Chris A. Baird | May 17, 2022
Should You Self-Publish Your Book In 2022?

You may be wondering if this year is a good time to do self-publishing. Should you self-publish your book in 2022? Or should you just wait for another year? Find out the answer today.

Thinking About Oversaturation

Terry told me the market is completely flooded with books at the moment. So there's no point in publishing one more book on Amazon, right? Well, not exactly and that is why we are going to discuss today Should You Self-Publish Your Book in 2022?

So the thing was that Terry was somebody I was in communication with. She was a client about three years ago on Facebook and from time to time we would maintain contact. She's an author, she has put out a couple of books on Amazon and saw a relative amount of success.

But due to life complications and we know how these things can go, things started getting busy. Now we are a few years in the future and she's wanting to know, is self-publishing still worth it in 2022? 

She's a little bit afraid of putting all of this time and effort into getting one more book onto the market if it's simply not going to sell. She knew that the market itself was completely oversaturated.

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The thing was that she heard from one of her friends that her friend was making decent sales on Amazon. She started thinking that maybe what she had heard about Amazon wasn't completely true regarding it being oversaturated. 

Even if thousands of books are being published every second. I don't think it's like that much but this same sort of an idea. The problem was she also didn't want to lose out if the issue of it could work out and then she didn't put the book on the market, which would also create a secondary problem. 

She was afraid that she would end up wasting more time. So the first thing she did was she Googled around just to see what exactly it looks like regarding the number of books that are being put onto Amazon. She found that there are an enormous number of books. 

So this was exactly as she had suspected, that the number of books that are being published daily continues to rise higher and higher. The number of people jumping into self-publishing the game is so massive. It also makes you not want to be left behind as so many people are doing that. 

Growing Global Market

The other thing was that she looked at the challenges regarding getting reviews on her books. Because she had seen that Amazon had been a lot stricter. With regards to the review process that they had a few years ago.

Where you could ask people to review and it wouldn't be any real problems. But now there were a lot of strictness counts being shut down if they were getting reviews from the wrong sources. Review swapping would get you in trouble. 

All sorts of things were causing reviews to be removed with their artificial intelligence software and things on Amazon. In addition, the issue of formatting was always a little bit of a pain. Trying to find the right people was another issue that she had been facing.

Trying to figure it out but didn't know what to do. So the thing was that she contacted me on Facebook and asked me directly if it is worth publishing now that we're in 2022? Should you self-publish your book in 2022?

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It is exactly right that there are tons of books that are currently being published on Amazon at the moment. But at the same time, the size of the global market is so unbelievably massive. The number of people who are also coming to read these books is continuing to grow.

There is a growing number of cell phones that people have in many countries like India and China. As well as other places where these people can buy your books. To read them right from their phones at a reasonable price.

At the same time, wealth across different nations is growing as well which gives you new markets. People who are going to order your paperback versions or your audiobook versions. With new deals in terms of where they can sign up for a membership on Audible and be able to listen to your book. 

Take The Plunge

So the channels for which we can make sales are so massive. It's fantastic! She's trying to figure out what exactly she should do. One of the other things was that the tools that are available today are better than ever.

When she was working a few years ago, it was more difficult to figure out which keywords and niches would be very profitable. Where there are a ton of people buying books but very few books in those niches which is one of the key strategies here. So this was another thing that had changed since she previously had done it.

Then finally, you have the number of available courses. I even offer a formatting course and help deal with that content marketing through a course. These sorts of things to move forward your business and get your books onto the market. 

So when it's confusing, we can simply break it down and keep it easy on that particular thing. That's one of the reasons I told her she should just grab a copy of my free self-publishing secrets Checklist

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Ultimately, Terry decided to take the plunge and start on her next newest book. What happened was she did end up following the steps that were necessary for the flow to get this book onto the market. 

So should you self-publish your book in 2022? She was able to do it a lot faster because of a lot of the tools I was mentioning. One of the tools I like is Jutoh for example when it comes to formatting. Before, she had gone the Word route.

I put it out there. She was getting negative reviews on some of the formatting that she had in the past. She sees her sales of this latest book steadily going up. Because she is implementing a lot of the strategies that I teach on my channel.

So that's one of the things and in 2022, it is a fantastic time to go about getting your book on the market. But you want to make sure that you're not making the mistakes that so many self-publishers do. That's the reason you're going to want to check out Self-Publishing Mistakes To Avoid

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