Chris A. Baird | November 24, 2020
How To Self Publish Comic Book?

I have already done a whole lot of books and that also includes several comic books. Let me tell you how to self publish comic book as well as some helpful tips to make self-publishing easier for you.

Today's question has three answers and you are going to want to stick around because the third answer is a secret as to how your comic books can also be audiobooks.

But we'll get into that a little bit later. So the question that was asked today was how to self publish comic book? The person who is asking this clearly has either written a comic book or looking at doing it.

Afraid Of Taking Risk

You are wondering is it even worth your time because if you do it, are you going to be able to get it onto the market? Because maybe you are doing it by hand or you have got it on the computer.

But then the question is how do you put this together into a Kindle book or a Print-On-Demand book? You've got an idea in your mind what it will look like. You've seen many comic books and as you're flipping through the pages, you are like "this is a really fancy high-quality comic book".

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But it seems too difficult and you just don't want to risk the failure of trying to do this project and not being able to complete it. But you know that it is possible to do it. Is it something that you would be able to do well?

That is what we are going to explore in today's article. But before we get into the answers, check out my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist. It will help you ensure you are not skipping any of the important steps necessary to succeed and win in the self-publishing game.

Getting The Correct Format

So let's get into it. In my own story, when I first started, I had a book that one of my kids had made. That was involving a series of pictures, so it's a comic book.

Putting it together in frames into the book so that people would be able to easily read this book and by making sure it was the correct length. It could be a paper book version and it would also be a Kindle version.

So that was the plan. It seemed easy enough but the problem was I couldn't seem to get the formatting right. If you put it in Word, you can't just then upload it into Kindle because it comes out all of the things are all jumbled.

Everything is not in the right location and that creates quite a bit of a problem when you are trying to get it going. I tried some tools like Scribner but I had just so many issues with that.

I tried to get the formatting in the correct place with the table of contents and the other things. But nothing seemed to come out exactly as I wanted. Now, I read a ton of stuff, I went through a bunch of online things.

I looked around the internet to see if anybody had found something better than that program and they had found a program called Jutoh. It is the program that I use for all of these things.

So I started the journey on the Jutoh side of things to get this book out. I was able to discover how I could get the formatting exactly right. I was in contact with the developer of it as well who was able to very easily help me in this process.

Making sure that all of the images in the comic book were perfectly placed. Through this process, I was able to get the book onto the market and also get print versions of it. So, that was what I found that has worked when I was trying to get the comic book.

More Images On Your Book

That was probably the most pivotal thing. So, how to self publish comic book? Well, the thing is it's the same as any other book that you are going to be doing.

It has more images than your average book. But maybe if you were doing a cookbook or something, you would also have some images or a craft book or anything that's explaining. Something where they are going to want to see some images of what exactly you are doing.

The second thing is you are going to need a tool like I mentioned Jutoh to make sure that the formatting is perfect. So make sure you check that out. That's the tool I use for everything that I do.

It gets my book into all of the different formats that I'm going to need from EPUB to Mobi which is used on Kindle. So that is what you are going to want to check out.

The secret answer of the day is you can even get your book as an audiobook onto ACX Audible. That's very easy, first, you need a Kindle book version of your book and then second is that when you put it out there, you can include a PDF to your graphic book.

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So that they can follow along as they go or they can choose to buy your Kindle book. But you want to make sure that you put that in the description to warn them that obviously, it's a comic book. So, as they listen, they are going to hear it.

It won't be synchronized with it but it's better than nothing. You will be surprised that people are very interested in audiobooks regardless of what kind of book it is. Whether programming or cookbooks, people will listen to this and the same goes for your comic book

So, have you tried to publish a comic book? If yes, write the word "Yes" below in the comments. And if you have never tried it, write the word "No" so that I will know whether or not this content is helpful to you and other readers.

I should follow along in the future with something along those lines. That would really help me out. And check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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