Chris A. Baird | August 11, 2022
The Only 3 Tools You Need To Write A Bestseller

Self-publishing a book is never possible without the use of the right tools. Discover the only 3 tools you need to write a best seller.

Terry informed me that he was going the free route on self-publishing. As a result, he wasn't going to be able to buy any tools to save money. So that he could make the sales without actually investing in himself.

Well, that was a huge mistake, that's why in today's topic, I'm going to be talking about The Only 3 Tools You Need To Write A Best Seller. So, the thing is that Terry is a science fiction writer who lives in Australia. He had been working on his science fiction books for several years.

Finding Out Other Authors Are Doing Better

He had had these stories in his head since he was a small child. He wanted to get his science fiction books out onto the market and sell them. He'd even put some of them out there but there just weren't any sales.

So, he was thinking that maybe he wasn't doing something right with his science fiction books. The first thing he did was when he saw other writers in his particular field. The area, the niche that he was riding in but they were simply not making any.

They were making a lot more sales in science fiction. In the type of books that he was writing, I think it was like Intergalactic Space Wars or something along those lines. They were doing a lot better than him even though he knew the quality of his book was even higher.

That was the biggest challenge. It was the idea of having these stories that you know are good. You're having them on the market and nobody's reading them so the value is just going to waste.

He was wondering, he knew it wasn't the stories themselves. But there was something in the marketing that he wasn't doing right. So, the first thing he did was that he looked at his competition very closely.

Which is something that I recommend every writer does. Even if you're experienced or a brand-new beginner, look to see what your competition is doing. The problem was he decided to go through this by going manually.

Item by item, clicking on individual pages and trying to manually find which competitors were doing? How were they doing it? Which keywords they were using and trying to manually do it?

Wasting many hours doing this particular practice. In the end, he just gave up. It was so frustrating with all of the things that he was finding. But not sure how exactly to interpret the data that he was getting.

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The second thing was he decided he could save money on the formatting. He would just take his Word document through Caliber and put it into the EPUB or Mobi format that he would then upload to Amazon.

But the downside of that was that people were giving negative reviews. Because his formatting was completely off and his pictures were not centered correctly. The text wasn't working and the links that he had put in there simply weren't going.

But he was doing it for free so he was saving a lot of money. Wasn't he? Well, I mean that was the idea, right? Saving money by doing everything for free and not investing in yourself and your business.

Or that was just the option that he chose. But he continued to face exactly these same barriers here. So, the thing was that he had watched some of my videos and he decided he would just do a free Discovery Session with me. 

Now, you'll notice a pattern here. And by the way, the free discovery sessions, are completely fine. I have sessions with people all the time who have no desire whatsoever to go any further.

They just want a free session where they can get somebody who can look at their books. And tell them what can be changed or how exactly to go about getting them up and running and selling. That's just fine, I do interviews, and I do calls.

These discovery sessions, these strategy sessions with people all the time who have no intention of going any further. And that's just fine. So, he decided since it was free to give me to book my thing, he clicked on my link and came right through. 

Having The Right Tools

He was able to pick a time that worked for him and then we just did a Zoom call. So, we were looking at it. The first thing that struck me was that he decided he was not going to invest anything in himself.

I told him that every serious winner always invests in himself. If you're going to win at self-publishing, if you're going to win at almost anything like tennis or whatever it might be, you're going to win by investing in yourself.

Taking the necessary courses. Buying the necessary tools. Get the coaching inventors that you need to supercharge what you're doing. But at a minimum, the tools are incredibly important even if you don't do anything else.

he asked and said “Okay fine, if I'm going to buy these tools, what are The Only 3 Tools You Need To Write A Best Seller? What 3 tools do I need to get?” I had to think about it because I invested and tried hundreds of tools in the self-publishing area.

To see which ones will give me the best value. Where with the least amount of training I can pass them on to my coaching clients. And say, these are the ones I stand behind that I use and my team uses to make sure that the books are of the highest quality possible.

That we're putting them up out there so they can be marketed most profitably. That we're continuing to get more and more readers engaged in the content that we're putting on Amazon of the 200 books that are out there.

So, the first tool and the absolute must-go-to tool is Jutoh when it comes to formatting. The reason I like this tool is that it’s very simple to use. If you have an idea of what your book formatting should look like, Jutoh is the right tool. 

It's going to be able to get it in that format. That's one of the reasons I use this exact tool when I’m doing all of my formattings. I even have a course showing how to use this tool. It's an inexpensive tool. 

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You will thank me later because it can produce all of the formats, we're going to need no matter which site you're putting your book on. That will get rid of people complaining about the formatting issues since it will take care of them all.

The second tool is KDSpy. Now some people get confused between my second and third tool. But KDSpy specifically is going to give us the ability like what Terry was doing, going through the competition. Except automatically, it's going to simply pull up all of this data.

KDSpy is going to put it together. We can look at the keywords. We can see the sales ranking; we can see what the best sellers are doing with their titles. And make sure we're copying the very techniques, methodology, and keywords these people are using.

We're going to change the order. It's not ripping off their titles but it is taking the strategies that they have found that work. That connects with readers and that people are pulling out their wallets and saying “Yes, this title and cover look exactly like something I'm going to want to go for.”

Then KDSpy shows us what they are doing. It will even tell you if this is a profitable keyword you might want to consider using or not using when it comes to your book. Tool number three is Publisher Rocket

Now I had a client just in the last couple of days who had purchased Publisher Rocket thinking that it was KDSpy that would do the same things. And they're used for different things. Publisher Rocket is a fantastic tool when it comes to running Amazon ads.

I've run 120 million ads, that's how many times they've been put out in just the UK market and the US market. The reason is that it's one of the most profitable things you could do.

If you've watched my earlier videos, do you remember me mentioning when I got started, that I was ready to quit until I invested in a $40 course on How To Run Amazon Ads? It changed everything; I started making a profit off of my books. The sales skyrocketed almost immediately.

Publisher Rocket was one of the key tools I used to get this thing to take off. So that is what I recommend on that front. Terry was listening to me and thinking, “Yes you want me to pay money to buy tools but I thought I was just going to do it the free route.”

I said, well look how the free route works for you. Is this going well? Would you say if you keep doing this free route, do you expect to get a different result? And Terry recognized there was a serious problem there. 

Investing In Yourself

The fact was that it didn't cost him anything to have the session with me. That's one of the reasons if you have not done a discovery session or joined my 1-On-1 Program, you're going to want to check out my discovery session, it's free. 

You do not commit to buy anything. We're simply going to look at your books and make sure that you're doing necessary things. You don't even have to buy any tools.

We'll use the tools on my computer to take a close look at your book and your competition. And see what changes you can do that can move things, move the needle. If you're just writing your book, I can help you with your title and the covers that you're going to want to consider.

When ordering and getting this book onto the market, absolutely free. So, I would take up on this offer as Terry did. Maybe you're a person who also wants to go the free route, that's completely up to you.

I suggest going for it until you see you're not making sales. Then you're going to want to invest in yourself, okay? So, there are just a few tips there.

But let's get back to Terry. So, the ultimate thing that he reached, the ultimate obstacle he was facing was that he was getting these low reviews. As I mentioned for his formatting, this was becoming incredibly frustrating.

So, Terry listened to me and he went out and bought these 3 specific tools. He wasn't super happy about investing the money and investing in himself. Because this was something new for him.

He had poverty and a mindset of a limited mindset. You know, the idea that the universe doesn't have that much, and really if you just hoard and hold things to yourself, then you can still do it. I informed him and he started to internalize this.

That you need to have more of an abundance mindset. There's more than enough to go around. It's not a limited-edition cake and so this is something.

This concept, this mindset shift was a very important one for him. So, he invested in these tools and he started implementing them. Starting with changing the keywords on his title and subtitle.

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Getting these ads running against his book. And then the final thing was getting his book formatted correctly in Jutoh. So, people would quit complaining about his quality issues on the formatting front.

So, what happened with Terry was he started doing this. Suddenly, surprise! the sales started to jump. They jumped enough to pay for the tools they were doing and continued to bring in revenue.


This was one of the most important lessons. It was the idea that investing in tools, it's like a seed you planted in the ground. In a sense, you could have eaten that seed but by planting it in the ground, giving it the correct water and sunlight and nutrients, we're going to get growth out of that.

It's going to produce a lot more seeds than that original seed. But you have to get this mindset right, which is taking that initial seed and saying I am going to invest in myself. This is a business, I believe this can make it.

That's assuming your books are of quality. So, if it's something you stand behind, your stories are good or you have useful information to get out there. There are ways of taking it no matter what book you have.

Fixing it, getting it edited, getting it processed, and marketing it in a correct way to get sales on these books. But it starts with just investing in yourself. Some people want to get 3x results and that's one of the reasons why I want to tell you What I Did With My Book To Get It To 3x My Sales

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