Chris A. Baird | April 25, 2022
How Can Group Coaching Help Self-Publishers?

One-on-one coaching really differs from group coaching. Now, you might be wondering how can group coaching help self-publishers?

Going it alone worked absolutely fantastic for me. Until it didn't and resulted in me wanting to quit self-publishing altogether. That's why today, we're going to be talking about How Can Group Coaching Help Self-Publishers? 

So, the thing was back in 2015 when I was first getting started, I realized I could do this on my own. I could read different books and I could see different videos. I could do all sorts of things to improve my self-publishing skills.

I was following a semi-little bit of a recipe. I found a book written by Steve Scott. But I wanted to know what are the best strategies since I saw that my books were no longer selling too many copies.

So, the question was, where do I go from here? The problem was I couldn't get that because there was just so much information on the market. As my sales continued to dip, I began to think that if this continues, this is no longer a business.

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It's just a side hobby or something. It's no longer a business that I'm not going to be able to do. Maybe I just can't crack the code of self-publishing. 

This whole self-publishing thing itself may be just too difficult for me. So, I was thinking maybe I didn't even have what it takes. Well, I had a couple of solutions since I have already been doing things alone. 

I figured, well look, I'll just read a lot of books. So, I went through a whole series of books talking about self-publishing. What you can do and how you can do it.

And many of these were even written by fake gurus. They tell you how to do this self-publishing thing. But they have not published anything. 

Discovered A Helpful Course

I've published over 200 books. But at the time, I was on my first couple of books. I was listening to people who themselves had not published that many books or some of them had published no books.

They were to tell other people how to do it. And that was one of the warning signs that I saw later on. It was that a lot of these people of course they're not going to simplify things and keep them easy because they don't understand how to do it.

So, how can group coaching help self-publishers? The second obstacle that I was facing was that I watched tons of YouTube videos and listened to lots of podcasts on self-publishing. But the problem was that they simply weren't giving me the things that I needed to succeed on my self-publishing journey.

So finally, I came along and I discovered there was a particular course that was offered at the time. It's not offered today any longer but I took this course and it also involved getting a group Coaching. There was something magical that happened as a result of this.

The thing was that they were teaching the key strategies to get your book sold through keywords. And these other things that I'm even teaching today. Except I'm teaching even more advanced strategies than I was even learning at the time.

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And the group coaching meant that the other members of the group were able to tell me strategies that they had been testing that were working. Also, my motivation started to skyrocket as I had all of these ideas. About things that I could do to get it going. 

This group coaching environment is where you had somebody who actually had published books and had been playing this game specifically. Trying to win not just “can I write a book and put it on Amazon?” but “can I get this thing to sell?”. 

What happened was in this group coaching environment, I saw my motivation going up. That's one of the reasons that I recently started group coaching. Group for anyone who's interested in self-publishing and wants to take it to the next level. 

This is a brand-new group I'm using on the Volley app. You can check that out if you would like more information on that. It is unbelievably powerful and you could be one of the first people to join it. 

Generating Sales Thru Tricks

It'll be exciting and I think that you will also get a little bit of the same feeling, sensation, and results that I found when I first got started. With my journey, I had lots of strategies that I could see needed to be implemented. But will they work? 

Because at the end of the day, that's the real question. We want to know whether or not these strategies we're looking at are going to work for us. So, I tested these theories and discovered additional strategies.

I'll just tell you a couple of the ones that I found from this group coaching environment. How can group coaching help self-publishers? One of them was the Audible.

As quickly as possible that was one of the strategies and the use of the promo codes to get reviews on ACX. Very powerful strategies, nobody else taught but were done within the coaching environment. And I share all of these with my group coaching clients, keywords are the key.

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One of the things I like to do is answer questions daily there. So, as I'm coming in and I'm looking, I'm checking out these keywords. The Keywords that people are suggesting in their titles and subtitles and going back and forth.

How do you do this on ads and how do you do that on ads and titles and descriptions? There are all sorts of tricks that we can discuss in these groups. But suddenly, I realized something by implementing just these two strategies together. 

With these powerful keywords in combination with running on ACX Audible, putting my audiobooks out there, I was bumping up my sales by two thousand dollars a month. It was unbelievable. I couldn't even believe the money that was coming through these different sales channels. 

Since that point, I’ve never looked back and I realized that doing training and courses and coaching can be incredibly powerful at boosting everything. That's one of the reasons I'm asking you to check out what group coaching can do for your self-publishing.

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