Chris A. Baird | May 5, 2021
Grammarly Review Is It Good And Should You Pay For It

Are you wondering if Grammarly is the right tool to use in fixing some errors in your books such as grammar and spelling? Find out more about this Grammarly review: is it good and should you pay for it or is there a better program out there?

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it is a secret as to exactly one thing about a lot of these programs like Grammarly those other reviewers will never tell you.

So let me get into it. Today's topic is a Grammarly review: is it good and should you pay for it? This is an outstanding question. As an author, you know the importance of making sure that the message that you're delivering in your book has correct grammar and that the words are spelled correctly.

The thing is flowing, the order, the commas all of these sorts of things, everything is in place. You're choosing the right words to communicate so that your text itself is as clear as humanly possible. The problem is you simply don't know how to deal with this in the best way.

Maybe you've tried Word or maybe you've just given it to editors. Or you've tried to self-edit your document and read it through but you're missing just too many mistakes. One of the solutions you've heard about is Grammarly as a possible solution to this exact problem.

This is what we're going to answer in today's article. You can grab a copy of my Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist. To make sure that you're not skipping any of the secrets necessary to win at the self-publishing game.

Both getting your book onto the market and getting it selling. When I first got started, I had been using Microsoft Word for grammar and spelling checks. This was a fantastic tool in its time, now it still is, and I still run everything through this program as well.

Grammarly Free Version

But then I heard somebody mention that Grammarly was another tool that would do something similar. I also used a Pro Writing Aid, I bought the professional subscription to it. And so for each book, I would run through on that tool, it would show that I had 5,000 or 8,000 grammatical errors or technical errors.

It would show sentences that were too long or reusing the same word or passive voice, many of these mistakes. The thing was with Grammarly, I was blown away because it didn't hit me with so many things. Other places you can find similar analysis like Hemingway or Pro Writing Aid like I mentioned before.

But it didn't hit so much, it found a lot of issues that were easily corrected without having me go through all of the thousands of possible solutions. It simply said, we think this is an issue and it told me the correct solution for my problem.

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The thing is I run all of my books through Grammarly even before considering publishing. The fascinating thing is I'm using the free version. So Grammarly review: is it good and should you pay for it?

Well, I would say I don't pay for it. I go for the absolutely free version. Now I have looked and seen the professional version, the pro version that you can pay for.

What it does is a lot similar to Pro Writing Aid where it will find all sorts of stuff that is wrong with your writing and it can bog you down. In other words, making suggestions that maybe aren't as essential. As if you had gone with the free version only because the free version is just too good.

Maybe if Grammarly decided to make a worse version of this program, they could motivate me. Because I am a heavy user, I run all my emails, all my writings, everything through Grammarly before releasing it.

Exploring Other Tools

I also run everything through Word and I run it through the Libre Office or Libre Writer which is in the Open Office network. So that we have several ways of running it through and tell me what needs to be fixed or what doesn't need to be fixed.

Our secret answer for today which is our third point is that many of these programs like I just mentioned, can show you and I even paid for it like Pro Writing Aid. They show you all of the advanced issues that you have in your documents.

You can spend so much time trying to figure out which words you should use instead. And this sentence is too long, this one has this problem and you don't even understand some of the stuff that it's coming up with. Just ask yourself this, if I took your book and I ran it through a program and I said I found 20,000 things you need to fix.

So you just need to go through it and fix those 20,000 things. It can be quite overwhelming and I did do this with Pro Writing Aid for a little bit on some of my books. Only to discover that the result, I just didn't feel it sounded any better.

In some ways, it may, even more, be more robotic and not my voice in the final writing. Whereas, when I ran it through Grammarly, it really just smoothed it out. And remember I'm just using the free version.

So I want to hear from you, do you pay to use Grammarly? If you do, write "Yes" below in the comments. And if you do not pay for Grammarly, just using the free version, write "No" below in the comments.

Because I need to know what it is that you find to be the most helpful tool. And if the paid version maybe is better than going for the free route for you. But I have found that the free one is so amazing.

If you're not using it, you really should start using it. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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