Chris A. Baird | March 21, 2020
How much money can a first-time teenage author expect to make

If you are a teenage author who wants to earn money then you can learn here how much money you can expect. Learn about the right tool that you should use when self-publishing.

Keeping It Simple

Today's question is, how much money or revenue can a first-time teenage author expect to make within three months of self-publishing a book on Amazon KDP? That was a question that had come in yesterday. Well, let's start with the challenge. There are a lot of things that can make it quite difficult.

It's easy to publish. So anybody, even a six-year-old, anybody who can write can publish or draw in fact. But there are some challenges to keep in mind, the necessary tools and the steps involved. Then, the real hard part of the question was to make money online within three months of self-publishing.

That makes it even trickier because that means you are having to make sure that you are writing to an audience. So then the question is, is that actually doable for a teenager?

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Well, let me start with my story. When I first started publishing, it all seems so chaotic. I read a few books and was listening to podcasts and reading things that explained and broke down the steps in a very simple way.

That is the key, keeping it very very simple. So once I got the process down, I realized anyone could publish. I even encouraged my children to write some books of their own for which I used the tools that I had been using. Then, I help them get their books onto KDP.

Some of them have sold a thousand dollars worth of copies of those books, but in many cases is just because of luck. The question is why would some of them sell? But then other books that were published, like picture books that they had published and even plan to publish still had not managed to make very many sales.

That is the key issue. So in other words, can a teenager self-publish? Yes, of course. But can they make money online? That's a different story.

Figure Out The Right Genres

Over the years I have in contact with teenagers who have self-published and sold maybe as much as I have managed to sell. Maybe sometimes even more as a result of just having a little more time available to them. So the answer is yes, of course, it is doable for teenagers to make it.

In fact, some teenagers are doing it. So there is a flow that is necessary to make it as a teenager. If you are going to do it, there are some tools that you are going to need to use.

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I use KDSpy to figure out what genres are going to be most profitable. In addition, once you find those genres (the most profitable ones) and you're publishing, you can then write it yourself. You can also have other people write books for you as a teenager and publish.

Now you may have to have your parents register for tax reasons and stuff. So it may need to be registered under them, depending upon your age and where in the world you live. If you are going to that route, I would highly recommend it.

It is a fantastic introduction to business and this is something that is most definitely doable and there are very low costs necessary to make it happen. So this is if you are considering doing it. I would say definitely do it.

Your Writing Must Be Positive

If you are thinking of just writing a story and putting it out there, that is very difficult to make money online in the first three months. It is because you are going to need to build an audience in that case.

But if you are doing a nonfiction book, maybe even in one of your hobbies. Maybe you like particular music artists or play a game and you want to do it on that, which is also doable.

Assuming again that you are not invading going on top of their rights, their trademark, or their copyright for whatever it is that they are doing. You always want to keep your writing positive. Do not write anything negative so that they will not sue you for saying something about them.

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So there are several things that can get you in trouble. But for the most part, I have not really seen anybody have that at most. They tell people to take books down if they see something that they don't want.

For example, if you write about Minecraft or something along those lines, Microsoft can say tell you to take the book down but they don't go after you so much. At least I haven't seen that. So that is something I would think is worth doing.

Well, why don't you tell me a little bit about what you have found? Are you a teenager? How much money can you expect as a teenage author? Have you considered self-publishing? Or maybe, you have teenagers as your children or friends that are thinking about self-publishing and would like to get started.

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