Chris A. Baird | September 15, 2021
Now You Can Have More Book Sales With Less Pain

Thinking about ways to increase your book sales can be frustrating. Now you can have more book sales with less pain, learn more self-publishing tips below.

Email Lead Generation

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. It is a secret as to the absolute best strategy in the long run to getting sales on your book.

The topic we're going to discuss today is Now You Can Have More Book Sales With Less Pain. Now I know you've probably heard this before and don't believe it. Because you put your book onto the market and you're expecting to see thousands of sales happening.

In fact, in one of my Youtube videos, a viewer had commented "when I get my book onto the market, how am I going to handle all of the emails coming into me?". Because of course, everybody's going to want to talk to you.

You're just going to have so many people approaching you on social media. Well, the reality of the situation is that this is not what most people experience unless you're already famous. In that case, those people are already trying to approach you.

So you're not going to have that problem. Your problem is going to be when your book hits the market and nobody is buying it. Well, they're not buying it because they don't like it and they don't trust you.

There are maybe thousands of other books on the market that are just like your book or maybe there are just some issues with your book. So there's a whole series of things that can create problems when it comes to getting your book to sell.

I want to help you know exactly the steps you should be taking if you want to see your book get not only to the market but also selling. Check out and grab a copy of my completely free Self-Publishing Checklist.

To make sure that you are not skipping any of the steps that are costing you for making money off of your books and getting them out onto the market. When I first got started, I put my first couple of books onto the market. I was following a couple of strategies.

I even had an email lead generation that was trying to get people on my email list. I had the book where the covers seem to be good and I have run to some set of editing. I have a website where I was able to push my books.

I have a whole series of things but the question was once they were on the market, where are the sales? I heard about people on the Kindle Gold Rush able to come up with books and tons of sales. I just simply wasn't seeing those sales.

I was seeing sales but not enough to get excited about. Even to the point of maybe, I should give up on this whole self-publishing game. I thought maybe this wasn't the best route for me.

So what happened was I tried to do several tactics that other people will be using at a time. One of them is spamming Facebook groups. You'll find these Facebook groups that were looking for free books or authors groups.

You just keep on sharing copies of the link that goes to the Amazon page so that people will easily be able to find your book. Now, how did that work? The answer is it didn't cost any sales.

In addition, I moved on to building an email list as I mentioned in the book. And then they would exchange let's say in a spreadsheet or something along those lines with my books in exchange to get along my email lists. Then I could tell them about the new book I was coming out with.

But the problem was my new books were on different topics all over the place. And when I was asking people "do they know why they can trust me just because they're on my email list and purchased one of my books or even got the book for free or get promo?". Well not really.

So it did not also result in many sales making me think about what is wrong with my email list? What is wrong with this method? Will this strategy be supposed to work?

Now keeping in mind I was breaking every major strategy. All the rules in the book to try to figure out something that will help me get some attraction. So what happen is I did also subscribe to the software and it would get in contact with all of the newsletters.

And then it would send out your book in addition to those other books or at least submit it to be sent out. Then I would set it up to send my book out to 50 different email lists. And I was excited with this one because some days I would see as many as 5,000 to 7,000 free copies of my books.

My books being downloaded in just a couple of days was unbelievable. Well, these people get on my email list but they purchased none of my books. After, when I offer the free period it didn't bump it, it doesn't move neither of my books.

Dealing With Under Surge Market

Something was not quite right so nothing worked until I discovered Amazon ads and keywords. Now you can have more book sales with less pain. Number one, the first you want to hit is to make sure you are targeting the right keywords.

I used the tool KDSpy you can check that out. I've mentioned before, this will give us the ability to do and figure out what the high-demand areas are. Those types of books on Amazon where lots of people are purchasing but there is a low supply.

If you get that ratio correct, then have it in your title. Those keywords when people search for those special things. Because those people love those books and when they see those, your book will also be recommended.

Because it's the same kind of book as the books are already signed but we're dealing with under surge market. You should make sure that your cover looks just like those in top sales inside the market. It blew me away when I started this strategy alone.

Putting books out there with many topics and then just see a thousand copies of these books selling. It was unbelievable to see what exactly could be done if we're targeting the correct market. The second tip is to run ads on Amazon.

I just want to tell you this doesn't have to be complicated. When we're getting started, you don't have to buy expensive courses. I will tell you, so your book price is 15 cents per click put a budget of $1 I put a budget of a hundred dollars a day per app but you can put a budget of $1 per app.

Allow Amazon to do online keywords. If you're looking to get more pressure and better keywords, then we have to use Publisher Rocket. But when you're getting started, skip that step and go to the free route.

Just let Amazon choose the keywords that are going to be targeting by your ads. You don't have to do any sales copy, I did sales copy on that telling people why they should buy your book. But just having the book cover a well proper cover, that can see exactly what type of book it is.

To be engaging for them to get the book clicked and then your sales copy will come into play. You don't necessarily have to have that sales copy in the advertisement. So the advertisement sales copy doesn't have to be there.

Just to save you time trying to do this and then all ads that lose $2 that is the only loss. And then you just have one ad per each type of book you have. So if you have a paperback and you have a Kindle book, you need to have an ad for the paperback and you need to have an ad for the Kindle book.

That's the combination that's going to help you win at this game. Where we will start driving sales, this works especially well for non-fiction but for fiction even work as well. So I would say to you that you definitely would give it a try and go about doing that route.

One other thing I forgot to mention is that they're going to see the reviews. You're asking people all the time to leave reviews for your books. So you're able to start building up that review list and those reviews will help sell the book.

Because people are going to say these have a lot of positive things. And the social proof of that will help get your book go. So your ad becomes more effective and they'll have more reviews on the book.

So if you think that having no reviews is okay, you've completely mistaken. You're going to need reviews on the book. You can run ads without the reviews, it can drive more sales but it's not going to work as well.

But let's get to the third and secret point of today's article and that is you should build an email list and stay connected with your audience. So that's tip number one, there's a couple of secrets so we're going to stay regularly in touch with our audience.

For example, even on my Youtube channel, I try to help writers get the books on the market and sell them. I maintain an email list where I send out an email a couple of times a week. So if that's an interest, grab my free checklist and you get on my email list as well.

You'll be able to stay in touch with me and I go back and forth with people as well. This is a great way to get in touch with me and also to have an idea of the thing that I'm thinking about. And different things along those lines if that's of interest.

In addition, you just stick to just one topic so we're not talking about switching. This is the mistake that I make in the early days so if you're doing a topic like making balloons as a clown and maybe magic tricks, then every single one of your books should be on that topic. Do not jump on from topic to topic.

Don't Jump All Over The Place

We bought an email list with tons of 50 topics. I don't know which one you're trying to say you're an expert at or which one people are going to be listening to. But people get excited if you write on a particular type of thing or topic.

Maybe about vertical gardening or whatever it is and take something that you're interested in. That's the important thing as a writer's connection, you stick with the same topic.

Or if you're writing fiction like science fiction like outer space in the future, we just make sure all of your books are hitting that same niche so that we don't have a problem. At some future point, we're suddenly jumping around and you're like "I don't understand why I'm not making sales".

And I could tell you the reason is it's because you're all over the place. You need to focus yourself on and making sure we're only hitting one topic. Do not be jumping all over the place because that just creates chaos and confusion for your idea for readers.

And when you want to get more sales from them, they were like "I don't know, who are you?". You write a book on Dog or Puppy Training and now you're doing this Vertical Gardening. And then Survivalism and now you're doing Space Aliens.

I just don't know where exactly we should start with these books that you're going to want to put onto the market. So stick to the one topic, do what I did not do. I regret that, I wish I just stick to one single topic.

I wish I just started with Goals or Habits, those were fine. But in some set of our mind, we ran out of topic about Goal Achievement issues. But Habits, you can go for that one that would be particular.

Now I prefer self-publishing because I've done so much self-publishing with over 200 books on the market. I went to focus on just this. This is my one topic, I plan these tips for years to come.

But otherwise, I do plan sticking this particular topic. This is a perfect key where I am putting the Taking My Own Medicine. As I did not do in my early days and nobody warn me about that whole subject but I learned it a little bit later.

The hard way where I lose sales, I could have done better if I had just stuck with one thing. It doesn't even matter what the word thing is, just stick with it. And if it's a hot topic or a hot niche and that's a high level of interest, then that could be very profitable in the long run if you just stay on focus.

The final thing was just doing content marketing on this. Which is just putting content regularly. And if you're wondering if it would help you with your books whether you're doing fiction or non-fiction.

Or trying to get out this short story and things like that. Or you're doing non-fiction establishing yourself as an expert in specific marketing you're targeting. You might want to take a course that would be able to help clarify that and break it down that and keep it easy.

I do have my Content Marketing Course, so that's an option. Or you can just watch my videos or read my articles. I cover a quite bit of stuff, I just go systematically in-depth into how you go about it. Which tools you can use and how you can just get through the process as easy as possible.

Because that's the goal of this blog. Now you can have more book sales with less pain. Things are difficult but if we break it down and focus on one thing at a time, then we can keep it easy. And that is the thing I want you to take away from this blog and this particular article as well.

My question for you is have you tried to get more sales? Have you tried something I haven't mentioned? Or maybe something I have? I want to know from you below in the comments so that I will be able to know where you're coming from and the best way that I'm able to help you.

Maybe you've got a strategy I haven't tried that I would like to try and recommend to other people. So go ahead and let me know below in the comments. And check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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