Chris A. Baird | May 11, 2020
What motivated you to create the type of book you're offering?

It is really important to have the motivation to create the type of book we want. Find out what has motivated me that may also help you on your self-publishing journey.

Today's question that was sent to me was, did you have a motivation to create the type of book you are offering? Well, this is an excellent question and that's because we all have different motivations for writing.

It is important to notice that there can be a whole series of reasons that we write and choosing the right type of book. And getting your 'why' down is a very important thing to make sure you are clear about.

Because if you are going to go the full distance of getting one or more books out, you need to know exactly what it is that is motivating you to do this in the first place.

And making sure that it's a motivation that is going to also have the ability to carry you along. Out into the future as you continue your self-publishing journey. But before I answer the question, check out my free Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist.

Well, for me, there were several things. The first thing is that I just find it exciting trying new things. And self-publishing was something I was getting into reading Kindle books at that time.

I discovered I could get books for free. The library was suddenly starting to have Kindle books. One of the free books that I got for the day was How To Do Self-Publishing.

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And I thought that was sounded kind of interesting. The idea of being able to create a Kindle book in only a couple of weeks. That was a very exciting idea.

So for me, that was the initial starting point. But if we get to the next level, we can see that there were some other things. Because, since that point in time, I have published 170 books altogether.

The thing was that I had different motivations for the different books that I have published over the years. So when I first started, it was as exciting with just finding the idea that you can take some ideas that you have and share them with the world.

Earn While Sleeping

The next thing was that I had a certain in terms of organization and productivity tips. As well as gold achievement ideas and structures that I have come up with over the years. And I thought what a better way to share those with the world and help the world out.

Then by actually just putting them into a book, that would also show me how exactly to create a book. So I had ideas that I wanted to share with the world.

Some people have a story in their minds. Other people will have maybe some ideas or hobbies that they wish to write about. The next reason I suddenly discovered was that, once I got that first book out there, the book was earning money while I was sleeping.

It was selling in the middle of the night to people all over the world. In fact, at any given time right now, there are people with my books and they are reading them or listening to them. They have them in their hands and they are in libraries all over the world.

They are getting the value out of it and at the same time, I'm earning passive income. That is to say that if I do absolutely nothing, these books continue to sell. The royalties continue to come in through multiple channels and I make money.

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So I thought that was just very very fascinating. You know, a lot of people with whether it is the Tim Ferriss in The 4-Hour Workweek or Rich Dad Poor Dad, many books that hit this subject on the passive income front. I found that to be very interesting.

The idea of where you can take each book becomes a little soldier for you. They are out there working, passing your ideas on, providing value for people, and earning your money back at the same time.

So that was exciting. The next reason for me was I thought it would be a wonderful way to jump into entrepreneurship and learn the business.

The same goes for learning a book. There are so many moving parts and so many different aspects to it that make it complicated. But if you can break it down, which is what Self-Publishing Made Easy Now is all about, breaking it down into single steps, you can get through it.

Never Stop Learning

The same goes for business and from an entrepreneurial standpoint. You have lots of things, from the finances to the supply chain, to who your customers are, to who your suppliers are, to who's your payment gateways. There are all of these different aspects.

I thought that would be very exciting to learn all of that with accountants and all sorts of stuff. So, that was another aspect that motivated me as well. Though, originally I had no idea that I would be going down this track.

Also, the other thing you can do is you can get yourself overwhelmed. So that is why you always want to just start with one thing you don't know and you learn it very very closely.

At any given time, I am always taking a course, I am always listening to podcasts, I'm always listening to books, and reading books on the subjects that I'm trying to learn. So the question some people I have heard asked is, when can I stop learning?

The answer is you can never stop learning because the strategies and all of these things continue. The final thing I wanted to say was, what motivated me and the answer is it's a boardgame.

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Because in reality, when you start to look at the results coming in, you see your sales curves. And you're running ads and you're looking at the results on them, it is just a boardgame.

By changing a little bit here, a little bit there, modifying your strategy like a game of chess, you are going to get different results.

This is something that I also partially suspected but I didn't understand just how much it would be like that. So why don't you tell me what you found that works for you with regards to what has motivated you to get self-publishing?

Have you identified the 'why' in exactly? Check out my other blogs and videos to find more answers to questions just like this one.

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