Chris A. Baird | June 9, 2020
Where Can A Teenager Publish Their Work Online?

There are a lot of platforms that you can find online but it is best if you would do it through the tried and tested one. Find out where can a teenager publish their book especially when it is their first time.

Before I answer today's question, I wanted to let you know there are three answers to the question. The third answer is a secret as to the advantage that teenagers have in self-publishing online.

So let's get started. Today's question that was sent in is, where can a teenager publish their work online. Now, this is an excellent question.

Because when you are first getting started as a teenager, you don't know where exactly. There are lots of options available for teenage publishing. It is the plethora of options that make this whole process very confusing when you're getting started.

Because you could go to KDP Publishing on Amazon, you could go to many of the other services. You could pay people to try to help you with this process. But the choices often are a bit overwhelming.

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So let's get started. When I first started, I was not a teenager but I can say that during my period of learning all of the skills and stuff, I have run across a large number of teenagers.

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Some of these teenagers were selling more books than me. That is a very interesting question which is why exactly would they sell more than me?

But as I was publishing, I started with KDP Publishing on Amazon. And I started moving from there to CreateSpace with paperbacks which is now Amazon Print. Then, moving on to Lulu for hardbacks and Ingram Spark and ACX for audiobooks.

There is a whole series of other options like Smashwords and such during my process. But over that experience, the question is if I were just starting again, would I have gone the same route?

Or would I have gone differently with regards to where I was publishing my books? And if I were a teenager, would that even make a difference?

Amazon Is The Place To Start

Let's get into the answer, shall we? So the first is that yes, Amazon is the place you are going to want to start when you're publishing as a teenager. You can start with KDP Publishing on Amazon and particularly, you're going to do it on Kindle.

The reason being is because this is the easiest way to get your books onto the market as quickly as possible. Every book that we put on the market, we learn from it and that causes us to very clearly be able to improve upon it for the next book.

In addition, we can go backward in time and ensure that those books that we just put onto the Kindle that we can improve them. Whether it's the cover, the description, the layout, the table of contents, and all sorts of things.

But very quickly once we have that first Kindle book, we need to then start the next learning phase. That is getting in at Amazon Print, getting to Lulu for hardbacks, Ingram Spark for other paperback books that can be distributed even wider.

Also, on Amazon as well. The reason for that is that it gets us off of the Amazon platform. Those books will be sold on Amazon just like our Amazon Print books, except if anything happens to our account.

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Remember, Amazon can shut your account down at any time. They do not have to give you a reason. They will just say you have broken their terms and services.

I have seen people who were making good money off of Amazon and suddenly lose everything. As their accounts got closed sometimes. And it is not Amazon's interest to even give you the full reason for that.

They can just say you violated our terms of services and things like that. So, this is another good reason you're going to want to publish in other places than just Amazon in doing the so called teenage publishing or publishing as a teenager.

Learn From Your Mistakes

But let's move on to point number three and that is our secret point of the day. The reason a teenager has advantages is that first, you've got more time on your hands.

Number two, you don't think you know it all already when it comes to self-publishing. So you are going to be able to learn the skills that are necessary to get your books onto the market.

Without allowing previous exposure to things you think you have learned correctly. But haven't get in the way of you producing the highest quality books you can do.

The other is limiting mindsets that often people pick up over the years. From working in a cubicle or whatever the case may be. That can get in the way of you being successful.

One of the biggest things is just trying stuff and realizing it doesn't have to be perfect. Teenagers' mindset often sets you up for that advantage. So that you are going to be able to put those books onto the market without the same problems of thinking they have to be perfect.

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Then, the ability to learn from mistakes that you make. Even admitting that you're making mistakes and growing from them. That is something, that sometimes as you get older, it becomes more difficult to do those exact things.

So these negative past experiences creating mindsets that create problems that make it. So that you can either learn in the first place or learn from your mistakes.

I would say that the teenager has a serious advantage over others in the same situation when trying to put books on the market. But to be very clear, Amazon is where you are going to want to start with your books as a teenager when you are getting started.

Tell me what have you found? Have you already tried doing teenage publishing? Do you have other answers as to where can a teenager publish their work online? If you are a teenager, have you found a place that was especially useful for you to put your books?

Have you managed to start getting sales on those books that you have gotten out there? Do you learn from each book that you come out with? Let me know below and check out my other blogs and videos answering your self-publishing questions now.

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