Chris A. Baird | May 20, 2021
How Much Money Does My Self Published Book Earn

As a first-time author, you will surely be thinking about whether self-publishing can really be profitable. You have this question of how much money does my SELF-PUBLISHED book earn? Let me tell you the answer now.

My Target Was Simple

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around. Because the third point is a secret as to exactly what you need to do to increase the amount of money you're making on every book that you're self-publishing.

Let's get into it, the topic of today's article is, how much money does my SELF-PUBLISHED book earn? This is an outstanding question when you're first getting started with self-publishing. Even if you've been doing it in a while, you start to look at the earnings that you're getting on each of your books.

And for most self-published authors, when you first get started, you're not making very much money on the books that you're putting onto the market. Now, I know what you're thinking. For a lot of people, you're thinking "my book is different".

"It is so high-quality, it is something that everybody's going to want to read and listen to". I'm not denying that you probably do have incredibly high-quality books that you've written. And that your audience would indeed love to read them if you found your audience.

There is the question, where exactly is your audience? Do you already have this following of avid readers who love everything that you're writing and wanting to buy it? Because if they don't exist already, those people are not there.

It doesn't mean those people don't exist. It just means you have not gathered them together like a shepherd going out and pulling your sheep in. Finding that audience who loves to read what you write.

I'm telling you, there is an audience almost for any single type of people who are going to want to read the material that you're writing. As you're writing, you're getting paid for these books. But maybe it's nowhere near as much money as you wish you would have made or that you feel you deserve to make.

That is what we are going to explore in today's article. Grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist. You will get exactly right in on the tricks that I have used and discovered that work the best when it comes to pushing and moving sales for your books.

Because as I mentioned before, there's an audience who wants to read them. So let's get into it from my own story. When I first got started publishing in terms of the money side of things, my goal was very simple.

I wanted to make a dollar a day. Now, I know what you're thinking, "A dollar a day? That's terrible!". Well, go ahead and put a book out there and see what happens.

Just write a book, put it on Amazon and then see what happens. The answer is you start to discover that they do not start selling automatically. You could be like, "but it was a good book". Well okay just throw it out there.

Put any old cover on there and pick a title. Write on something you're interested in and see what happens. Because you will not be making a dollar a day, you'll be making less than a dollar a day most likely for the book if we haven't done the right steps.

But that was my goal, it was making a dollar a day. I was able to achieve this with my first book. In the second book, I started seeing the money coming in very slowly.

But then the problem is that after the books had been released a while, Amazon quits pushing your books in front of new readers. Because guess what? There's a ton of other books out there on the market that Amazon is excited to push instead of yours.

It's a sad fact but all books that you write will begin to die out over time. That can be very frustrating or this is even more frustrating when you first put your book on the market and it's only making like maybe 50 cents a day, a dollar a day, or something along those lines.

Especially if you had such intentions, I know some of my students had even asked the question and said "well, shouldn't I buy a garage full of books?". Because so many of these books are going to be selling almost immediately.

You cannot even believe how many books are going to be selling. Why? Because you have an audience. You've done the marketing and you understand that you should be optimizing the book because the book is high-quality.

My question is very simple, how many self-publishers have you met who just have so many sales? How am I going to handle all the people who are writing to me and the emails and all of these things? The answer is it just doesn't work that way.

I've never met a single self-publisher who is an author and they write their book, they put on the market, then it's just making a killing right from the start. That is like winning the lottery here. But maybe you're the exception to the rule.

If you are, let me know. But otherwise, I don't think I've ever met a self-publisher who puts a book on the market without learning all of the skills necessary to get it to sell. Then it just starts selling because it's such a high-quality book.

That's the depressing little secret here which is that high-quality books aren't sold. What gets the book to sell in the first place is well I'll get into that, that's part of the secret. But the thing is for me I couldn't figure out what to do next.

I thought maybe the self-publishing thing wasn't right for me. I had tried several books and I wasn't seeing that much traction. I was making some mistakes, some really big mistakes but I was thinking I'm doing things the correct way.

Marketing And Optimizing Books

I was even following a lot of the patterns and the rules around self-publishing. To make sure I wasn't screwing it up but I learned about optimizing your books. And that was a key thing which I'll hit a little bit later on our third secret tip of the day.

I also learned about marketing and the combination between optimizing our books and marketing the books. It was devastatingly powerful. What happened was I started seeing my sales start jumping.

Where you would have individual books suddenly selling a thousand dollars in royalties a month. It was unbelievable, I could not even believe it when I saw that. Now, I've been around enough self-publishers who have hit the lottery and some who are really hard workers.

Now for me, I would say I'm a medium-hard worker. But I mean I'm not going to tell you I'm the hardest worker on the planet when it comes to self-publishing. These people were pumping out a lot of books and making even much higher sales than what I was making.

They were using what they were implementing. That's one of the things, they were optimizing their books and they were doing hardcore marketing. Getting to see even better sales but if you already are making sales, thousands and thousands of dollars off of the books every month that you're putting out, maybe there's something here for you.

But usually, what's interesting is a lot of the things with self-publishing, it's not about doing this one. If you do these 50 tricks, then you'll have everything down. It's about small improvements and finding the things that work for you.

You're probably wondering what is optimizing? What is marketing? These are questions that I get an awful lot of and we'll get into that in a bit. So how much money does my self-published book earn?

I already told you some of them were making 50 cents a day. Some were making a thousand dollars a day. But what's the difference? The median income when we're looking at Amazon is less than $5,000 a year.

For a self-published author, these authors are breaking the rules. They're not following the things that are the best practices for self-publishing. 20% of all self-publishers are earning no income.

They expected they would be making a killing with this whole self-publishing game. But they're making absolutely no income at all and it's very depressing in some ways. Because you start with it all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to make a killing on the market with your amazing book.

I'm not even saying it's not an amazing book. I know you out there, have amazing books and you're very creative people. You have all sorts of amazing writing that people would love to read if you just found the right people.

That's the reason you're not getting the people to even give your book a chance. But the fact is you had 2% of people earning over a hundred thousand dollars a year. Those people also have something in common which I will hit in today's secret point of the day.

Our third point of the day, the secret point we're going to look at today is that there are a few huge differences between the winners and the losers. That's 2% versus the 20% making no sales at all. The number one is optimized books.

I mentioned before, we need to get our covers looking like the top sellers in our genre that we're writing in. We want to make sure the top sellers of our books do not look that different. We're using keywords that all match along with what the best-sellers are doing in our genre or a niche.

I use a tool called KDSpy to help me with that and also publish a rocket. Then, we have our description, title, and keywords right. That's the whole point of these to get people to click and to buy our book.

Then comes the marketing. When they buy the book, we want to ensure that those people are going to get on our email list. We are inviting them to our email list so that we can continue to market and let them know of the latest books.

This is going to especially draw in the people who like and enjoy the books that you've come out with. So we do not want to downplay the importance of targeting that specific market of people. We want to be able to get their email addresses using our book as a way of generating those leads when it comes to marketing.

In addition to the marketing, we can do paid ads and I would not recommend anything other than just Amazon at this point for your paid ads until you get the hang of it. Then, we can expand to Facebook, Google, and other places.

But Amazon is by far the best place you're going to want to start when it comes to ads. And sometimes I meet authors and they're like, "How do I run ads?". I'm like, "Oh my goodness are you losing out a lot of money by not pushing Amazon ads?".

Content Marketing

I wish I had started earlier. I can tell you when I first started, I immediately started making money on the ads almost immediately. They're so simple to set up to get going and then we just see what happens. Now it is a little bit trickier nowadays than it was in the old days.

But still, they are a key aspect of the number of sales that I generate monthly when it comes to self-publishing. The other option on the marketing front is using something I think is fantastic. It is content marketing, I'm using it right now.

You're listening to me give you content for absolutely free, I'm giving you everything I have. All of the lessons that I've learned over the years. I've been self-publishing and helping hundreds of students through the ups and downs of self-publishing.

Giving it away for free in exchange for a little bit of attention if you would grab my free Self-Publishing Checklist. Check out my courses, for example, I have a Course on Content Marketing which is what I'm doing right now. Except doing it on your subject.

If you're fiction, then we're giving out little bits of short stories of your thing on your website, on your blogs, or other's blogs. If you're non-fiction like you're doing Puppy Training, that's a favorite genre of mine a niche that I enjoy, then we're teaching people how to train their puppies.

At the same time, we're writing books on that subject, we have a website on that subject and we're running blogs. We have a podcast, we have Youtube videos, there are all sorts of things we can do. The cool part of this is that we aren't paying for the traffic.

We do of course have to set up a website and or a Youtube Channel. But in reality, it costs absolutely nothing. If you're interested in content marketing, you are going to want to check out my course where I show you exactly step by step how easy it is.

If you're looking to improve on your marketing, I'm telling you content marketing is a lot cheaper than paid marketing which is strange. And it's not just cheaper in the sense of how much you pay but you're going to get a much bigger return on investment.

It's a slower game but you can build up an audience over some time just like what I'm doing on my Youtube channel with 300 plus videos produced. The other thing to remember is that we want to continue to write more books. That is probably the best piece of advice we keep on.

We just learned all of this stuff about the first book but do we need to make the first book perfect? No, we need to write the next book, we need to get that next book on the market. And remember, I'm not talking as I've told students before, we're not discussing the idea of putting garbage on the market.

We're saying putting good books on the market, that's it. Not perfect books. In fact, if you're waiting to put a perfect book on the market, it's never going to happen.

And even if you did magically get one on it, still won't sell. Because the key is having multiple books so that we're driving people to a library of books that we're building up over time. The average self-publisher was using 2 to 3 books per year compared to the traditional publishers using 2 to 3 years per book.

Now, I want you to think about that, just think about that for a second. A huge amount of book production that you can do if you're making more money, a higher percentage off of each book.

If you're getting better with the process of marketing, selling, and creating these books regularly, just think of the potential that you're missing because you're trying to make the book perfect. So write more books. The winners write lots of books.

That's what happens, put them in series and bundles. All sorts of stuff that we can do with these books will help you increase your royalties and in reality, help your audience find you. I'm telling you to have an audience that's out there that wants to read the books that you're producing.

But you're making it difficult for them. When are you going to make it easy for them to find you so that they can start consuming? These are people who cannot get enough of your content.

They just need to know you exist and so make it easy for them. Lots of books, you're putting out books regularly. You're writing every single day. We're putting these out, we're marketing these books.

We're continuing this process over and over as we build an audience of readers, having them on our email list. The final thing is we're just going to improve these steps as we continue through it. My goal for you is that you would be making a thousand dollars a month on your books.

Not making 50 cents a day on your books which is quite a bit of a difference when it comes to making money from book to book. So, how much money does my SELF-PUBLISHED book earn? Are you beating the average amount of royalties on book sales? Are you making more than ten thousand dollars a month as the median sale?

If you are, write "Yes" below in the comments and if you're not, then write "No" below in the comments. You can help me better understand where you are coming from on this whole self-publishing game. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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