Chris A. Baird | December 22, 2021
Quitting KDP Self Publishing in 2021 - WATCH THIS NOW

Are you considering quitting KDP self publishing in 2021? Watch this now because this article will motivate you to keep moving on. So check this out in order to see strategies when it comes to marketing your books onto the market.

Today's topic has three points and you're going to want to stick around. Because the third point is a secret as to the number one reason that quitting may not be right for you. So let's get into it.

The topic we're discussing today is quitting KDP self publishing in 2021 - watch this now. Now by the end of this video, you're going to know the main reasons people want to quit KDP in 2021.

You're going to have the information necessary to decide if quitting is the right choice for you. And you're going to feel fantastic knowing that you're making the strategic choice based upon your self-publishing business what's going to work.

Grab a copy of my absolutely free self-publishing Checklist to make sure that you are not skipping any of the steps to get your book self-published and selling. So from my own story back in 2016, I was at a point where I was ready to quit amazon KDP or kindle direct publishing.

And the main reason was that my sales were extremely low and my time perhaps was better spent somewhere else. I was looking at the time for maybe some other ways of doing internet business. Like trading pesos from Mexico or other things like drop shipping.

I was thinking that because you know I had tried the kindle thing and I was seeing sales come through. But not enough to encourage me to say "hey write more books". And we could get even more sales through.

If it's just a few sales here and a few sales there it just wasn't enough to meet my needs. But then a friend suggested taking a really cheap Amazon ads course. At the time I took the course, it was poorly put together but it mentioned how to do the ads.

It also showed me how to do covers on Canva. It was just like a bonus that was thrown into the course and that began to change everything. Suddenly my sales started to jump because the ads were getting in front of the right people's eyes.

And those ads were transitioning and transferring those people over to my sales page where they would then buy my books. Then after taking a few other courses and watching lots of videos and lots of podcasts and reading lots of books.

I began to realize my books were not optimized to sell and this was another huge issue that had to be resolved. So by changing the titles of my books putting better higher quality covers onto those books. You can find my cover designer, 99designs in the description of all of my YouTube videos.

The one that I like to use is my affiliate link in the description for covers now to get the highest quality covers. The thing was is optimizing for the keywords that people were organically searching on.

Try This Powerful Combination

At that point, the money started to explode in terms of what was happening. Since that point, I've had my ad shown to over 120 million people. I just had to check yesterday 120 million UK and the US markets.

And my books have sold over 40 000 copies as a result of the exact strategies that I'm teaching on this channel in my courses. I even give some additional secrets to my Coaching clients. So these are just a couple of the things that helped me to decide that quitting was not right for me.

So quitting KDP self publishing in 2021? The first thing is don't quit until we've at least given self-publishing a chance. We want to optimize your books and make sure that we're running the marketing against them.

That's one of the reasons I sell my content marketing made easy Course to help you find out how to do it the easy way. It's a long process but at least you follow the steps and you'll start getting organic traffic to your books.

And start building up your personal brand so that we can ensure you're going to maximize the sales on the books that you're doing. So these are just a couple of the things that are key there. In other words, if you haven't actually optimized your books and are not running ads.

That's paid ads are on the one side optimizing the books and then trying this content marketing strategy. This combination of all of these things together is so powerful that you're not going to want to quit until you've given it a chance.

The second thing is that everything has challenges. But if you stick to winning strategies the ones that I'm teaching on this channel your future self is going to thank you. Some other people consider quitting Amazon KDP.

Because it's too difficult to actually get your books on there but then again you haven't really tried it. Again, another reason is that some people really don't like Amazon. Do you see? they'll think "oh I want to punish amazon".

But how do you punish amazon by destroying your business? It's where all the customers are, so this is another reason that some people consider quitting. My third and secret answer of the day is perhaps my most important point.

I would say it with not just this but with anything that you're trying to achieve. Especially when it comes to self-publishing your books on Amazon KDP. It's that it takes years to build a brand and get things moving they call it sort of like the energy necessary to get out of orbit.

Amazon KDP Is Fantastic

You know when you see these huge spaceships that are launching right and they're blasting away with their rockets. You know trying to get up they use
so much energy in the beginning. But after they reach that point a certain level when they're in orbit then it takes no energy.

And they're going thousands of miles an hour as they're going in orbit with very little energy used at all. But in terms of that escape velocity getting to that point where you can get up into orbit and escape the earth's atmosphere.

The gravitational pull that's pulling down and with your business and your publishing. It feels like an awful lot of energy is being used right in the beginning as we're moving that rocket up. But you will thank yourself if you can stay in this

The thing is those people who don't quit and just keep learning we're sharpening the saw. As Stephen Covey points out as one of his seven habits of highly effective people. What happens is you become a winner over a period of time by doing these exact strategies.

So if I had jumped to let's say trading Mexican pesos as I was trying to see what can I get to work on the internet. I probably would have stuck with that for six months and discovered "oh my goodness it's not working".

And then I would jump maybe to drop shipping or jump to something else. I'm telling you that amazon KDP is fantastic and it will work for you if you can just stay in the game long enough. Build a personal brand around a very narrow genre or niche within your market.

Then over a period of time as we start to see the sales coming in we're gathering the emails. We're playing all of the marketing sides of things so that we have an alignment. Our name becomes associated with the type of book as narrow as possible in a market.

For which there are sales, we're using these keywords and we're building organic traffic to our books. We have a personal brand so it's not just letting a book put it on the market and letting it stand on its own. We're selling it with our face behind that book.

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This is the way that's where the content marketing but even if you aren't going to  do that then just do it with the ads that any rate. I've been working a little bit on  this subject by doing an ads course. I built one a long time ago but I haven't  updated it in a while.

So I need to fix that but that's another thing that I continually have people requesting. Saying "how do I set up these ads?". That is a key issue you're not  going to want to forget but my question for you is are you considering quitting KDP self-publishing in 2021?

If so write "yes" below in the comments and if not write "no" below in the comments. Because I need to know where you're coming from and check out my
other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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