Chris A. Baird | December 7, 2021
3 Self-Publishing Scams Authors Needs to Watch For

As a first-time author, you have the eagerness to market your book for you to be able to get more sales without knowing these scammers. Check out this article and I will tell you the 3 self-publishing scams authors needs to watch for and to know more self-publishing tips.

Different Scams

Today's topic has three points and you're going to want to stick around. Because the third point is a secret to the number one scam you need to watch out for in self-publishing your book. Let's get into it.

The topic we're discussing today is, 3 Self-Publishing Scams Authors Needs To Watch For. When you're first getting your book onto the market and you want to see it selling. The problem is you suddenly realize that there are a lot of scams.

That you can fall for when it comes to self-publishing your book and that's one of the reasons you're going to want to stick around. Because I'm going to discuss the ins and outs of the different scams and how to avoid falling for them.

Grab a copy of my free Self-Publishing Checklist to make sure you're not missing any of the things necessary with your books to self-publish and sell. From my own story when I first got started, I realized that there are tons of people asking me about a lot of different vanity publishers.

There are some ways of looking at this I don't like to vanity publisher. If you wrote a book it deserves to get it on the market and I don't believe in the traditional publishing model which says "We're the gatekeepers, we decide what everybody likes".

One of the things you'll find and given a book like Moby-Dick which is massively rejected when it first came out. Even Stephen King his very first book "Christine" was rejected many times. Were those books terrible? no, they're just fine.

It is just the gatekeepers themselves are not in the position to tell you whether or not your book is quality. And whether or not there's a market for it the idea then goes around the traditional publishers. To get into indi-publishing or some people calls it the vanity publishers.

People who will help you publish your book like add a price it makes complete sense. That I will call it vanity publishing and I will call it very heroic publishing in one sense. The idea "You want to get your book onto the market" and you've got people who are willing to help you do just that.

That's the first thing but I still get a lot of questions and I continue to get them about, "what about this one? what about that one?". I'm not going to name the names because people will sue me so I not going to do that.

But I need to discuss a couple of aspects of some of the questions regarding scams. The thing is that just mentioning the names of these publishers neutrally. That's what I sometimes will do, I will just mention them and comment on what they charged.

That is something people like and some people don't like them. People often accused me of actually getting paid by these people which is crazy, I've never received a single penny from any of these publishers. I haven't said that their services were great.

I just said that some people are found them, okay some have not. But even saying that, gets me into trouble with a lot of my viewers from time to time. It's like you need to tell us these things are terrible or they're wonderful.

Well, there are some negative and some positive with going this route and I completely understand. One of the things and I think is very important for you to understand as a self-publisher is what exactly do we mean by a scam?

It's a little wishy-washy because on one level a scam is where we promise one thing and then we deliver something different. Many of these vanities or these self-publishing companies, what they do is will make a promise. But the promises are going to help you get your book on the market.

And you'll find out the quality wasn't that good as you thought it would be and maybe the price wasn't as good as you thought. You're like "This is a scam" But in the end, they did get the book onto the market. Now, it is a scam if they promise so many sales.

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They promise that "Oh, it's going to be easy and we're not going to up sell you" and they do the opposite of it. That's where you find, would they break their word. That's the key issue with the scam the idea like you're not happy with the result with their cover or something like that.

This happens all the time but it's not necessarily a scam just because you don't like it. Like if I buy a car, and the car has issues with the break after a year or something. That doesn't mean it was a scam it just means that maybe the quality of the car is a little bit lower.

But if they know there's a problem and they're not informing you of it or they never deliver at all they say "just give us your money". And they disappear completely, that would be a scam. It's very important to get to the definition and they get a little bit blurred.

Within this article, we're going to blur them a little bit just to let you know in advance. The thing is that back to the vanity publishers some people are inside of the process. They do the process of getting your books to publish and they're happy about it.

Some of our viewers here commented on the comments below it saying, "Oh, I've been using them and I'm going great I feel everything's positive" but others complain. They complain about what is usually going to be price or quality.

I spent thousands of dollars and they will tell me "we're just going to spend another thousand" don't worry we're able to get you this result. Then they're like the cover, the formatting was off, the spacing was off. And the table of contents was incorrect, and there are spelling and grammar.

Giving You Promises

They said they would do the editing but the editing they did was terrible. Can you see how these issues are? things would suppose problems for self-publishers and this is the worst thing ever. When you say they're awful, I haven't used them.

This is one of the reason I don't specifically recommend going through somebody else. Unless you really have no time and you feel you don't have the time. Even learn the basics of some of the technical skills to self-publish the book yourself.

The thing is a few people were happy at the end result I actually not have some of those people. So, should I say this vanity publishers are "scams" or are terrible? that would get me sued at the same time and I don't have the intention in doing that.

Well, we do have some people that have been through it but I would just say just a little bit of a tip of these companies. Find a face per group where you have a lot of people who've been through the process with them and are very happy.

If you can't find a group on the internet, I'm not talking about their Testimonial section we're on their own sales page. I'm talking about a group that's independent where people are working through it. "Wow! we're so amazed by the covers".

"I was amazed by the editing, I was amazed by the formatting, and amazed with how they do marketing and getting my books to sell". Then if you're not really finding any sort of a group with regards to these vanity publishers.

Then you're going to want to consider twice whether you're going with them. I've never really invested money until I've actually had that to know, like and trust the people. And I know they've been around for a while.

You can see that there's nobody really saying "Oh, they are the worst, don't go with them". That's one of the big reason that I started offering coaches and courses was exactly for this reason. Because on my coaches and courses, I'm going to coach you and I'm not doing the work for you.

I'm going to show you how to do the work in order that you own everything in the end. I always do a money back guarantee and that guarantee is that there's no risk really on your side. You're unhappy with something, you get your money back.

I've done that before with people it's not very often. But when people do want their money back they get it. And the reason they don't really want their money back is because I deliver on what I promise and that comes back to this trust issue.

This idea where I'm showing you exactly how to do with step by step. I communicate with chat back and forth to make sure that everything is clear. I re-record videos when anyone is confuse we're saying you're moving too quickly.

At the same time, we break down your problems this is the whole point with coaching. In the very small chunks where you can do it, I've had so many people say I'm not technically minded. But even my own children and published books on the Amazon.

The methods that I'm telling you they're easily to follow. Even if you're not technically minded and you're able to do it, the fact is there's a track record. I felt thousand of self-publishers just like yourself working with their books going through the steps in order to get it on the thing.

And the thing is, there's no unreasonable promises saying, "Oh, you'll be a best seller" or something like that. But I'm sort of cutting off the exact answers for today so let me make sure, I don't do anymore of that.

We'll get in straight to 3 Self-Publishing Scams Authors Needs to Watch For. So number one, promises your book being a best seller, I can tell you, I can guarantee you. I can make your book a best seller, there's a couple tricks to doing this.

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This is a little bit ridiculous, the first and this can get you banned. This is a reason why I would say it a little bit of a scam? It's not completely a scam. If they do deliver then, well look you're a best seller but what they aren't telling you is which categories.

So what they're do is they take your book and we choose a category that is a low competition category so your book is on puppy training. And we do want on a romance some sort of a puppy shifter romance for example.

Those are the category, we make sure that there's a hundred of books in that category. Then, I have piles of accounts on Amazon that be personally but that is the method we use. And we purchase about fifty to hundred copies of your book the day that your book launches.

You see where the challenge comes? your book is on puppy training and it's in a wrong category. Then we're pounding sales through, and the fact is the other hundred books in this micro category on Amazon. It results in your book getting the best seller flag.

But it's a best seller in the wrong category it's not in a puppy training, or puppy training for chihuahua or something. You see how these came goes? I can get you a best seller but it's in a wrong category. Is this is a scam? maybe not but in some of them those who tell you you'd be a best seller.

But then when your book it's on the market, you just see that you aren't getting any sales which why I tell you, you need to build an audience. I'm honest with you as oppose to many of these scammers or these people who are trying to steal your money.

Secure Your Personal Account

I want to make sure and the reason why you don't have to buy my courses or Coaching. I give away my content here for free, you can go through all of these. But if you need an account builder which is what I personally need or new props need? then that is the reason why you will want to go this route.

That's something that you keep on mind with is this promises about selling. Becoming a best seller on your very first book and nobody knows who you are, that's a problem. Number two, upselling on every micro change, I was mentioned this isn't a scam.

But the idea is that "Oh, you want to do this, I have to upsell you, you want to pay more and more" I have sometimes done books for people. Some of you who are even watching right now, where I would help you do the formatting and things like that.

They're be like, "Okay" after we finish the formatting, "Oh I want to change all of these things". Then I did a couple of those but I realized that sometimes these revisions they keep going. I actually have to start to consider working at loss but that's a little difference things.

Like "Oh, you want to change your comma here? you have to pay another huge amount of money". Another thousand dollars to do that, "You want to have different cover? Or slightly changing the word?" or even fixing things that are broken with the book.

"I'm going to charge you tons of money" which was something I did wrong and in charge you to fix it to completely insane. This is something that is a little bit of a scam. I didn't promise something that I'm going to try to charge you and I've got your book.

You're not learning the actual skills like I use for example Jutoh to do the formatting. As you find my affiliate link below in the description of all of my YouTube videos as the best formatting tool. But then you do it yourself and I understand you made out of time.

You think that you're not technically minded. I'm telling you a third creator has the ability to use this tool and ability to learn how to do it. Whether you're eight years old or whether you're eighty years old. I can take you through the steps and you can learn this.

It's just a matter of saying, "I want to learn this" we're not going to focus in anything else. We're going to do one click at a time I'm going to get you to those clicks that's one of the differences. Then if you need to go and change, you just do the change.

Click the button and you've got a new manuscript it's just that easy with Jutoh. So, I do not get paid by Jutoh, I am an affiliate for them so I do get a small portion. If you purchase with Jutoh but I do not get paid by the company to promote them it's just a fantastic piece of software.

I've been using for years my virtual assistants also use them in helping me to produce my books as well. Moving on to the third and secret point of the day and that is, who owns your book? and this is a huge one and the rights in the end.

The fact is, is it under on your KDP account or is it under on somebody else's Kindle Direct Publishing account?. Because if it some under there, they get to decide whether not they tell you how many sales you have or they'll going to send you the money.

This is the huge problem, I've heard about even some major companies getting accused for not passing on the sales properly. But the fact is that if they own your books right, you're in big trouble. How you're going to do marketing? If it's not under your KDP dashboard?

You're not going to be able to run ads against it. Generally, you have to show your ownership of the thing and if they're going certain tricks. In terms of getting the book to sell with their marketing they can result in your book getting shutdown.

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Or their entire account can be shut and your book would go down with the sinking ship. You don't want your book under any circumstances to be register on somebody else account. Number two, some of my students they even said, "Can I just give you my password and login information for my KDP account?"

And my answer is do not give me that information because it's not that I'm going to scam anybody. You've been watching hundred videos here and I'm specifically here to help you out. To help you avoid the scammers.

Don't take chances just like you will give me personally correct or you do it to your payment gateways. You know, I don't want you to put that exposure or that risk on the line. Because I'm here to make sure that you are getting your book onto the market safely and securely as possible.

It's all registered under your account, you own everything in the beginning and in the end. If you're not happy you get your money back and that is something you won't find the scammers. They're not going to promise money backs.

They're going to make also hoops that you have to jump to but for me, it's a hundred percent money back guaranteed regardless. That's something that I guess that sort of puts difference. Because so many people they really can't stand behind their products and services.

They really not willing to help you in the end they just look to make money off of you and this is just a huge problem that I've seen that way too often. That's one of the reason I move in to helping people with self-publishing. I wanted to show you there are easy way to do this with no risk at all.

My question for you today is, what self-publishing scams have you seen? have you been expose any of these scams?. If you have, please let me know below in the comments and check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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