Chris A. Baird | September 3, 2020
can self published books win awards

When going through the self-publishing route, one of the questions you'll be asking is if this route is going to lead you to greater success? Let us find out whether or not self-published books really can win awards.

Today's question has three answers. And you're going to want to stick around for the third answer because it's a secret as to how awards can destroy your success in self-publishing.

Today's question was, can self published books win awards? Now, this is an excellent question because perhaps you've written a book or considering writing a book and you want to know whether you should publish it traditionally or through the self-publishing route.

I Wasn't Interested In Awards

You're not sure which one will lead to greater success if you wish to win some awards with it. Because you know that winning awards may help you get more people to read your book.

So if self-published books can't win awards, maybe it would motivate you to try a different route. That's what we're going to get into today. But before we get into the answers, grab a copy of my free Self-Publishing Checklist to help you get on your self-publishing journey.

Well, can self published books win awards? Now, let me get into my story. When I first started self-publishing, I was 100% not interested in awards. So I put out my books on the market and as I started writing books, I started getting better at it.

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Understanding that even the content of the book was not as important as how you were marketing it. What your cover looked like and the different methods you were using to bring more people in who would see your advertising campaigns.

There were an awful lot of things that you needed to consider when you were doing it. As I started following more of these rules and the tips and tricks that I explore in this channel, I started seeing more sales coming into my books.

I can say that my Sleep Book, one of the books that I had written on how to get better sleep, that was using all of the best strategies that I personally use. And I have found the research-based, once that that book became an Amazon bestseller.

Tons Of Self-Publishing Awards

In fact, it happened over and over again where it simply was regularly winning in the categories that it was doing. It was selling hundreds and hundreds of copies. That was not awards but it would be making the bestseller category.

Now, I never actually submitted any of my books for awards because I saw that it didn't seem to move the needle on sales which was a big issue for me. Now, I could understand that if you did win some awards that perhaps this might bring in more readers.

You also could put it on your cover. But I saw a lot of books that also were using awards from extremely small contests. To try to say "hey look I won these awards you should definitely read my book".

I don't know with that, I think some people told me that it did not actually change whether they did it. Some people even made up awards and it didn't impact them but maybe for other awards, it might.

This is something you're going to want to consider. So, can self published books win awards? Well here's the answer, yes, there are tons of awards for self-publishing books.

Just to name a few, The Indie Readers Discovery Award, The Independent Publisher Book Awards, and The Forward Indies Book Of The Year Award. These are just a few book awards and there are tons and tons of more book awards.

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There are tons of contests. And that brings us into our secret answer of the day. This is where I want to explore a little bit about the psychology of awards.

So we already previously discussed when you win or when you're competing for awards, it can motivate you to write a book and to send it in. And the excitement of actually winning that award.

Having somebody outside yourself recognize your book as a quality book worthy of winning an award. But the problem is the awards, they can motivate you to keep on writing. Especially if you win, but at the same time they can demotivate you.

This can be very very dangerous because the game of self-publishing and business in general, is a psychological one. It's internally in your head, the ability to keep going.

Focus On Things That Motivates You

Even when you feel that either you're A: not succeeding or not making the sales and what you would like to see happen. Or B: it gets repetitive and boring for you. Or C: you feel it's just too difficult to get started.

That's the reason why in general, this is a very serious challenge that many people have. And if you find that awards because you've sent your book into many of these awards and you never seem to win, that can create a problem for you and demotivate you.

This is something you're going to want to keep an eye on. Because if you find yourself being demotivated, then you should completely ignore the awards.

But if you find that they motivate you to keep on writing and keep on improving the quality of your books, including the covers, the descriptions, the content, and the formatting all of these issues here, then the awards can be a positive thing.

This is part of the game the whole self-publishing game right in a nutshell. We need to do more of the things that motivate us and less of the things that demotivate us. We need to continually be monitoring what's occurring with what's going on.

We need to limit ourselves to exposure to things that demotivate. So what about awards? The answer is you should try to compete for them if you feel they will motivate you.

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For me, I have an internal drive that motivates. I just find seeing the sales of the books coming in is enough motivation. But if I felt that wasn't enough, then I might go and try to see if awards would help motivate me to write and get more books out onto the market and go from there. 


So, can self publish books win awards? Tell me what you have found below in the comments, I'd love to hear it if you've won awards. Do you find that it impacts your motivation to do more?

I respond to all answers that are given to me. So just go ahead and let me know below in the comments and check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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