Chris A. Baird | February 13, 2023
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Today is the time that you should get things up to the next level. Get started with content marketing and leverage your book sales.

One of the biggest problems that so many self-published authors have is getting their books onto the market. But then nobody is purchasing the book. Well, there are only two ways of solving this particular issue.

One of them is the paid strategy where you are paying for ads on Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, and Google to drive traffic to your sales page for your book. We try to find people who are similar audiences. 

Then, these algorithms can send traffic at a cost. The downside of using this exact strategy is that one, it costs a lot of money, two, they can change the price that you're paying for the ads to reach that audience and third reason is that it can be a terrible strategy. 

It is exactly because other competitors in your market may be able to outspend you on ad spend. To reach that audience to get them to buy their books instead. So, what is a more long-term, much better use of money? 

At least in the long term, you should be doing both. But in the direction of getting free traffic. People coming and eager to hear and learn more about your book and that is using content marketing.

Content marketing is putting out content on the internet for absolutely free. Where people can consume it and learn about your book. About you as an author, about the universe of your book. 

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Or maybe in a nonfiction genre, you're able to show them the skills to establish your authority and connect with them at the same time. In a way that will make them more likely to purchase from you. 

I'm doing that right at this very moment, content marketing. It's any content we're putting out for free. I like to use YouTube and then take the audio out as a podcast. Then use that podcast, turning this into a Self Publishing blog and then also into emails. 

So that we can turn this around or be able to take a single piece. This is a four-pillar strategy for content marketing. Now, I'm not going into the details of email marketing but at least the three main pillars of free content that's being given out. 

Where you're talking about what exactly the top strategies are for non-fiction. But for fiction, he would be talking about the universe of your characters and building a connection with your ideal readers. So by them coming to know you, it becomes much more likely that they're going to purchase your books. 

This is a strategy that way too few authors use. But it makes a huge difference in terms of moving the needle. Not overnight, but give it some time as you're putting content out there. 

Specifically trying to get people onto your email list. It is one of the reasons why as you see in the comments, I always give away my free Checklist. Where I show you exactly the strategies that I use to get my book self-published and sold. 

Making A Popping Thumbnail

But back to content marketing, what did I do? I realized there were so many parts and dynamics of this whole content marketing thing. Not all of them are right for every single person and that's one of the reasons I created a course that is reasonably priced which is called Content Marketing Made Easy Course. 

This is specifically for authors who are trying to get their books sold. Are you an author and you're trying to get your book to sell but it's just not selling at all? Content marketing may be the secret sauce that you're missing. 

Doing this in the course that I offer, you'll find a couple of things. It's broken into several modules, including welcome modules of the course. Then, if you're looking at content creation from core questions, this is one way of figuring out a great way to do content. 

As well as looking at your competitors. We have issues like, how I build the thumbnails that I'm going to be doing for this content. What's the best way to do that? The other is in terms of how to use Canva to leverage or Fiverr as a means of finding that audience. 

Then, we go into video creation. Video is by far the most effective at the moment, whether it's YouTube long-form or short-form content. Or better yet, what I like best is using both. 

So, using videos that are only 60 seconds or less and going with that particular strategy is very powerful. But some of you don't want to get in front of a video. You don't have to do it, you can do slides for example. 

You can have your voice only and then that can also be used for your podcast. But if you don't want to do a video, I show you exactly how to leverage thumbnails and get your YouTube videos going, then we move to podcasts. 

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Where you're doing just your audio. You can extract it from the video if you'd like or you can take the podcast and have slides on top of it to create a video. You see, it can go either direction. 

We show you exactly how to create your thumbnail and your podcast thumbnail. To make sure that it's going to pop and bring in that audience that you want and where to upload your podcast as you go. 

Then, it brings us to blog creation, how you create the blog thumbnail, and how you use these external transcripts from YouTube or your podcast. How exactly do you get these transcripts out without having to pay additional money to do that process? 

Next, put together the blog in a format that's going to make it tempting for people to click on it. To subscribe to your blog, follow what you're doing and move from there. 

Finally, we have a couple of last ones. One is creating an email list which is the most important aspect of an author. Building up that email list that you have so you're able to get in touch with people. 

Leveraging Your Book Sales

But how exactly do we do that? Well, I cover that in the email creation module. And then we show you how to share your content effectively across social media. 

We don't just create the content and hope for the best. Now, we know, we also will share it across social media to ensure that you're able to reach as large of an audience as possible. 

So, by pulling all of these different steps and phases together, you're going to learn all of the key things necessary. It's a self-paced course for which you can go through the videos when it works for you best. 

You have lifetime access as long as the course is available to go through these particular courses. Moving straight through the entire list of different things. I'm always there to answer questions as they show up about the course. 

It'll make it very easy for you to move through at your own pace. And ask questions if there are any questions about how best to implement it. As we're trying to build an audience, I'm telling you, you should be doing this anyways, regardless. 

But we're trying to build this audience for our books. So that these people will get on our email list. And we're going to be able to give them free copies of our book in exchange for honest reviews of our books. 

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As we're moving forward with our self-publishing business, if you have not started content marketing, you should start it immediately. Once that very first book is on the market, paid ads and content marketing are something that should be part of your main strategy. 

We need to build the audience as quickly as possible if we don't have an audience. Once you have this audience, you have this permission-based marketing. Because what's happening is they're permitting you to contact them. 

They're coming to you, this is inbound marketing. They're coming into your website, into your YouTube video, into your podcast, and interacting and jumping on your email list. 

This is one of the most powerful things I can tell you. I am always eager to get in close contact as possible with people who I know, like, and trust. Especially when they have skills that have proven themselves. 

That's one of the things, I'm giving you the skills that have been used for me to publish over 200 books on Amazon. Becoming a best-selling Amazon author, putting out now, or getting closer to 150 million ads that I've tested out. 

Then, also use exactly the exact strategies I teach in this content marketing. I use them, I stand behind them and you will find them to be effective. If you wish to leverage sales for your books. 

So, this is something you're going to want to consider. You will see my link right in the description of all of my YouTube videos and you're going to want to check that out.

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