Chris A. Baird | February 28, 2022
Book Marketing Motivation

 Have you been self-publishing but aren't good at marketing your books? Maybe you need a book marketing motivation to win at the self-publishing game.

The Role Of Motivation

 Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it's a secret as to the absolute most effective way of increasing your motivation when it comes to book marketing.

So the topic we're discussing today is Book Marketing Motivation. By the end of this blog, you're going to know the role that motivation has when it comes to effective book marketing. You're going to have the steps necessary to win at this game of book marketing and amplify your motivation.

You're going to feel great that you're moving much closer to your goal when it comes to marketing. But before we go to today's points, check out and book a Discovery Session right away as we've done with so many people already.

You and me one-on-one for a single session. We can map out where your self-publishing has gone so far and we'll move on with that. So, where to start? From my own story, when I first got started, I had heard tons of terrible marketing strategies.

That is one thing a lot of the fake gurus are big one which is using a lot of your time doing completely ineffective things. Some people even go with the hybrid companies where they will sell you these packages. I had a recent Coaching client who was even telling me they were charging them $900 if they would.

Then they would post your books all over the place. You know, in multiple Facebook groups and things like that. The thing is I followed these very strategies instead of paying $900.

I tried the strategies that these people were using. I just post the links to your books on Twitter or Facebook groups, you go find groups where you have other authors. This is a really bad idea and you just start dropping links to your book or on Twitter.

It would be like, "wow, look, people are even clicking on the links". You can use tracking on your link so you can see how many clicks you're getting. And you're thinking well, this is wonderful.

There's only one huge problem that I discovered with this which is the result was no sales. Because these other authors don't buy from authors. They're just spamming each other with their books hoping that somebody's going to buy a book randomly.

They have no clue who you are and who knows what your book is on. If it's even of interest to them. The thing is my motivation completely started to drop until I learned two keys to winning at marketing.

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Now, before I get to those 2 keys, the thing was that with my motivation so low, what did that do? It made me think maybe this whole self-publishing thing isn't working. Maybe it's been a waste of time.

These are the sorts of thoughts that were going through my head. I don't know if you relate to that feeling that you're not making progress when it comes to your books. You get it on the market and you're like, "now this marketing thing, I thought the book was hard enough to get on the market".

But what about the marketing of the book, to get it to sell? Then everybody's throwing out these tips, these completely worthless and hopeless tips. And as you try them they just don't work.

So I was sitting in that exact situation, right where you are when I came across a couple of things. The two biggies are Paid Ads and Content Marketing. Now I'm going to hit a little bit more on that but I began to implement these two specific marketing strategies.

The result was that my motivation started going up because the strategies were working. When your motivation goes up, then you want to take more courses and learn more things. You want to do more coaching sessions.

You want to do all of the things necessary to win at self-publishing. It is because you already see what you've been doing is working. One of the things I do with my Discovery clients when we do a Discovery Session is that I have one goal and it is to get you a result immediately.

We're going to look at your situation and we're going to show you something strategically that you can change that will improve your situation. And if we don't, well then, I don't know. I've never really seen that happen in a discovery session so I can't talk too much about that.

But for most people, you're doing multiple things. You're doing one or more things incorrectly that is costing you sales. Now some of you out there and I know who you are, you feel that no it doesn't seem like you should do it this way or that way.

Ads Can Get You Impressions

 The problem is until you've tested, I say well, have you tried the very thing that you believe would work? And you're like, well for me, it wouldn't work when it comes to marketing or something. Because I would look at the ad or the video and not do this.

The problem is that you're not your audience. This is an important point to remember, we let the data tell us. And when we are getting our books on the market and running marketing, I always have one simple question how are the current strategies working?

Because if they're working well and you have no challenges with what you're doing, well then keep on doing it. You're making tons of sales, you may even have strategies I am not even aware of. The thing is that I push what would be the top-level strategies.

There's a big difference, you have a lot of self-published authors out there who explore lower-level strategies. But I'm trying to look a little bit deeper into it. To see what are the actual winning strategies.

Anybody can play a game of chess, the question is which moves are the strategic ones? And sometimes, the ones that are the most strategic don't look like they're accomplishing much. You might think, will moving my knight here or my pawn there going to accomplish anything?

The answer is of course it is. Having your motivation high even though you may think this one doesn't matter much, is insanely important. If you're going to achieve your goals when it comes to self-publishing and getting your books to sell.

So let's get into the three. Now this time, I sort of undercutting it a little bit but we'll get into it. The first point on book marketing motivation is that we're going to do paid ads.

That's right, Amazon paid ads, not Facebook. Now in the old days, some people managed to do that. But they'd already built an audience by the time they were running their Facebook ads. So it didn't play that much of a role when it came to running Facebook ads for free books.

Then they get people reading their books, they were able to do it because they were making money on the back end. But in terms of Amazon ads, this is where we want to run our ads. What happens is that we can see exactly how many people are shown our ads.

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So we first of all target audiences that are just in alignment with what our books are about. Then we simply take our books at this point, we take our ads, and then our ads are going to get so many impressions.

We're eyeballs that are looking at your ad and showing you what exactly is happening in terms of the number of people seeing your ads. Now my ads, I think we've hit a few months ago 120 million impressions. It is how many times they've been seen by my different readers.

The ads go in front of 120 million people. Then we have a percentage of people who click and that's the first step. If your cover is bad and your title is bad, people will not click.

And so it helps us see if your cover or title are our problems here. Then they click and when they click, we get a percentage of those who end up buying. Now one of the strategies I've looked at in the past was that 10 of the impressions should result in a click.

10 of those would result in a purchase. My goal is not to make money, it is to break even. That's something very important which is that I keep ads going.

Even if they're making me as much money as they're costing. Because I generate leads within the books themselves, people are getting on my email list in the books. I'm building a bigger audience who will buy more of my books.

So the goal of the ads is not necessary to make a profit even though I've always made a profit. But that is not the goal, the goal is simply to break even. And that's another thing that many of the fake gurus tell you.

They'll tell you that you'll make millions off your ads. You're not going to do that but you should end up making a profit. But even if you just break even, that's good enough on the ads.

So we can optimize your books simply by looking at them. That's something I help many coaching clients figure out for their specific books. Number two is content marketing, it pulls your audience closer to you. 

What Can Build Your Motivation

 It makes you as the author, a real person for them. We like to buy from people we know, like, and trust or have social proof. For example many of the books that I buy, I look at the top sellers with the absolute thousands of five-star reviews.

I decided we're going to read these books because generally, I'm not going to be disappointed. But what about as a new author? These marks aren't going to be there. Do you see how the problem plays?

So we need to figure out ways we can get beyond the barrier of just a sales page or an author's bio which are very important. But we want to amplify our sales and the way that we do this is through content marketing.

That's the reason why I sell the Course on Content Marketing. So that you can learn how to wield the power off of Youtube, podcasts, blogs, or whichever work for you. For me, I go for all three.

Then we're building an ecosystem of content that we're putting out. We're building a "know, like, and trust factor" for many of you. I was discussing recently you might like to just read your books onto Amazon so that people are onto Youtube.

So it doesn't have to be your face but if your face is in there, we get about a five times boost in the power of this particular thing. You may be thinking you don't care about your favorite authors. What they look like or how they sound.

You've already loved them at this point so we don't need to build this glue to help them understand that look, take a risk, take a chance on my book and buy this book. Here are portions of the book. I'm reading the book, I'm telling you about the book.

What happens is by repeating this over and over, we begin to build an environment where people come and say "yes we would love to read your books, we'd love to help you with your reviews". There's an author somewhere out there in the world, have no idea who that is but this interaction is something that the top authors don't do so often.

They may have their book signings but generally, you can't get to speak with them or interact with them in the same way in this intimacy level that you can hear on Youtube. This is something that also helps build your motivation because your readers are reaching out to you.

Remember, when you get started, it's going to be crickets. Nobody's going to be watching your videos or anything but it builds over time. So we're slowly watching it build and that's the power of content marketing as an insanely effective technique to get more eyeballs onto your books, your sales pages, and to see that come through.

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The third one with content marketing is that you have that motivation when you interact. But the secret answer of today and number three is that your motivation will increase as you see your marketing strategy work, as those sales come in.

Just like what I experienced for my books as I started to see the sales pumping in. It goes first just a couple of days and then weeks of the sales coming up. And then month after month with these books just selling and selling.

Old books, new books, everything just continually selling. You're like wow, this is so much fun for me. The marketing side became even more fun than the books.

This may not happen for you but for me, I discovered like oh my goodness, I enjoy marketing books. But for you, maybe it's the writing or the self-publishing portion of just getting it out there into the world that's the most exciting.

Different things bring pleasure to the self-publishing process. That's the reason I do videos to make it easy and because I'm excited about all of the different aspects. But the marketing aspect has some special aspects to it that are quite exciting and surprising.

To see what works versus what doesn't work and how it goes. So it's just so much fun when you're watching your book and that sensation of feeling you get as you're watching it make sales daily. It's very exciting, especially around Christmas time when you have hundreds and hundreds of copies going out.

So my question for you today is are you losing motivation when it comes to marketing? If you are, write "Yes" below in the comments and if you are not, write "No".

Because I need to understand what it is that's impacting your book marketing motivation. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions. 

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