Chris A. Baird | January 17, 2023
Using Fiverr For Great Book Covers

Are your book covers professional-looking? Here’s why I recommend using Fiverr for great book covers.

So, you've discovered that creating your book covers doesn't result in covers that are going to sell. That's why we're going to be talking about Fiverr and how exactly it can help you when it comes to your book covers. 

The thing is when you're getting started with book covers, you need to figure out who can do the development. Putting them together in a way that's going to look great for your books. Now, some sites are more expensive and I've tested out almost all of the different options.

I've gone from Canva which some people have tried to use. The challenge is you have to pay to get some of the more advanced covers that they have. But at least they're done by graphic designers.

But in the long run, it's better to find a good graphic designer who can make a book cover that's going to look fantastic for your book. And for me, Fiverr is the place where you can get it for the most affordable rate. You can also go to 99Designs which I've commented on earlier at a higher price.

But Fiverr is the route that I prefer when we're going for a lot of book covers that we're going to be producing for our books and trying to get high quality. But once you get onto Fiverr, what exactly do you do? So, you have, this is the site. 

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Now, when you get in there, you can search for almost anything that you're looking for. So, for example, in this case, we're looking for book covers. And when you go for book covers, you can also do illustrations and things like that.

You're going to pull up a lot of different options that come up available. You'll see all of the different designs and the things that those people have done. It's going to be making sure that the number of reviews they have is going to be as many as possible.

So, the ones you're going to want to look for are going to be not so much. It could be the budget side of things but it would usually be the service options and also the seller details. But I personally just like to look and see the ones that have 1,000 or more reviews.

Like here's one, as we continue down, there's like 800 for this one here. Some of them are also listed as Pro Services, let's say we click the one where it goes up because almost anybody could put it out on a book cover. But the problem is if you go under Pro, it's suddenly not showing you all of the same options under the Pro Verified. 

It starts to drop drastically, the number of covers number of reviews these people have. So, that can be a bad idea. A better option is to not have any of those on there. Rather, just take a look at the available options. 

Learning How To Do The Covers

I can also tell you that over the years, I've made a lot of mistakes in hiring the wrong people, the cover designers. So, there are a lot of talented people but some of the people on here they're just taking your things and putting them onto Canva and then producing the book cover that way.

And that is going to result in a lower-quality cover for your book. That's not going to help you succeed. But let's take for example, if we were looking at the different options, we had 802 reviews. You see, everybody's between four and fantastic five-star reviews.

Here's the thousand plus one, so if I go under this one, you'll see they are charging $65 per cover. Where they'll give you the different formats which can be useful. But I still would suggest that you're going to want to be able to do it.

You're going to want to be able to look up. You're going to want to be able to learn how to do the paperback covers yourself. What we're wanting from them is just the Kindle cover. We're also going to want to have a premium image.

So, you're going to be able to see here exactly what they're offering, right? You're going to have the jpeg 3D mock-ups. those are not so useful and so eye-catching in design and commercial use. Now commercial use is very important and we also want premium images.

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We do not want to go with the lowest-level stock images that many of these cover designers will give you. So, one of the other things is the price. You'll see $65 but that isn't necessarily how much money you're going to need to spend. Rather, let's go for the great covers. 

We say to apply and now take a look and see 283, 448 and here's a thousand plus again. This person said as starting at $10 per cove. So, they're able to do your Pro Design covers for your book for only $10. Now, I would highly recommend learning how to do the paperback cover yourself using the templates because that will save you a lot of money.

Because sometimes, we do revisions on our covers and that can be a challenge. But getting the initial design in place, that's the starting point. I talk some of my clients through when they're wanting to do the paperback covers and how to do that for free. To produce any paperback, hardback cover versions, and Audible ACX covers for your book.

They need this graphic designer to give you just the very first cover. That is going to be your front cover for all of the different formats that you're going to do for your book. That's a fantastic way of going about doing that. We're able to find it now, you'll see things like Fiverr's choice but that does not mean you should choose that person.

You see this person only has 136 reviews, whereas this one here has 1000 plus. These are the ones that I know I normally like to look at when I'm trying to evaluate what I'm going to do with the covers. I can tell you that even sometimes with a thousand plus five-star reviews, you can be a little bit iffy and not know. 

Found The Best Cover Designer For My Books

I use the cover designer here on Fiverr. That’s the one I've used for many books and she's good at doing covers. The other thing to keep in mind is that when you order the covers, you're not going to be doing a million revisions.

You're going to make sure you have them as we talk about highly targeted keywords for your title and your subtitle and the author's name that you're going to have there. But she's also going to want to know what should the cover look like. 

You're going to go on to Amazon using KDSpy, that's the one that I use to figure out what the best-sellers are on Amazon. The ones that are selling the most books for your specific type of book. 

You're going to want a cover that looks like theirs. So, you can send her a copy of their covers and say, I don't want my cover to be an exact copy of these. But I want it to be something that would be so close to one of these covers of the best sellers.

It would be a little confusing, a person might think that maybe this other author did it but they didn't do it. Remember, she's not going to cut. She's going to copy generally the colors and sort of the style of the artwork that's on that cover art but not copy the exact thing.

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So, it's going to look different but it will be within the same style. That's going to be helpful when it comes to getting sales on your book. Because your book's going to blend in with the best sellers.

We don't know what it is the best-sellers are doing that's causing your book to get those sales. But we do know they're doing something right. Doing a close, following their example of what they're doing, it's going to help rocket your sales.

This is just a really Pro tip that I give also to my clients as we're looking at different covers and figuring out which ones are going to be the best options. Also, the cover designer that I do it, the price is with a Premium Photo. You can use it for commercial use.

You need around $18 which is affordable. And even if you don't like the cover, you can order a different cover. You can just go with another option and that's seriously powerful when you're trying to evaluate which of the Fiverr covers, you're going to want to do.

I would suggest looking at different options. But give a check to my specific recommendation. The cover designer that I've used for many books. She was one that I can highly recommend and we'll go from there. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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