Chris A. Baird | February 8, 2021
Self Publishing What You Need To Know Now!

You wish to be successful in self-publishing your book but you don't know how? Find it out more about self-publishing what you need to know now!

Today's question has three answers and you're going to stick around for the third answer. Because it is going to tell you the one thing you need to know if you wish to win at self-publishing.

Let's get into it. The question that was sent in today is, self-publishing what you need to know now! I know that for most people was my audience and my students. You were an author, you've written a book and you're looking to get it on to the market.

You want to make sure that the book is going to sell. But those two steps, just getting it on to the market and marketing the book afterward can feel quite a bit daunting. You worry that you're going to use all of this time to create this book.

But then you're not going to successfully get it out there. Because you're either using your time incorrectly or you're taking the wrong steps. You're going to go back and fix the stuff that you've already taken.

That is what we will be going to look at in today's blog. But before we get into the answers, grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist.

Let's get into it, oceans of failure. One of the things I realize when I first got into the self-publishing journey was that I  wanted to help as many people as possible. That was the "why" behind why exactly I started in the first place? 

The thing is I wanted to teach people useful skills on achieving their goals which has a lot to do with this blog as well. So  the better way is to self-publish a book on achieving your goals.

The thing is I put a book on the market and realize that most people don't even read the books they buy. When it comes  to improvement, self-help, or even my goal achievement which is one of the subcategories there, I was thinking how is  this possible?

If these people are buying a book, they're using the time obviously to look up the book. But then it's not helping them  because I'm not even reading the book. There's something going wrong and something you're not doing here.

The question is "why?" and the answer is it's because of brain psychology. It makes us think that just by buying a book or buying a course that it's some level we have to solve a problem that counts for something. But it really doesn't count for anything except for one thing which is taking the first step.

Take An Action To Progress

It does not count for actually making the progress. That's one of the reasons some of my students have hired me to do coaching for them. Specifically, because they realized that they need somebody to hold you accountable to go to the steps.

I've also hired coaches in the past to hold me accountable. To make sure that I'm making the progress that I need to be making. If you happen to be one of those students who need that additional help or Coaching just let me know.

Otherwise, if you're making the progress but you're still thinking maybe you're missing something that you need to know in 2021, then keep sticking around. Because the thing is that 90% plus people are taking no action.

And we want to make sure that you do not become one of them. That's maybe the biggest issue with this particular blog. You can get your self-publishing information in many different locations. But the one thing you are getting in these other places is this idea of breaking and keeping it simple, one step at a time.

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Too often, other people help us with self-publishing. Just tell you thousand of things you need to do. And leave you sitting there without making any progress and this is a problem.

I will highly recommend you slow things down and work one step at a time here. Do not become part of this 90-95% group who take no action. You need to keep your "why" in focus and press on.

That was one of the reasons why I told you that for me, I had to look at my "why" I wanted to help people achieve their goals. Now my main "why" is I want to help you as an author to get your book on to the market and to see the sales that I've been able to see through the 190 plus books that I put on the market.

So, self-publishing what you need to know now! The first thing is this is a journey, it's not a destination. You need to not be thinking about "Oh I have a thousand books out there making millions of dollars or something". Instead, you need to be thinking about "I want to make progress every single day".

The Most Important Task

I need to learn to enjoy the process itself because that is the key to winning this game. That's the first key, the second thing is you have everything it takes to get a book onto the market and see sales. In fact, you can even do it for free if you need to.

I would not recommend that. You can see in the description under my Youtube videos the tools that I use personally and my virtual assistant used. To help me get books onto the market and to get them selling.

If you choose not to go that route, you can go to the free route. I had several students who have shown opt to go that route because of your budget. Once the money starts to come in, then we can pay for the tools.

But initially, that's also a possibility and you can always ask me. I'll let you know exactly what you need to be doing if you wish to go on that particular route. The final and secret answer of the day is that you will only succeed if you can carve out the amount of time each day to work on the most important task.

There are two important parts of that. The first thing is it doesn't matter whether you feel inspired on a given day. You still need to keep producing.

Second is that the most important task is not a task, just giving you more information maybe but only for a short period. Too many students I had, they want to know more about this and know more about that. They never even get the book on the market.

I tell them I'm not going to help you until you at least get your Kindle book on the market and I will help you do that. You figure out the most important task is going on social media and chatting with people. This does not count.

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There are too many tasks where you feel like you're doing something. But in reality, you're just wasting time. It doesn't mean that the task is useless or not motivating.

It could be motivating but if you're not actually making progress, let say 30 minutes a day, you're probably never going to get your book on to the market. I've seen way too many people in that 90% group in the graveyard of projects that never made it onto the market.

So, Self-Publishing What You NEED to Know NOW! Are you finding it hard to make progress? If so, write "Yes" below in the comments, and if you are not if it's super easy, write "No".

Because that will help me know where exactly you are coming from so that I can help you better. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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