Chris A. Baird | August 11, 2021
Content Marketing Can You Afford To Ignore It

Get to know more about self-publishing and content marketing - can you afford to ignore it? Learn from my very own experience as a self-publisher.

The Power Of Content Marketing

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it is a secret as to the one thing you can do to maximize the reach you're getting from your content marketing.

The topic we're going to be discussing today is content marketing - can you afford to ignore it? I know what you're thinking initially, when we first get started, you've heard about content marketing. Now, what exactly is content marketing?

It's where we're simply using content and establishing ourselves in whether we're dealing with fiction or non-fiction. We're putting content out into the world that could be putting videos, podcasts, blogs, any sort of content that we're putting out there.

Where readers can come along and we're not paying for this content. They can come along and read or absorb our content and make a connection with us. And this is the key to this content marketing.

On the non-fiction side of it would be you're putting content out into the world where people will discover answers to questions upon Puppy Training or other things like that. They will come across your content and begin to absorb that content.

If you don't think that people do this, you're completely mistaken. Because even when you get onto Google and you ask a question, what comes up is a list of websites that are specifically addressing that question.

So for non-fiction particularly, this is a very very powerful way of getting your book in focus and found the books that you have. Because people will then connect with the answers you're doing and it gives you a platform to then sell your books.

It's a great win for everyone, you're giving away free content on the one side and you're selling your books on the other side. But getting started on all of this can be very confusing with regards to what tools do you need? Do I need to record videos?

There are so many questions and it leaves you feeling very frustrated and not knowing what to do. That is the reason we're going to hit this in today's article. But first, you can grab a copy of my free Self-Publishing Checklist.

It will give you the secrets to make sure you're not losing but are winning at the game of self-publishing and getting your books to sell. That is all of what we are focused on right here. So let's get into it on my own story.

When I first got started, I had heard about content marketing several years ago. I thought maybe I would give it a try and there are so many ways you can do this. One option is you can simply take your blogs, you can create a blog, and you can write down some of that content into it.

So you would just be writing blogs and later you could even turn that into a book. Or you could go the reverse direction. You can take small segments of your book, put them onto your blog and release that as content into the world.

These pieces will then be picked up by Google. Because the thing I discovered was I just wrote some blog articles and I was waiting for Google to find those articles. They were hitting on the subject of non-fiction.

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I was giving out chunks of pieces. Sometimes I tried these parts of books that I had written. I also tried just giving out specific articles where I was commenting on other websites and redirecting. So I could comment on those other websites' comments on similar subjects.

And then using that as a basis to point to the books that I have written on those various subjects. Then, I just wrote some articles several years ago. The fascinating thing was that Google picked up and indexed those very blogs just as I had wanted them to.

But then they continued to sell and push those blogs to other people. Even today, they're still showing up in the rankings and those blogs continue to generate sales to my books. Just based upon a small amount of work that I did several years ago.

That was when I began to understand the complete power of content marketing. One of the issues then is how much do you have in the world? How much content can you create? So I continued that process and I saw that this traffic was specifically aimed at my target audience.

So for example, if you're writing a book on Puppy Training and you have several articles about Puppy Training, you can use those articles to sell your book on Puppy Training. You can also use it to sell affiliate products.

Products that you've tried with Puppy Training, from food to dog bowls to all sorts of gadgets and fun things that you could sell for Puppy Training. As a result, people will then find your page making sure that it says the most helpful page.

Cheaper Than Running Ads

You can make it on the internet and then what happens is they'll find your page. They will click those links on your page buy your books click on your affiliate links, buy your products and you're continuing to raise money.

In the same way, this would work for fiction books. Not as easy but still, it works. Where you're simply creating pieces of fiction whether short stories or segments from your existing books to attract that audience. We're trying to find the core audience and we're building an email list with those people.

So that we can contact them regularly to make sure they know and have heard about our books and the things that we're coming out with. This also helps when it comes to getting reviews for our books.

So the number of ways in which this can be used is unlimited. There are just so many ways that content marketing can simply work. And for me, that was exactly what I discovered was an incredibly powerful tool.

But let's get into the specific answers of it, content marketing - can you afford to ignore it? Well, I'm of course going to say no, you can't afford it. The first thing is it's the absolute cheapest way to get sales for your books.

It's cheaper than running ads. It's cheaper than anything because Google and the other search engines are just continually pushing traffic in your direction. It's free traffic where if you're able to convert that traffic into customers who buy your books and readers, we can end up with a funnel.

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You have this traffic coming in for free on work that you did years ago. And it's continuing to bring these people in. They just can't get enough of your works. So you're putting a short story out there or small little segments or poetry or non-fiction answering questions.

It is a slow game because generally speaking when you're creating content, it takes between 3 months to 12 months for Google to fully index the work that you're doing. So you do not get rewarded immediately. This is a long-term game.

We're going to be putting out content on a regular daily or weekly or monthly basis. Whatever is comfortable for us, we still need to continue producing books. But we're going to be producing this content as well and it will be in different forms which will hit on our second one.

You're going to choose the format which works best for you. A couple of the options would be a video which you would do on Youtube like what I'm doing. Podcasts are another option for you if you don't want to have your face on video.

Even though having your face on video brings connection with your audience. It helps them better understand who you are as a person which then helps again to drive sales to your books. And also blogs which are perhaps one of the best ones because nobody can flip the off switch on your blog.

So you've written your blog and it gets indexed by the different search engines. They're just sending you free traffic, does that make sense? This is a free way of getting traffic to your books and that's a very important thing.

This is the number one challenge you as an author are going to experience especially as a self-published author. Because as you go, how are you going to find new readers? They're not just going to magically find you.

In order to find your readers, you need to be given a chance but who's going to give your book a chance if they don't know? It's just too big of a risk and that's the reason why getting your face out there and many authors are on Youtube even now.

They will record themselves reading parts of their books. They'll talk about writing, they'll push their books in as many different ways as possible, and they'll get on other people's channels and discuss their books. There are so many different ways that you can use these different formats to be discovered.

And that is your number one problem. So many people get worried about "oh I need to have my books copyrighted so nobody steals what I've written" or "I need to make sure my books are perfect". The problem you're going to have is not the quality of your books per se but rather just being discovered in the first place.

This is something that so many authors don't understand. The other thing is that you can't just take your book and spam it all over Facebook groups and stuff. Nobody buys books, please do not do that to authors groups where you meet a group of authors and all they're doing is spamming their books at each other.

This simply does not work to sell your books. You're not connecting to people at a personal level. In fact, what you're seeing even here right now is about connecting.

It's about understanding exactly the problems that you're facing. And I'm doing my best to try to explain them as easy as possible unlike the fake gurus of self-publishing who tell you it's so easy. And that you don't even have to work and you can do it in your sleep.

I'm saying, no, it is easy if we can break it down into steps but it does require a lot of work. And when it comes to content marketing, it's worth the investment.

Give It A Try

If you want to learn more about these exact methods here are the three that I just mentioned. The Youtube videos, listening to podcasts, or doing blogs. You can check out my Content Marketing Course.

Just check out the details with a complete money-back guarantee because I'm so confident that you're going to be satisfied. I work closely together with my students to make sure that we get the results that are expected as you're working through the videos.

Just answering questions, adding new modules all the time. There are lots of things that we do to ensure that you can at least give content marketing a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to win especially if you've got the time.

This is the way to do it and you could already be doing it. If I could tell my past self, I would say start building a personal brand as early as humanly possible. That is where you're getting out there into the world with your face and your voice or your writings.

You're simply going point by point and you're establishing yourself and building an audience. Just like you can do very easily on Youtube. We're in the early days, you may be thinking we're in the latter days of Youtube.

But we're actually in the early days. Now is the best time ever to jump on board and give it a try. You have to invest in it and understand this is a long game. But the payoff is so massive, as an author you really shouldn't pass this up.

Here is the secret that I want to get at which is the third point for today. It is by far the most important point and this is one that I do teach in my course but I'm going to give the secret away here as well. I have lots of secrets about that course but this is one of the big ones.

It is that you can reuse all of your content above even in your email. So you can take your Youtube video, you can strip the audio out of it which I teach in my course and then you can use that for podcasts. Youtube itself will create transcripts which you can create blog articles out of.

Those articles can also be reused for emails. To drive people back to your Youtube videos or your podcasts or other courses and offerings that you have. Like for example your books, so this particular trick is incredibly powerful.

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Because now we're hitting completely different audiences. People who like to watch Youtube do not necessarily listen to podcasts. Right now, some of you are just listening to me on my podcast.

You could see me better if you watched on Youtube and subscribe to selfpublishingmadeeasynow.com but you don't have to do that. You can do that or some of you will just be reading this blog right now and that is completely okay as well.

My goal is that I'm trying to give useful information to as many people as possible. I'm trying to get indexed as well within the Google algorithm. To make sure that I have as big of a reach as possible.

The more people that you serve and help, the more people and audience that you'll have that will buy your products and services and will want to read your books. As you build those people up, it becomes an engine to selling more books which then motivates you to write more books and to sell more books.

We get into this nice loop here but so many self-published authors quit and give up way too early. And the vast majority think you can just pay for ads and that should be enough. I'm telling you, we need to build an audience and build it around a personal brand which is your voice and your writings.

We want to connect all of these to ensure that you're going to be able to win the self-publishing game. And this is an incredibly powerful skill I'm doing it right now. I do it every single day that's why I produce a video every three days.

Which then is turned into a podcast and then to blogs and also goes out later as emails and so on. So that we're able to make sure that people who missed one will catch one of the other ones. Then I'm able to hit a large number of topics.

Now my question for you on content marketing is have you started using content marketing for your books? If you have, I want to know. Write "Yes" in the comments if you have and write "No" below in the comments if you've never used it yet.

Because I need to know if this is relevant for you. So, content marketing - can you afford to ignore it? Is this something you think you can just ignore? How much money are you losing on sales of your books?

If you had a lot of people, I want you to imagine a world where hundreds and hundreds of people maybe thousands of people are downloading and buying your books regularly. Is that going to motivate you? I think it is, it could change your life.

It could give you your full-time income coming just from your books. There are so many options available. You just need to give yourself a chance to achieve these goals and that is exactly what I'm trying to do right here. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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