Chris A. Baird | April 1, 2022
3 Best Amazon Ads Strategies For Beginners

Are you new to doing Amazon ads? Let me tell you the 3 best Amazon ads strategies for beginners that you should know now.

Tracy said she was completely ready to quit and give up on the current book she was working on. The reason was that the ads had completely stopped working. That's one of the reasons I’m writing this blog today which is the 3 best Amazon ads strategies for beginners.

About 2 months ago, Tracy was living in New Zealand. She had been working on her book for some time. She’s trying to get sales on this book.

Running ads against the book without getting any traction. She wanted to get the ads to drive the traffic to the sales page on her book. So that she could start seeing some sales coming through.

Since the book had been making literally just one or two or almost no sales at all. She wasn't able to figure out how exactly to best use the ads platform. In order to get her book to sell.

The thing was that she realized this may be the very last chance. She has to get this thing going. She didn't want to spend years working on this exact book.

Trying to see and just using hour after hour and thousands of dollars to get the book to sell. If nobody wanted to buy the book, what was at stake was that she would be losing the income that she could be earning from this.

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She wasn't even sure that may be moving on to another book would work. If this one didn't work, then maybe it was worth completely giving up. That would mean losing a lot of the passive income that comes through books.

When they were properly optimized and selling, she began to wonder. Maybe she didn't even have what it takes to get her books to sell. So what she had done first was she set up her book and was getting no sales.

She had the sales page and she had the cover. She hired this out and made sure everything looked great. But it still wasn't getting any sales.

Then she was watching some of my videos and realized “maybe I should run ads”. So she set up her ads and started running them against her videos. To see if maybe that would work on getting some sales to her book.

The problem was that it also did not result in any sales. At this point, she was ready to give up. She saw my offer to do Coaching sessions and so she booked a coaching session with me.

We sat down and looked through her book. So the first thing we found was that the book itself was not optimized. No matter how the ads you run, if they get to your sales page, the book isn't actually selling.

You're still going to lose this whole self-publishing game. The ads are not going to work. No matter how great the ads are, they can't compensate for a problem on the sales page.

Fixing A Lot Of Things

We found a couple of issues. The first thing we found was we did an exploration of the niche that she had written in. We found that it was not a very profitable niche.

But that doesn't mean she needed to give up. She just simply needed to modify the niche that she was in. For example, if she was targeting oak trees as the topic, most people really don't care about oak trees.

They care about birch trees. Well then sometimes, we can modify the book a bit. To hit what our target audience is actually searching for and looking at on Youtube or Amazon.

To ensure that they're going to be happy with what we're doing. So that was one of the things we also saw. She had no reviews and so she needed to get those reviews in there.

At least one positive review was essential. Whether friends or family or whatever it takes to get one positive review. So that we actually can concede it.

So that when we're running the ads, they're going to see that review thing that was in there. Their bio was completely off. It didn't comment on her as being interested in the subject that she was writing.

Let's say trees, for example, rather it was saying, sort of like trees. So I thought I'd write this book which is a very inferior one. It didn't establish it, so the description was just a wall of text.

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Fixing a lot of these things was the first thing and strangely enough. This is a key aspect to getting your ads to convert and to get people to actually buy your book.

But that wasn't the main problem. The other problem was just getting him to click it all on the ads. So I gave her my top 3 strategies for the ads.

The first thing is you need a different campaign for your paperback book and your Kindle book. So that we don't have the data mixing on the two. We need to know whether we're earning or losing.

So that was the first basic strategy we needed to do. The second thing is we set up auto-targeting on the keywords. So this is the second basic level strategy when you have your ads account set up with Amazon.

We're going to set a budget of one dollar a day. We put on automatic targeting for those keywords that we're targeting. Then we have 15 cents per click.

This is the combination of the starter or the beginner level strategy that we're using about our ads. I talked to Tracy through each of these steps during our session and in our follow-up after that session. Like I normally do with my coaching clients.

Optimization Is The Key

 We continue on the discussion to make sure that we're able to implement it. But the problem was that Tracy was still getting no clicks at this point. I pulled in the big guns which would be using Publisher Rocket to find better keywords to do this.

In addition, she raised the budget even higher and tested out these new keywords. At this point, we're unable to get people to click on the ads. This of course is a problem if you're in a niche or sub-niche or genre where people are not searching or buying books in that specific genre.

Believe it or not, I regularly deal with coaching clients who are focused on books. Trying to get them to sell when nobody is searching for the topic that they are writing their books on. Recently, I did a coaching session last week with someone exactly in this category.

This person was in Bangladesh and they were doing tech books. So they were doing books on different technologies like a Macbook and things like that. The problem was that we found The Latest Macbook, nobody's buying books on that subject.

We could see the top-ranked books and they just weren't selling. But back to Tracy, we looked at her title and said we need to change this title. To make a benefit proposition in the title as opposed to saying fancy trees in your garden.

To make your trees fancy in your garden or get the trees to grow better in your garden. The tidal shift has a promise of a value that we would be delivering changes. Tracy has not yet tested this out but I told Tracy not to give up on her book.

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We simply need to change the title and the value proposition of what's going on so that we are even with a poor keyword. In other words, the title itself it's a poor keyword. It's one that a lot of people are not searching for.

We still can make money off of this book. We just have to optimize that sales page and optimize the way we're running the ads against that sales page. In order to trigger the sales.

Now, Tracy is feeling optimistic. I don't know whether or not this will actually work for her specific book. But these strategies are so powerful.

They have earned me tens of thousands of dollars since I started. It was these very strategies when I started running my ads and began to realize some things. I need to write books for the markets in which people exist.

I need to target those titles, subtitles, and reviews. Specifically towards the direction of the people who are interested in buying my books. That was a very incredibly powerful one.

So, what strategy have you tried among the 3 best Amazon ads strategies for beginners? The other thing was that we also focused on using a little bit of time every single day. Making sure that Tracy was doing time management.

She would be able to achieve the success that she wanted without getting demotivated. That's one of the reasons if you're struggling with time management, you're going to want to check out my previous blog and video about Struggling With Time Management? 3 Key Strategies!

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