6, 2020
Is it wise to set a deadline when deciding on publishing a book?

If you are uncertain whether or not to set a deadline when publishing, you need to evaluate yourself more. Manage your time well and find motivation in everything you do.

Push Yourself Forward

Today's question is, is it wise to set a deadline when deciding on publishing a book? First, I just like to say that, that's an excellent question.

Because we all are dealing with the issue of do we work better under deadlines or maybe without the deadlines. What exactly should we do when we're trying to achieve a given goal?

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A little bit about my story. One of the things I found both with self-publishing and project management, in general, is that if I don't have some sort of a deadline or something that's pushing me forward, I won't make progress.

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But at the same time, the deadline itself can create a great deal of stress. And I don't know how long different things are going to take.

So for me, personally, I discovered that I like to dedicate a certain amount of time every day to say how long I am going to use each day to achieve each of the tasks that I'm trying to move further on.

Not A Good Idea

I still need to define where exactly I'm headed. But in terms of just making some progress every day, that is a big aspect of it. And so the answer, in short, is no.

I don't personally think it's a good idea to set a deadline. It is because it could push you to release something before it's fully ready. There are a lot of things and are we in a position to know exactly how long something's going to take?

For me, I'm more interested in, are we building up momentum? Are we making daily project progress towards that exact project?

We do still need to define, first, what exactly we're trying to achieve? So we need to know our end goal. Second, we need to break it down into small chunks.

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The third one is that we need to decide how much time every day we're going to dedicate to this exact thing. The deadline itself.

It is kind of like I say, I'm going to reach Mount Everest's peak by this particular date and time. I can create a great deal of stress whereas I would rather focus on the process itself.

Motivation And Drive

We need to learn to enjoy the process otherwise, we are going to get burnt out. And this whole thing is going to create a problem for us.

This is especially important when you are dealing with self-publishing. Though, it is also important in other areas.

So, what have you found? Do you find that you work better with a deadline or do you find that deadlines just create great stress for you?

The real question is do you have the internal motivation and drive that's going to push you forward to achieve and get that self-published book onto the market?

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Do you find that you keep putting it off and you never really get around to it, so you feel that maybe you do need a deadline? Well, let me know down in the comments below.

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