Chris A. Baird | September 23, 2021
Give Me 9 Minutes And I'll Tell You Why You Are Failing

Failing is inevitable especially if you are new to the thing that you're doing and that includes self-publishing. Give me 9 minutes and I'll tell you why you are failing in this self-publishing game.

The Idea Of Optimizing Books

Today's topic has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it's a secret as to why you should be failing. I know that sounds a little crazy but stick with me.

The topic we're discussing today, Give Me 9 Minutes And I'll Tell You Why You Are Failing. Now, you have an idea in your mind that you just put in a little bit of effort in marketing. And you get the word out about your book and it should start to sell like crazy, right?

But you discover that this isn't the way that it works and instead you only get crickets on the sale for your book. Therefore, you're going to want to stick around because I'm going to tell you exactly why you're failing.

But before we get into the answers, grab a copy of my free Self-Publishing Checklist Secrets. It will help you get started with your journey of putting your book together and also getting it to sell. Let's get into it from my own story.

When I first got started, I put together my very first books and I put them on to the market. I was very excited about it, to see even just a few sales as they started to trickle in. But after a year, I became disappointed with the low level of sales.

And considered a completely different online business, maybe something along the lines of Cryptocurrency or Drop Shipping. I heard some other options, I was just looking to see maybe something else would be better than going with Kindle Direct Publishing or putting books onto the market.

Because of my sales, while they continued, they just weren't at a level that was satisfactory to me. But someone introduced me to the whole idea of optimizing your book around keywords and improving your covers. So what happened was I ended up fixing all of my books.

I discovered that the failures that I was making in my particular book, weren't only just common to me but they were common to a lot of people. I wasn't even sure they were failures but I had tried everything else. I figured why not give it a try?

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So I fixed all of my books. I fixed the descriptions and what happened was I started to see the sales jump. There's a couple of things that I was doing completely wrong, the reason for these failures and that's what we're going to go into.

So, give me 9 minutes and I'll tell you why you are failing. So far, you've given me 3, so let's stick around just for a few more. The first thing is you're making everything too complex.

You're trying too many things at once, this is the first and top failure. It's that word we have in our mind that there are so many tools that we need to test. Now, I tell you the tools that I've tested, way too many tools.

But the tools that I found most significant or the most useful I put below with my affiliate links in the description of all of my Youtube videos. You can check them out if you'd like. Or maybe you have better tools, I am always interested.

But the fact is, if you're trying to go through courses, you're trying to do all these things on every tool at the same time. You're going to become overloaded. Even if you go one course at a time, it can sometimes be too much. You don't need so much information.

The effect would be and I know you probably feel this sometimes, it's this fire hose where you have so much water shooting at you. So much information that you simply have no time to digest, to take it to start to get your books moving. Rather, you get this "analysis paralysis", you see so much information that you don't do anything.

One Step At A Time

The other thing is that you know the right steps but now we're going to do all of them at the same time. I've even seen on Youtube, some people who are like they haven't even started getting their books self-published. They're already saying, "how am I going to do the marketing and how am I going to do this, and how I'm going to do that?".

The answer is you shouldn't be doing these things until we've made progress on the very first steps if that makes any sense. In other words, we're doing one step at a time. But you get overloaded and this results in you never getting your book onto the market.

"I guess I'm not clever enough to do this." That's complete nonsense, even a child could do this process. If we go one step at a time and keep it easy which is what we're all about.

Now the fake gurus, they're going to tell you that you need to do all these complex steps and oh it's too complicated for you. But I'm telling you to have the ability in you to put the book together. Also, the marketing steps that are necessary to get your books to sell.

Let's get to the second one. You aren't using your time on the things that matter most. I know what most people think, they think that if I just go into Facebook groups and talk with people a lot or just watch a bunch more videos, this is going to solve your problem.

I hired a coach to do this I also do coaching for others. You can find it below in the description of my Youtube video the link for my Coaching. If I have any slots available you can just take a look and it'll show up there.

But the thing is that it's exactly to help make sure that you're on track and I don't want to discuss 50 steps ahead. We look at where you're at and figure out a plan to get you where you need to be to succeed at self-publishing. So this is something also that is definitely worth an investment I invest in myself.

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You need to consider whether or not are you making the progress you need? Do you feel a little overwhelmed? Do you feel off track? I can tell you if you listen to my previous coaching students, you will hear one of the things that's clear is that I break things down.

They do not walk away overloaded, we focus on what is the next step. Then we try to walk through it back and forth, chatting between the coaching sessions. This is something that you may find useful if not with me, then with somebody else.

But do it with somebody who has the experience. I've got 200 books on Amazon, I'm very familiar with this process. I am like a hawk in focusing on trying to find the easiest way.

To make sure your books are published quickly and effectively and without stressing you out or feeling that overwhelmed. But what are the things that are making your book not selling? You're failing to optimize your book.

Your titles are terrible, your covers are terrible, your descriptions are non-existent, and you don't have an author's profile. As I discussed before I use Jutoh which you can find my affiliate link in the description below my Youtube video. To make sure the formatting is flawless.

Every single chapter, everything is lined up, all of these things when they do the look-through. They're going to see it there. Maybe you're getting the reviews in a place you haven't asked your family, friends, or people outside. You don't have an email list there's a number of these things.

You're not running Amazon ads and you're not doing content marketing as we've talked about before. You can look in the description also in terms of any help on the content marketing side of things in my Content Marketing Course.

There's a whole series of mistakes that you're making. I'm telling you, don't do all of these at once. We start with one thing at a time. We choose one thing and then we're going to get that in order.

And once that's in place, once you have that brick that it's fitting right where it needs to be, then we're ready to move on to the next item. But not one inch or centimeter higher nor way closer to that. Until you've got that first little brick in place and we just keep on cycling.

Failures Can Lead To Success

But the third and the secret answer of today is a little bit surprising. That's the reason why I saved it for last because I don't want to spoil it. I always like to leave the most exciting and surprising secrets.

And the answer is it's because you should be failing. If you aren't failing, you are going to fail even worse. Because it takes a pile of failures to succeed so just make sure you're learning and growing.

This is the key, it's sort of that the Toyota model this quality improvement model that was developed TPM, it's been so long you guys probably know better than me with TPM. You can tell me below in the comments. But Total Production Management, I think that is what the Toyota model was looking at.

The thing is with this model, it's the idea that each time we do something, we make a mistake and we write it down and make a checklist. So, when you make a mistake and learn something, write it down and say what can I do better next time to not make that same mistake?

When you succeed, ask why did I succeed? What do I need to do with these ads in the next round? It's by going through this iterative process of repeating the same steps over and over and continually testing out a hypothesis.

Maybe for example, for me, I run ads on Microsoft but now I'm seeing they're not working so well. I've moved over to using Google instead and so running ads on there. Also, 100 million ads of mine have been shown to people on Amazon for my books.

So you begin to understand and learn. So you can make adjustments and succeed. As it's been said many times but you may not have heard this before, we underestimate, we overestimate how much we think.

We can accomplish this in just a couple of months. But if you give a couple of years to this process and continually learning, we underestimate just how much we can achieve. If we hold the focus, we break things down and keep it easy, we learn from our failures and we just continue growing in the process.

You will be amazed at how many book sales you're going to be able to achieve. The people who have stuck around the longest, they're the ones who win. The people who are just dabbling, putting a toe in the water and then next month maybe they're doing drop shipping.

Or you switch from your novels and do low-content marked books. I don't know what you're thinking of switching around to. But maybe switching to some other business model and I'm telling you Kindle Direct Publishing and putting your books onto the market is by far the best and easiest way to get started.

When you have a book that's in you that you want to get out into the world, there is no better way of doing that than following through the steps that I lay out for you clearly on this blog in my checklist. And so these are a couple of the things but if you're not failing, well you're not trying hard enough.

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Because it's how many failures like Thomas Edison with the light bulb how many times, how many failures it was. I forgot it was hundreds or a thousand failures to find the right filament that wouldn't burn up when he ran the electricity through the light bulb. In order to find a light bulb that would work.

Anybody can get it, when you run electricity through something, it'll burn. But to make it not burn but light up as it heats up with that electricity. Going through that requires not a lot of success, you only need one success.

He made a lot of failures but he learned from each time. So that he was able to finally succeed in getting his light bulb. And how about you, have you gotten your light bulb done? The question I have for you today is what is your top failure?

I want to know what you're failing with, that would be very helpful. Because I need to know if any of the failures I'm talking about are ones that you have experienced. Maybe you've learned from them. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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